Inspirational Bedroom Decoration For Creating Your Own Peaceful Haven

As the most private space in the home, the bedroom should be everything that you want it to be: a retreat, a cozy hideaway, a sleek and modern sanctuary, or anything in between. Quite literally, anything goes in the bedroom when it comes to creating a beautiful space that makes you feel at ease.

Curtains, bedding accessories, furniture — all these elements play a role in creating the right atmosphere. It can be hard to decide what to do with a bedroom space, but here are examples of beautiful bedroom decoration that will inspire plans for your own haven.

Upscale Barn Bedroom

Fresh color combos liven a bedroom.View in gallery
Fresh color combos liven a bedroom.

A marvelously converted barn home is a great opportunity for creating a bedroom that combines vintage elements with modern flair. The tongue and groove paneled walls and ceiling set a classic stage for a room that incorporates traditional pieces like a rattan rocking chair and farm bench along with modern touches like the adjustable table and floor lamps.  What really sets this room apart is the truly modern color palette that melds black and a muted yellow that has an edge of chartreuse.

Sophisticated Minimalist Space

Modern designs can be warm and welcoming.View in gallery
Modern designs can be warm and welcoming.

Modern and minimalist doesn’t have to mean cold and aloof as this cozy bedroom demonstrates. Located in a sophisticated home in Sofia, Bulgaria that is done with 100 percent smart technologies, the embellishments are spare but the feel is warm and relaxing. Dark but ethereal sheer drapes filter the light that comes into the bedroom, which is dominated by the warm, wooden feature wall at the head of the bed. Mismatched modern lighting fixtures by the bed add a little more modern edge.

Traditional Space with Funky Decor

Traditional doesn't mean boring.View in gallery
Traditional doesn’t mean boring.

Working with space that is traditional and perhaps a little staid calls for some eclectic additions. This conventional space is elevated with the addition of mixed pieces, ranging from classically shaped furnishings to gilded and over-the-top decor elements. Arranged against a pale pink backdrop, the gilded elements stand out. The bedroom is a sophisticated melange that breaks plenty of rules but is emblematic of the designers, Les Trois Garçons.

Contemporary Comfort

Black and white is always right.View in gallery
Black and white is always right.

This master bedroom might be located in a vintage 1930’s apartment building but it is feels anything but old. A classic black and white color palette is current because of the elements included: The headboard is geometric with a modern edge, the light fixtures are very trendy and the bedding, done in shades of gray, has a minimalist aesthetic. Moreover, the room feels even more spacious thanks to a large mirror that reflects the bountiful natural light that streams in from the large windows.

A Bit of Bohemian

Toned-down Bohemian flair is calming.View in gallery
Toned-down Bohemian flair is calming.

This bedroom by San Francisco designer Nicole Newkirk shows another, softer side of Bohemian style. A pared-down vibe has fewer plants and a neutral color palette but is not lacking in the casual comforts associated with that type of interior decor. Plenty of texture more than makes up for a lack of vivid color: From the nubby rug to the fur throw and eclectic furniture collection, it is far from flat.

Understated Luxury

Understated luxury puts the focus on the view.View in gallery
Understated luxury puts the focus on the view.

Nestled in the penthouse atop Zaha Hadid’s New York City apartment building, this bedroom is equal parts luxury and relaxed comfort. Fully focused on the view, the bedroom’s elements are light and neutral and don’t try to compete. Subtly patterned rugs, sumptuous textiles and spare but strong modern light fixtures create a bedroom that is uncluttered and welcoming.

Elegant Simplicity

Feng Shui contributes to a calm atmosphere.View in gallery
Feng Shui contributes to a calm atmosphere.

A touch of Asian finesse with a modern sensibility might be the best way to describe this Amsterdam bedroom located in a redevelopment project. The calming atmosphere comes from the spare elements that include modern lighting, bedding with a Nordic feel, and Asian accents. The style and arrangement of this bedroom follow many of the principles of feng shui, which make the bedroom more serene and auspicious.

Masculine Drama

This dark ensemble is very masculine.View in gallery
This dark ensemble is very masculine.

A modern bedroom in a Kiev bachelor pad in Kiev has the right look for a man’s personal retreat. There are few elements at play here, but they all are seriously bold with a masculine edge.  A tufted, leather-upholstered platform bed is positioned against an exposed brick wall that adds a rough, industrial feeling. The juxtaposition of the modern brass wall light serves both as mood lighting and wall art. It’s an ideal clutter and fuss-free design for a single person.

