11 Succulent Centerpieces For A Wedding Reception With Eco Charm

It doesn’t hurt to pay a little attention to the environment. After all, it offers us the best gift of all: life. So why not think green when making your decisions? For example, instead of choosing the regular wedding centerpiece designs that everyone already got bored with, you could opt for eco-friendly succulent centerpieces that will also share your care with everyone else. We have the perfect suggestions for you.

For a contemporary wedding, these beautiful succulent containers would make wonderful centerpieces. They are oval-shaped, quite small (2’’) and they have a matte finish. The ceramic containers come with all sorts of beautiful succulents and moss.Available for 18$.

If you want to take this idea one step further and to also make the centerpieces by yourself, here’s something that you might like to do: beautiful succulents placed in pails. You can group the planters on the tables and tie cards to each one with the guest’s name on it. It’s simple and it’s charming.Available for 290$.

To add some cheer to your reception you can also use brightly-colored containers. These centerpieces, for example, are made using tin containers, horticultural charcoal, white pebbles, soil and, of course, beautiful succulents. The size and colors of the containers can differ in order to make each one unique.Available for 40$.

This centerpiece would have to be one of my favorites. It’s special because the fishbowl allows you to see everything inside it, including the soil and moss. So you won’t be admiring just the succulents but also all the layers and everything else. You can combine and mix succulents to create amazing designs.Available for 90$.

A similar idea for a centerpiece would be to opt for a hanging terrarium. It’s basically a glass globe with an opening and it’s very similar to a hanging garden. The bowl is filled with rocks, soil and rooted succulents and fishing line is used for hanging.Available for 18$.

If you would rather keep things simple then there’s no need to try to improvise and to look for unusual ideas. You can stick with a simple square-shaped box made of wood and you can fill it with all sorts of beautiful succulents. The box can be easily made by hand out of reclaimed wood.Available on site.

To mix up the designs a little bit you can also throw in some rectangular wooden boxes. Use the same materials to make them and make sure the dimensions are just right. Then all you have to do is play with the colors and add the succulents to create a mesmerizing effect.Available on site.

If, on the other hand, you want your centerpieces to stand out with more than their inner beauty, you could try to find a more unusual design. This one would be perfect. The centerpiece would have to be made from an old book. This gives it a vintage charm and makes each one unique. You will have to cut out a portion of the book to make room for the moss and succulents.Available for 40$.

For a little rustic charm at your wedding reception you could opt for a sailboat centerpiece. The boat is filled with soil, pebbles and moss and the succulents look like they’ve been there all their lives. It’s a very nice idea for a centerpiece and it would work well with certain themes and styles.Available for 300$.

Another nice design for a centerpiece that’s both low-maintenance and beautiful would be this one. The wooden bowl is filled with all sorts of beautiful living succulents and it’s quite easy to create/assemble. It would look very charming on a table but as a decoration throughout the room. You may even use it outside where it would blend in perfectly.Available on site.

And since we were discussing wooden containers and arrangements, here’s another interesting and quite simple design. It’s basically a wooden container with a rich brown finish that’s been filled with live succulents featuring warm shades. The combination of colors is beautiful and so is the overall design.Available for 55$.

Published by in DIY Projects, on March 5th, 2013


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