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10 Inspirational Gray Bedroom Furniture Ideas – From Atmospheric Dark To Light Pastel

When decorating your bedroom, gray is probably the last color that comes to mind. It’s associated with a dark place and a lot of people feel that it lacks personality because it is a combination of two non-colors: white and black.

gray bedroom furniture

However, there are lots of things that people don’t know about the color gray, especially the fact that, when properly used, it can create a modern and inviting bedroom that puts you to sleep just by sitting there. Today, we’re going to explore the mystical world of gray and discover more about how to use it in interior decorating.

Top 3 Picks

Customer’s Choice: Montauk Standard 3 – Piece Bedroom Set

“This bed is exactly what I dreamed it would be! The wood is just beautiful and smooth, but so much color and texture.” (Customer review)

Budget Pick: Balmer Standard Configurable Bedroom Set

Whenever you’re on a tight budget and don’t have that much to spend, configurable sets like this one from Balmer are the right way to go!

Best Luxury: Miesner Platform 3 Piece Bedroom Set

“I wasn’t sure if this was worth the price, but the quality of the frame and the materials are top notch!” (Customer review)

Decorating with Gray Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to neutral colors used in decorating, gray seems to have gained a lot of terrain over the past few years. Decorating with gray can be tricky, so here are a few tips that can help:

  • You need to know that there are many different shades of gray (no, Christian, this isn’t about you) because most people tend to associate the color with that cold version of itself when, in reality, there are many tons to choose from.
  • Decorating your bedroom with gray doesn’t mean that everything has to be gray. Instead, you can choose to combine it with a coastal decor, for example. Warm gray is compatible with a bunch of different natural colors.
  • Learn more about greige, which is a shade of gray combined with a hint of beige/brown.
  • If you already have gray items or walls inside the room, don’t overlook them as you’re looking to add even more of it. There is such a thing as too much gray and, when used improperly, it can create a gloomy atmosphere.
  • Undertones are important and they should be taken into consideration. You can find some color-neutral shades of gray out there, while others can hinder the color palette you’re using. Some gray shades can have blue undertones, while others have brown ones. Pay close attention to them.

Different Shades of Gray & Where to Use Them

It’s important to note that in order for gray to look good in interior design, it has to be used in the proper places and in certain shades for it to have that special appeal. Due to its high adaptability, gray is an excellent neutral color, but there’s a few things that one ought to know before venturing into this mission of decorating with gray:

  • Light gray is a lot more than just a darker version of white. Due to the fact that it has a calm vibe to it, light gray is best used in decorations, light fixtures, and furniture, and not a very popular or recommended choice for decorating walls.
  • Greige is a combination of gray and beige. That means that when you choose to use it, you will be opting for an airy neutral color. It works well when you want to give the room an industrial look, too.
  • Dark gray is best used on accent walls and on the ceiling, and can successfully be combined with bold colors, including yellow or orange. Keep in mind that you can’t use too much dark gray because it’s quite an overpowering shade and can turn out to be overwhelming.

Warm Gray vs. Cool Gray

Gray is often considered to be a mixture of black and white (or that’s how most people define it, at least). The truth is that it is the result of that precise mixture that we think about when asked to picture a shade of gray. If you were to add more white to the mixture, the resulting gray would be lighter (and adding more black makes a darker gray). As other colors are introduced to the mixture, you either have a warm or a cool gray, so the difference between these two can be a little tricky.

Shades that are in the warm gray palette are often chosen because they inflict a calm and cozy mood. If you were to pair gray with walnut and off-white tones, you can get a pretty elegant room setting. Decorating your bedroom with warm gray can create a very relaxing environment, which makes gray one of the most underrated interior decor colors so far.

Rooms decorated with cool gray are trending, and more people are starting to replace plain white walls with cool gray ones. When choosing cool grays, your room is bound to appear larger, while the color itself is very flexible and easy to pair with other colors.

Using Gray in the Bedroom: A Psychological Analysis

Let’s get something off the table: gray clearly isn’t a bedroom color that everyone is guaranteed to love. In fact, from a psychological standpoint, you need to have a certain moor and mentality to embrace the neutral tones of gray, which is often called the color of compromise (since it’s neither black nor white).

From a psychological standpoint, the analysis of gray can be pretty harsh. It is often believed to be the color of the indecisive, since it’s a result of a combination between black and white. However, it is also a color that’s easily adaptable, depending on what other colors it’s mixed with. Darker shades of gray are considered to be more mysterious, but when you reach that silver deep gray, it gives out a luxurious vibe, becoming precious and dynamic.

Gray adds a dramatic tone to your bedroom, and it can be rather overwhelming if you are an agitated person. Gray is believed to put you to sleep and interior decoration experts say that it’s one of the best colors to fall asleep and wake up to. How you combine your gray with other tones is also important if you want to create a relaxing bedroom ambiance.

Did you know that, according to Feng Shui, white and gray are the optimal choices for west and northwest area bedrooms? That’s because the material for these areas is metal, and what speaks “metal” better than gray?

Another perfect reason to opt for gray as a predominant color in the bedroom is its lack of gender. gray is neither male nor female-specific, which means that couples that share a bedroom can make gray tones “their own”. It helps achieve a feminine feel, and yet somehow has a masculine effect.

According to Karen Haller (color expert and consultant), gray is a color that doesn’t necessarily have any positive psychological properties. Instead, it is the color you wear when you don’t want to be seen, when you want to blend in, to pass by unnoticed. In the bedroom, it can be a color of comfort, a color that helps you disconnect from the world outside, which is precisely what you need to have in the room where you’re looking to recharge your batteries and forget about the problems out there.

