10 beautiful bedrooms to inspire you

It’s a fresh new year and for some of us it’s also time to redecorate. Today we’re going to focus on the bedroom, one of the most important rooms of the house, the one where the day ends and where a new day begins. There are lots of ways to decorate a bedroom but we’re only going to present 10 of them.

There’s not a standard classification to use so we’re just going to start with a romantic bedroom. In order to create such a décor you don’t need any special items. You just need to be careful when you choose the colors and the materials. Such a bedroom could use a fancy bed, maybe one with soft drapes. Also, you could use flowers to decorate it and maybe even floral patterns for the bedding. Try not to use too much color.

If you want something fresh, green is the way to go. This color is always successful when it comes to creating a fresh interior décor. For the bedroom you might want to use pale tones and pastels. Also, you can add natural plants and flowers. Use natural colors throughout and nature-inspired patterns for the decorations.

White is also a nice color for the bedroom. It’s so pure and peaceful. It also helps create the impression of a larger space so it’s useful for small rooms. However, too much white can turn the bedroom into a hospital room so try to avoid that. You can easily do that by adding some texture to the walls and by adding some hints of color here and there. You can also use a colorful rug for example. They key is to kept it simple.

If you want to create a cozy atmosphere you can try a rustic décor. It’s easier to do that when you have a loft because you can just repaint the beams on the ceiling and you can use the natural colors in your favor. For that you would have to use lots of wooden pieces and to also rely on natural materials.

Romantic bedrooms are also very inspiring. You can easily create a romantic retreat for you and your partner by simply choosing the right colors and combinations. Focus on curvy lines, maybe antique finishes and pay a lot of attention to details.

If you want something different and unique you can use this bedroom as inspiration. It’s a bright bedroom and it seems very inviting and fun. The bright-patterned bedding is the main ingredient here. Try not to overdecorate so you could mix that with pure white and natural wood tones for the furniture.

Even though themed bedroom are interesting and fun, sometimes it’s nice to just adopt a classic décor. Choose a neutral color palette with tones of beige, white and maybe some hints of green and add simple and elegant furniture.

Nowadays grey is a very strong color so you could also use that as a starting point for your bedroom. You can create your own black and grey paradise. You can paint the walls grey and add a grey rug or carpet. In order to avoid a boring décor you can choose something with playful patterns. The bedding can be white for some fresh contrast.

We know that lots of people like pink. However, this is not a reason to exaggerate when using this color. You can successfully incorporate pink in your bedroom’s décor by choosing eye-catching pink decorations such as the lamps or the pendant and you can also opt for bedding that uses pink. But you would also have to keep everything else simple and neutral so you might want to opt for black and white furniture or for other neutral tones.

Until now we’ve only talked about adult bedrooms and we forgot that babies also need a bedroom as well. So the last bedroom that we’re going to present here in actually a nursery. It’s a very stylish room, with lovely cherry blossoms painted on the wall, a colorful rug with a floral pattern on the floor and simple and elegant furniture throughout.

{pic source:Donna Griffith,Virginia Macdonald,Stacey Van Berkel-Haines,Eric Piasecki,Donna Griffith,Sue Stubbs,Michael Graydon,Janis Nicola}

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