How to Choose Lamps for a Bedroom

When it comes to dormitories and bedrooms, the lightning system is crucial for the well living of the people. Though, even if the lightning system depends pretty much of the type of the dormitory and of the number of persons, for the ease of the following tips, we’ll assume that we are talking about a normal bedroom, for 1-2 persons or a couple.

So, should any details be kept in mind when it comes to decorating a dormitory with lamps?

First of all, the most important thing is definitely the dominant color of the room. For example, you can not choose green lamps if the dominant color is red, as well as you can choose green if the dominant color is a shade of green. However, you should decide firstly about how strong or weak should the brightness be.

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If you are in need of lots of light, then choosing lamps from opaque materials won’t help pretty much. As well, if you compile them with weak bulbs, they won’t come too much in handy either. Though, if you need a romantic atmosphere, then choosing the above type of lamps would be more than perfect.

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Let’s assume that you need a romantic atmosphere. Usually, the bulbs shouldn’t be economic ones – because they are quite powerful, despite their reduced capacity – and for the lamps, the materials can be different, but they all have to meet the same characteristics: even if they are from a painted glass or from silk, they have to be slightly opaque, in order to create a nice atmosphere in the bedroom. Usually, 1 lamp in 2  different sides of the bedroom should do it. As well, people can choose to mount their lamps on the  ceiling, but before doing that, they have to consider one thing: placing opaque lamps on the ceiling can reduce more than slightly the brightness from the room, even if there are multiple lamps. And also, the romantic atmosphere that is supposed to be in the bedroom would be damaged, therefore placing the lamps on the ceiling might not be the wisest choice for those looking forward to having an intimate atmosphere in their bedroom.

Of course, before choosing the lamps, the owners should also discuss upon this subject: how long are they planning to keep the furniture from their bedroom. Otherwise, if they change everything shortly after they’ve installed lamps, and the whole atmosphere would be different, then it’s more than probably that something will look odd in that room, and most of the people who will enter there, and even the owners, will have the sensation that something it’s not at its place.

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