Black and White Classic

Tall ceilings and a white decor palette open up a space.View in gallery
Tall ceilings and a white decor palette open up a space.

There’s nothing like a bedroom done in all white to relax the body and free the mind from distraction. Designer Rose Uniacke rendered the traditional architecture in white and punctuated it with a restrained selection of black accent pieces. Two bold black-framed mirrors highlight the fireplace and modest light fixtures flank the bed. On either side of the fireplace, spare consoles feature matching tree sculptures. The mainly white space amplifies the natural light and makes the whole bedroom feel spacious and airy.

Oceanside Dream

Natural textiles enhance the seaside feeling.View in gallery
Natural textiles enhance the seaside feeling.

It would not be right for a bedroom by the sea to focus on anything else but the view. A minimalist decor scheme is the way to go, as the architects did in this Cape Town, South Africa residence. Easy care flooring topped with a rug made from natural materials makes an ideal base for the four-poster bed. While the lacquered frame has a luxurious look, it is tempered by the casual bedding and the wooden shutters lining the windows, which open to allow the ocean breeze — and plentiful sunlight — to filter in.

Urban Chic

A city bedroom in a monochrome palette is very chic.View in gallery
A city bedroom in a monochrome palette is very chic.

It can be a challenge to make city bedroom feel special but designer Shawn Henderson created a space that is relaxed but oh-so-stylish. The color palette is all shades of gray except for the moss-colored nubby rug that seems to highlight everything else. Texture plays a huge role in this monochrome bedroom decoration, evident in the bedding as well as the choice of upholstery fabric for the chairs and ottomans.

Gender-Neutral Glamour

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Glamorous interiors don’t have to be feminine.

A glamorous bedroom in the traditional sense can veer to the feminine end of the spectrum, making it feel a little too girly. The designers of this Prague bedroom, however, have created a haven that has plenty of glamour yet would make anyone feel relaxed. The neutral palette plays off of the black furniture and decor pieces and feels very sophisticated because of the wall covering and mix of light fixtures.

Eclectic Artistry

Colorful and eclectic is an artful style of bedroom.View in gallery
Colorful and eclectic is an artful style of bedroom.

For those who prefer maximalist surroundings, this eclectic bedroom by Liza Rachevskaya is just the ticket. Bold and varied patterns on the textiles pair up with dark mauve walls and gilded elements. The old-fashioned and over-the-top headboard — upholstered in a lighter shade of eggplant — will make waking up here feel positively royal. Artsy styles of bedroom decoration are ideal for a space that might be a little darker than most.

Softky Minimal

Neutrals contribute to a serene bedroom.View in gallery
Neutrals contribute to a serene bedroom.

A mix of neutral colors and an overall soft vibe make this bedroom instantly relaxing. Bedroom decoration done this way creates a space that’s spare but lacks the hard edges that some people dislike. By blending not just the neutral colors but also soft finishes and textural fabrics, Light on White Design has produced a casual bedroom that is as every bit as elegant as would be expected in a home in the Belgravia section of London.

Artsy Retreat

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A feature wall of art works well behind a bed.

Passionate art collectors can make their favorite works the focus of bedroom decoration in many ways as this Madrid apartment demonstrates. Pale, expansive walls are the perfect background for a gallery wall behind the bed that features works of many styles and colors. The addition of modern elements like an innovative armoire that elevates the clothing to the level of art, along with the spare platform bed design and glass nightstands ensures that the art is the focus of the space.

Modern Whimsy

A pop of neon yellow adds whimsy.View in gallery
A pop of neon yellow adds whimsy.

While a bedroom should be restful, no one says it can’t also have a bit of whimsy. This light and bright bedroom in a Polish apartment by Anna Maria Sokotowska has a modern edge even though it’s in a room that has a traditional architectural feel. The addition of custom padded wall panel that also serves as a headboard is a lot of fun and just one or two neon yellow elements punch up the gray and white palette.

Cozy and Custom

A focus on the bed will improve sleep.View in gallery
A focus on the bed will improve sleep.

If the bedroom is all about focusing on sleep then a custom space that is only about the bed is a grand idea. No room for televisions, phones and technology here.  A cozy alcove is home to a sumptuous and comfortable bed. The tufted headboard surrounds the head of the bed, and small but functional nightstands with sconce lighting fit neatly into the space. All done in soothing shades of blue with purple undertones, it’s very comforting.

Open and airy

Studio apartments need innovative bedroom solutions.View in gallery
Studio apartments need innovative bedroom solutions.

