How To Decorate A Bedroom With Green Walls

For someone with a busy lifestyle, coming home to a bedroom with beautiful green walls can feel very refreshing. The room is like an oasis, very serene and relaxing. But before you get ahead of yourself and start painting your bedroom walls green, there are a few things to be considered.

Fresh and casual.

Green walls allow a room to feel relaxing to the eyes and refreshing for your mind. They can turn a bland room into a welcoming paradise.

Styles and Themes.

Green walls can be used as a backdrop for a variety of interesting designs and themed decors. Custom furniture is something to be considered in this case. A rainforest-themed bedroom can really spark the imagination of a child. You can use bright colored murals and decals to cheer up the room.

A connection with nature.

Since green is the most often seen color in nature, you can this idea to turn your bedroom into a refreshing oasis, with natural colors and materials. Try to stay away from dark-colored elements and exposed metal. Use this opportunity to go green and not just with color. Include a few plants to purify the air.

Furniture and Accessories to Be Used.

If you want to create a spa-like atmosphere, all you got to use is white wicker furniture. The lavender accessories installed will add to the softness. They are really meant to complement your green walls. Lavender plants bring the aroma of nature into the bedroom.

From a spiritual point of view.

According to the Feng shui Concept, Green is an ideal color for a bedroom, as it stands not only for freshness but also for growth and peace. Add this to the list of benefits and you’ll understand why this color is a perfect match.

Mix it up a little bit.

Instead of painting the walls green and leaving the ceiling white, how about a different approach? After all, it’s the ceiling that you get to look at when relaxing in bed. You can still paint one of the walls green as well. Make sure you also add a few other green accents throughout the room like a green table lamp or some nice throw pillows.

Vibrant shades for a youthful vibe.

Sure, pastels are great for the bedroom but if you want the room to be a little more eye-catching try using a more dramatic green. Of course, painting all four walls with this shade would be a little too much so pick an accent wall. You can also pick up the color elsewhere in the room for cohesion.

Specific shades.

You can still create a fresh vibe if you use a color like chartreuse, which is halfway between green and yellow. In fact, it’s the perfect shade if you want the bedroom to look fresh and youthful but also cheerful and fun.

You can also try minty green for the bedroom walls. It’s a cooler shade and it goes well with a variety of other colors. Be sure to also introduce elements that add warmth to the room, like wooden furniture or flooring for example.
Dark accents.

Use a slightly darker shade of green on the walls, without necessarily making it look dramatic. This would pair nicely with dark-stained wooden furniture and floors. To balance out the colors, use light shades and warm tones like beige and white to create contrasts.

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