How To Turn A Small Bedroom Into A Dressing Room

Can small bedrooms be transformed into a dressing room? Of course they can, especially if some certain steps are respected. Though, before doing so, owners of the house must decide whether they can afford to not have a bedroom in the house, even if the bedroom might be quite small.

And, if they can do this, then certain steps must be followed.

First of all, you should get out everything from the room and ensure that the room is cleaned and water has not “infected” the walls. As well, people should also inspect if the floor has any problems with the water or with the mold.

Next, as people are looking forward to getting a dressing room, and the most important part from a dressing room is the mirror, people should decide upon a mirror model and buy it. For the dressing room, the bigger the mirror is, the better will be.

After that, people should install a new lightning system. The best lightning system is the one that has horizontal bulbs that are enlightening directly the person from the dressing room. Also, a strong bulb – of at least 150 watts – must be placed on the ceiling, bulb that must be oriented directly upon the place where people will change.

After that, people should decide if they want to deposit their clothes there, and if they want to, then they have 2 options: either they bring a closet in the dressing room, or they just buy a support for the whole wardrobe. The support can be exactly like the actor’s wardrobe supports, with places where people can hang the clothes, from stainless steel and so on.

Last, but not least, as concerning the rug, they must not be something complicated or expensive. In fact, if the floor is well enlightened, then a rug is not necessary at all, as most of the people will want to see exactly how a certain pair of clothes looks like on them. Therefore, instead of buying a rug, people are advised to polish their floors and to check again the lightning system. If they do so, the dressing room will be more effective and more easily to clean, whenever will need to be cleaned.

The last thing is related to a practice thing: if people decide to keep their clothes in the dressing room, then they must ensure that their clothes won’t be harmed by the moths. Therefore, always keep turned on an anti-moth gadget, and your dressing room will be perfect and 100% functionally.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on June 30th, 2010


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