In a studio style apartment, options for walling off a bedroom are limited and can make the space feel boxy. Instead, Fast and Furious architects put the bedroom on show while still giving it a sense of delineation by using curved glass walls. The glass element divides the space but keeps light flowing through the apartment from the windows at one end.

Retro Vibes

A retro arrangement highlights the bed.View in gallery
A retro arrangement highlights the bed.

A Parisian flat by designer Sarah Lavoine makes the most of its blank canvas by laying up the retro angle. A vintage style wall element that features a curved frame enclosing caning anchors the space. Set in the center is a padded, upholstered headboard that incorporates all the necessities in a chic way: built-in reading lights and nightstands. Lush and puddled velvet drapes in the Parisian style highlight the floor to ceiling glass doors and are accented by the sole pattern on the room — the geometric upholstery on the bench.

Cushy and Casual

Oversized elements can make a space feel larger.View in gallery
Oversized elements can make a space feel larger.

High drama from a casual space? You bet! This bedroom decoration by Reath Design is decidedly relaxed, but by emphasizing some elements in an overly dramatic style, it moves to a new level. Oversized tassels on the throw make it seem more plush, and the simple but super-long drapes make the already tall windows seem even more so. The sliding barn door adds a horizontal element that tempers all the height.

Muted and Blue

A moody bedroom is ideal for resting.View in gallery
A moody bedroom is ideal for resting.

With a reputation for sun, sand and fun, houses in the Hamptons on Long Island need to have a bedroom that is relaxing as a respite from the action. This blue haven in a modern barn house by designer Michael Del Piero departs from the typical style associated with houses in the area and is a moody yet light-filled corner that serves up a gorgeous view along with a minimal but comfortable space.

Vintage Style

Vintage pieces add lots of personality.View in gallery
Vintage pieces add lots of personality.

It might be located in a hotel, but this bedroom decoration has serious individualist vintage styling. One of five bedrooms on the property, the dark walls set off the patterned tile floor. Unbleached linens add to the casual vibe and the old-school trunk at the foot of the bed adds real personality. The understated vibe is clear and sets the stage for a restful experience.

Old World Farmhouse

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Old world and modern mix in a fresh way.

A rustic old world setting would seem to call for more traditional bedroom decoration, but London designer Ana Engelhorn shows otherwise. Her eclectic mix of modern art and traditional furnishings mixed with rustic pieces create a beautiful, unique bedroom that is engaging as well as relaxing. The contrast of old and new is an interesting way to style a bedroom in a 16th-century Spanish farmhouse.

A Touch of Teal

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A bright teal enlivens an otherwise gray palette.

Neutral color schemes are common in bedrooms and rightly so because they are soothing and serene. Of course, adding a pop of color can brighten a room that might seem too sedate and teal is an ideal shade. More lively than traditional blues, a well-chosen piece in teal, like this upholstered headboard with nailhead accents is a great addition to a predominantly gray bedroom designed by Anna Burles.

Boldly Accented

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Accent walls help in bedroom decoration.

Bold accent walls are often used in the living room, but they are also ideal to make a bedroom have more impact. This New York City penthouse bedroom, decorated by Neal Beckstedt sports a deep peacock-colored wall behind the bed. A deep color helps highlight the natural headboard and makes dramatic wall art unnecessary. Here a small colorful piece hung off-center makes a big impression.

Architecturally Driven

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Play up architectural elements in the bedroom.

When a space has marvelous architecture, the bedroom decoration just has to play it up. A loft apartment by Becky Shea Design does just that by using a glass dividing wall behind the bed that mimics the architectural framing on the windows. The wall becomes the dominant element and everything else in the bedroom is neutral and soft as a counterpoint to the had lines and edginess that comes from the painted brick walls.

Simple Modern

Minimal fussiness makes a bedroom more calming.View in gallery
Minimal fussiness makes a bedroom more calming.

Clean lines and an unpretentious vibe, this modern bedroom in a Sydney home features Australian artwork and unique pieces like the wooden chair. A lack of fussiness makes the design appealing and each piece has a flair of its own, from the rounded light fixtures to the simple but oversized mirror leaning against the wall between the windows.  It is the epitome of modern comfort.

Mid-Century Chic

Mid-century style mixes well with eclectic pieces.View in gallery
Mid-century style mixes well with eclectic pieces.

Los Angeles has plenty of marvelous mid-century properties but making the bedroom in these houses comfortable and stylish doesn’t have to totally stick to the rules. Designed by The Archers, this space in the Hill House has an eclectic mix that includes some mid-century elements but otherwise, is focused on utility and comfort. The old-fashioned coverlet adds an extra dose of character.