Gray can be associated with the feeling of waiting to cocoon yourself, to protect yourself from the outside world. It is a color of hibernation and can turn the bedroom into an oasis that provides escape in moments when we’re feeling anxious.

Gray Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Payne Standard Configurable Bedroom

gray bedroom furniture

Our first suggestion is a gorgeous bedroom set available in multiple color options. We’ve chosen to show you the distressed gray combo which is bound to be suitable for all kinds of interior decoration patterns you had in mind. The set includes a dresser, a nightstand, and a bed that comes with a headboard (note that the bed needs a box spring before you can use a mattress). These pieces of furniture are made from a combination of MDF, rubberwood, and particle board. The bed can support up to 800 pounds in weight and includes four slats.

Augie Lisbeth 4-Piece Configurable Bedroom

white and gray Augie Lisbeth 4-Piece Configurable Bedroom

For those of you looking for modern and sleek gray furniture, we’ve added the Lisbeth set to our list. It is constructed on an engineered wood frame and comes with clean and precise lines that define a modern bedroom style. The set comes with a nightstand, a dresser, a bed, and a mirror, all of them available in a gorgeous gray tone. The bed comes with its own slat kit, so you don’t need a box spring to place a mattress on top. The bed can support up to 500 pounds in weight and is best paired with mattresses that are 10 inches thick.

Fentress Standard 6 Piece Bedroom

Gray Fentress Standard 6 Piece Bedroom Set

Larger bedrooms require more furniture, so how about this six-piece set available with two nightstands, a dresser, a bed, a chest (which is basically another dresser), and a mirror. The set is made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood and features beautiful silver finish hardware that matches the color of the pieces. You can choose between multiple bed sizes, but you will be required to add a box spring before you can use the mattress.

Montauk Standard 3 – Piece Bedroom

Washed Gray furniture Montauk Standard 3 - Piece Bedroom

If you have a small bedroom and you could use a set that doesn’t have that many pieces, the Montauk set comes with a nightstand, a dresser, and a bed. You have multiple color options to choose from, but we just love this rustic gray option with a distressed finish. The pieces are made from Brazilian pine wood and promises to deliver an eco-friendly design. The bed is available in a Twin, Full, Queen, and King size.

Applegate Queen Upholstered Platform 3 Piece Bedroom

Applegate Queen Upholstered Platform 3 Piece Bedroom

Another absolutely gorgeous bedroom set available in a gray option is the Applegate. It comes with two nightstands and a bed, and a design that offers a minimalist, yet very comfy bedroom feel, blending in perfectly with mid-century modern furniture. While the main materials used are plywood, MDF, and pine, the headboard is covered in velvet upholstery and vertical panels that make this piece quite exquisite. The bed comes with a slat kit, which means no box spring is required.

Standard 5 Piece Bedroom

Standard 5 Piece Bedroom

If you love modern furniture and would like to decorate your bedroom in this style, this Orren Ellis set is absolutely stunning. You get to choose how many drawers you want and also select the size of the bed (note that it is only available in Queen and King size). You can also opt for an additional five-drawer dresser, perfectly matching the style of the other furniture pieces. The frame is compatible with mattresses of up to 8 inches and requires a box spring before placing a mattress on top.

Etheredge Dakota Platform 5 Piece Configurable Bedroom

Etheredge Dakota Platform 5 Piece Configurable Bedroom

For more gorgeous modern gray bedroom furniture, you’ve certainly come to the right place. This set comes with a nightstand, a dresser, a bed, a chest, and a mirror. We absolutely love the fact that the bed sits on top of a platform that offers additional storage shelves, opening up a world of possibilities in terms of decorations, as you can use these cubbies to place anything from books to vacation souvenirs. Because the bed comes with its own slat kit, you don’t need a box spring to place a mattress on top.

Balmer Standard Configurable Bedroom

Miesner Platform 3 Piece Bedroom

When you want to invest in a less expensive bedroom set, here is an option that includes a bed and a nightstand, being the perfect place for small bedrooms. Made with engineered foil paper veneer, this is a perfect choice for those looking for something simple, yet very effective. The bed is available in a Queen and King size, and can support around 500 to 600 pounds. The bed frame is compatible with mattresses of up to 10 inches in height.

Kenton Standard 5 Piece Bedroom

Miesner Platform 3 Piece Bedroom

There is something about the Kenton bedroom set that has us a bit puzzled, but in awe at the same time. It comes with a mirror, a nightstand, a bed, and a dresser, and every piece has this combination of glossy and matte materials that create the illusion of space and make you feel like every piece in the set is right at the border between contemporary and traditional. While rubberwood is the material of choice, the headboard has a button tufted design, where cushioning foam is covered in elegant velvet. We’re madly in love with the set, no doubt about that.

Miesner Platform 3 Piece Bedroom

Miesner Platform 3 Piece Bedroom

If you’re looking for a luxury bedroom with gray as the predominant color, this set has it all in terms of aesthetics. It comes with a faux marble finish that’s reminiscent of luxury Italian hotels. The huge headboard covers the wall area at the head of the bed and also incorporates the two perfect nightstands with clean lines and a gorgeous minimalist design. You can also purchase the dresser and chest separately if you want the complete set. The bed is available in either a Queen or a King size, capable of supporting 530 and 540 pounds in weight, respectively.

In Conclusion

With all this newly acquired information, how many of you still think that gray is the last bedroom color they would resort to? Truth is that gray is quite simple to combine with different color pallets, it can be used in both modern and rustic-style bedroom, and has a certain relaxing appeal to it, making it a great neutral color for couple bedrooms or for singles that love to turn their sleeping room into a mindfulness retreat.