Choose The Right Bed Size For You

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. So you have to be careful when choosing the bed. It has to have a good structure, to be comfortable but you also have to be very careful when you choose the size. A bed that’s too small is uncomfortable but one that’s too big is unpractical. So let’s take a look at the bed sizes you can choose from.

Standard king size
Twin beds or Single beds

The bed sizes available in the US are Twin, Single, Double, Full, Queen, King, California King, Western King and Eastern King. Some names might be confusing but each type has well-defined characteristics. For example, Twin beds are also known as Single beds. They are narrow and they usually fit in small rooms. They are sometimes used for bunk beds too. They are best for the children’s room but they can be too short for many adults.

Standard king size
Twin Extra Long beds

Another type includes the Twin Extra Long Beds. These are 5’’ longer than a standard twin bed and are usually used in college dorm rooms. They are great for teens and adults but bedding for these types of beds is more difficult to find.

Standard king size
Double and Full beds

Double and Full beds are one and the same thing. They are great for guest rooms and they are 15’’ wider than twin beds. They fit into most small rooms but they are not that great for couples. What couples usually prefer is a Queen sized bed. It’s 21’’ wider and 5’’ longer than a Twin bed and that’s just the right size for most couples. However, they can be a little too narrow.

Standard king size
King size bed

If you prefer an even larger bed, then the King sized bed is the perfect choice. However, it can be difficult to distinguish between all the different types. The Standard King and the Eastern King are one and the same thing. A California King is also known as a Western King. So there aren’t that many types to choose from.

Standard king size
California king bed

King sized beds are great for couples. Each person can use the same amount of space offered by a Twin bed. They are a nice choice for a guest room if there’s enough space but they are usually mostly used in bedroom suites. The Standard King is the widest bed commonly available in stores. The California king bed is the longest and it’s a great choice for tall people. Because of that, it can be difficult to fit them through narrow hallways or in small rooms.

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