Timeless Grace

A timeless bedroom is always elegant.View in gallery
A timeless bedroom is always elegant.

Classic and restrained elegance can work in any space and it is perfect for this Brentwood, California home. The look is timeless and it would be hard to peg a definite expiration date on this bedroom decoration by MLK Studio. The four-poster bed is ideal in the tall light-filled space. Contemporary bedside lamps and tables combine with a classic bentwood rocker in this sophisticated bedroom.

Exotic Inspiration

Exotic style can follow a neutral palette.View in gallery
Exotic style can follow a neutral palette.

Moroccan-inspired decor is often about vibrant red and gold, but there are other ways to leverage the exotic vibe for a bedroom. This calming, yet intriguing bedroom is part of the Riad Snan13 hotel in Marrakesh and is fl of inspiration for a more serene space. All-white walls serve as a backdrop for furniture and bedding in a range of neutral beige. The accents come from traditionally styled light fixtures in basic black instead of glittering gold or bright hues.

Island Style

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Island style is very relaxing.

Inspired by the Asian island atmosphere, this bedroom is calm, serene and chic all at the same time. Part of the Raya Heritage Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand, it shows how neutrals can be treated in a different way, emphasizing textures and natural materials. The bed’s underlighting is a modern and functional touch. It’s an island style bedroom decoration that would fit in any home.

Natural Contemporary

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Beach style can vary from the expected cliches.

Easygoing and natural — that’s the vibe you get from this bedroom located in a South African seaside apartment. Done in a palette of natural materials and pale colors, it doesn’t look like the typical “beach” style bedroom decoration.  Instead, it has a contemporary and relaxing feel that doesn’t seem fake or forced, like it’s trying to fit in at the beach.

Water Inspired

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Using the color of outdoor elements livens up an interior.

With a magnificent beach location in the Turks and Caicos, this amazing bedroom decoration is rightly inspired by the bright water outside.  Part of the luxurious Villa Helios of Long Bay Beach Club, the space uses the turquoise shades of the water outside to punctuate the decor. Using splashes of the bright color help continue the beach vibe inside the bedroom, without resorting to kitschy decor accents.

Urban Oasis

Greenery can elevate a hard-edged urban space.View in gallery
Greenery can elevate a hard-edged urban space.

Urbanites who want to have more nature in their lives can be inspired by this apartment in Rome. Uber chic with its minimal design, the space tempers the solid surfaces of wood, marble and concrete with walls of greenery around the bathtub which is showcased in the window alcove. It’s a softer, gentler version of minimalist bedroom decoration.

Timber Framed Hideaway

Super rustic interiors need soft furnishings.View in gallery
Super rustic interiors need soft furnishings.

The ultimate in rustic bedrooms, this one capitalizes on the views from its location in the Grand Teton Mountains of the American West. The tall, timber framing lends a forest feeling and traditional chinked walls make it feel like an old cabin — but it has all the modern comforts. Soft furnishings in a muted palette are the proper choice to soften all the wood in this space.

Scandinavian Modern

Textures add interest to Scandinavian interiors.View in gallery
Textures add interest to Scandinavian interiors.

Modern Scandinavian style is ideal for bedrooms because it is so functional and unfussy. This one, located in a Vilnius, Lithuania apartment, has both edge and simplicity. The variety of textures at play keep the gray color palette lively and an unexpected element in the form of a patterned rug spices things up. Mixed modern light fixtures add just enough accent to the room as well.

Nordic Traditional

Nordic simplicity works anywhere.View in gallery
Nordic simplicity works anywhere.

For simplicity and ease, bedrooms in the Nordic and Scandinavian style are highly desirable in any location. A Tel Aviv seaside location makes the most of its bedroom space with traditional the functional lines of Nordic furnishings and spare but stylish decoration. Clean walls and modern light fixtures emphasize the serenity of the room.

Tip Top Hideaway

Take advantage of unique architecture.View in gallery
Take advantage of unique architecture.

Almost feeling like a secret space, this minimalist bedroom is tucked away on the top floor of a fully renovated historic building in Amsterdam. The bedroom decoration takes advantage of the odd ceiling lines for lighting and architectural accents. Artful floor lighting fixtures add another layer of illumination to the space, which is a quiet oasis high above the main area of the city.

Creatively Constructed

A unique solution makes a small studio more serene.View in gallery
A unique solution makes a small studio more serene.

