22 Bunk Beds For Four, A Space-Saving Solution For Shared Bedrooms

Usually, when you think of bunk beds you refer to the two bed combo. It’s the classical design, very practical for kids’ bedrooms shared by twins or brothers. But what if you have four kids? The solution in that case would either be to have two sets of bunk beds with two beds each or to simplify the effort and to opt for a bunk bed for four. It’s a great way of maintaining a uniform, clean and cohesive design in the bedroom.

Black and white bunk beds for four with orange drapes and striped curtains

These bunk beds for four are extremely functional and practical. They come with many advantages. The first and most important one is the fact that they allow you to save tons of space. Basically, instead of filling the room with beds you only have one small area where they all fit. The rest of the room remains free and can be used as a play area. Another advantage of having bunk beds for four is that you get to cover an entire wall with them. This way the décor of the room remains clean and organized, without partially free spaces.

Traditional bunk beds for four with individual storage compartments

Simple bunk beds with storage drawers and ladders

Contemporary bunk beds for four with individual storage shelves and two drawers

Classical bunk beds with wall-mounted lamps and soft lighting

Cozy, wood-paneled bunk beds for four with spotlights

Blue, nautical-inspired bunk beds with white and red striped bedding

Spacious bunk beds for four with a central ladder separator

Solid, traditional bunk beds with built-in shelves and stairwell

Simplistic and compact white bunk beds with colorful bedding

Wooden bunk beds for four with an additional matching bed

Clean and simple bunk beds with modern design and built-in nightstands

Paneled bunk beds for four with central stairwell and striped bedding

Personalized and colorful bunk beds for six with wooden structures

Very simple and light bunk beds with ladders on each side

If you consider the area with the bunk beds a starting point for the rest of the interior décor you can continue in the same direction and create a symmetrical décor. You can also go in the opposite direction and try to create strong contrasts. Most bunk beds for four resemble built-in features. They usually cover an entire wall and this allows them to better integrate into the overall décor and to better complement the rest of the room.

Sleek, modern bunk beds with complementary bedding and matching poufs

Rustic wooden bunk beds placed on floor level

Spacious, contemporary bunk beds for four with personalized decorations

Stylish black bunk beds for four with central storage compartments

Wooden bunk beds for four separated by a built-in storage cabinet

Mediterranean bunk beds with central ladder and four storage drawers

Simple and chic bunk beds for four with a double ladder in the middle

They also all come with practical storage space incorporated in their designs.Some models have individual storage compartments for each bed while other reserve the lower part for storage. Let’s now take a look at some designs and see what this particular type of bedroom furniture has to offer.

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Published by in Kids, on November 1st, 2012


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