Painting Ideas to Give your Rooms Instant Makeover

Painting your rooms is one of the most cost-effective and impressive ways to transform your rooms, giving them an instant makeover and a brand new look. Painting a room doesn’t take a lot of time. Here are some painting ideas for optimal results.

Preparation – depending on the general condition of the walls in your room, you might need to do some thorough preparation first. In case you have flaws, such as nail holes and stuff, you will need to seal them first before proceeding with painting. Minor holes can be filled with toothpaste. If on the other hand you are painting white walls over a strong base color e.g. red, chances of running color are high, and you may need to apply a sealant for optimal results.

Color – as a rule of thumb, painting your walls with a neutral color will give you an opportunity to be adventurous with furnishings and other contrasting decorations. Color white on the walls create the illusion of space. As for your bedrooms, you might want to use calm and relaxing colors. It is of paramount importance to ensure other items of your rooms, such as tiles and carpet tie in with the color of the wall.

Paint – latex rubber-based paint available in the market today is adaptable for different surfaces, it is easy to clean, and does not leave paint fumes for a long time. When the lax rubber-based paint is not well taken care of, tarnishing is likely to take place. The other type of paint used is oil based paints, which are very durable and are good stain repellents. Even so, oil based paint dries up very slowly, and can take up to two days to dry fully. Be advised that during the drying period, the paint can smear very easily if touched. You should also know that oil-based paint omits very strong smell when drying out.

Note also that if your walls were previously painted with an oil-based paint, you will have to use the same oil-based paint and not a rubber- based paint as the finishing effect will not be perfect. Preparing your painting project prior to the actual painting process is arguably the most important things that you must get right. You should determine the kind of paint you plan to use on your walls based on the existing type of paint. Rest assured that the process will not take long, and you will end up with a brand new looking home that is attractive and easy on the eye.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 13th, 2010


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