When a bedroom space also has to serve as all of the living space, creative construction is required. This rooftop studio demonstrates how the bedroom can still feel separate and special when it’s in a multipurpose space. By cleverly concealing all the other elements in the apartment, like the kitchen and the closets, it can maintain a clean and uncluttered feeling.

Hip and Neutral

A wall mural is perfect behind the bed.View in gallery
A wall mural is perfect behind the bed.

In another example of how neutral is not boring, this bedroom — part of a riverside penthouse apartment — has plenty of interest but is still supremely serene. Anchored by the overstuffed bed, the room is filled with pieces that maintain a light and airy feeling, from the large white light fixture to the ethereal wall mural.

Bright and White

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White paint can transform a closed-in space.

Bathed in bright light, this top floor bedroom is part of a resort in the Bahamas, created by Trish Becker Design.  Rooftop rooms with dormer windows can sometimes be a little dark, but by painting all the surfaces white — even the floor — it makes the bedroom extra bright.  T Casual eclectic furnishings emphasize the casual vibe

Georgian Revival Beauty

Floral patterns will always have devotees.View in gallery
Floral patterns will always have devotees.

Traditional style endures and done the right way, it is lively and beautiful.  This bedroom is in a Georgian revival house decorated by Sarah Bartholomew Design. Typical floral fabric has a cream background and is further lightened with the use of a plain coverlet. Monogrammed pillows play down the feminine edge.

Fresh Traditional

Fresh takes on traditional elements spruce up a bedroom.View in gallery
Fresh takes on traditional elements spruce up a bedroom.

Traditional bedrooms have come a long way and often add a bit of a fresh touch, like this one designed by Bria Hammel. The overall look is traditional but small details like to oversized gingham print on the pillows and use of gray for the bedding add just enough novelty to make the usual elements a bit more of-the-moment and unexpected.

Renovated Rustic

Rustic elements help a bedroom fir in with upcycled style.View in gallery
Rustic elements help a bedroom fir in with upcycled style.

Renovating a space can uncover all kinds of rustic elements that can be featured in a home, but not every room will have them. To make the bedroom decoration mesh with the rest of the house, the architects in this remodeled home used old wood elements to bring the bedroom into the same style as the rest of the space.


Beautiful large window above headboardView in gallery
Beautiful large window above headboard

When space has a spectacular window like this, the bedroom decoration has to make the most of it. Everything in this Tel Aviv bedroom plays to the long vertical window, which almost acts as a piece of art above the bed. Hanging light fixtures are the right choice to frame the bed and not interfere with the layout.

High End Cottage Style

Cottage style works in large spaces as well.View in gallery
Cottage style works in large spaces as well.

Cottage style bedrooms can be quite grand when they are spacious like this one in a Cape Town mountainside home. Designed by Gregory Mellor, it features casual materials and elements like slipcovers, but the cottage decor has an open, airy feeling because the space is large and features nearly a full wall of glass.

Mostly Modern

A mix of modern styles still works well.View in gallery
A mix of modern styles still works well.

With all the elements of a modern space, this bedroom in a Spanish house designed by A-cero architects is certainly focused on the modern, all-white bed. At the same time, the bedroom decoration feature mid-cetury pieces that pull in some history of the modern design movement. Together it’s a stunning retreat focused on the lush surroundings.

Poolside Paradise

The elements outside a bedroom door should be tied into the interior.View in gallery
The elements outside a bedroom door should be tied into the interior.

Obviously focused on the delight outside its doors, this poolside bedroom in Israel is light and airy. Designed by LevyChamizer-Architects,  the all-white space is super casual with breezy drapes that help highlight the architectural frames of the windows and doors. The bright mood brings the sunshine feeling into the comfortable bedroom.

Bedroom Bathroom Combo

New master bedrooms incorporate the bathroom.View in gallery
New master bedrooms incorporate the bathroom.

New designs are taking the idea of the en suite bathroom to a new level.  Instead of just being attached to the master bedroom, much of the bathroom is now part and parcel of the bedroom design as it is in this South African home. By combining a section of the bathroom with the bedroom, it offers an opportunity to make the space more open and lets the views be appreciated from the bath area as well.

Focused on Nature

Minimalist bedroom decoration puts the focus on the outdoors.View in gallery
Minimalist bedroom decoration puts the focus on the outdoors.

When a home is focused on the outdoors, the bedroom should be too. This bedroom is on a property that has lots of natural beauty so the designer created a bedroom retreat that minimizes distractions and allows the residents to focus on the beauty outside the window. The floor-t0-ceiling glass windows practically meld the outdoor space with the interior of the room.