How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

When you live in a tiny apartment, you can view your space one of two ways. Either it’s limiting and frustrating or it fosters creativity and minimalism for what you really love. No matter where you fall on the scale, a small apartment has an even smaller bedroom which can be challenging for even the most creative of us. When the space is full of your bed, how are you supposed to personalize it? Well, with a few ideas to get you started, it is definitely possible to have a bedroom you love in your tiny square footage. Here is how to decorate a small bedroom in 12 tips that will inspire.

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Statement walls are such nice things to distract the eye from something you’d rather ignore. Whether it’s a dark color or a patterned wallpaper, a statement wall in your tiny bedroom will make your space feel bigger.

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With an attic bedroom, you are dealing with much of your wall space being on a slant. That really limits your decor and furniture options. But you can make up for it by covering the slanted space with decals or wallpaper to give your room a bit more pop.

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Is your bedroom more windows than walls? Use the opportunity to hang a whole wall of patterned curtains. Not only will the pattern be a nice change, the fabric texture will make you feel like you live in a hotel.

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What do you do for lighting when you don’t really have room for a nightstand or dresser? Skip the over heads and install pendants by the bed. You’ll get the same effect as a lamp without needing a surface to put it on.

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Let’s talk storage. When your bedroom is small, you don’t have the luxury of decorative storage options. However, with a bookshelf above the bed, you can keep all your favorite titles handy without using up precious floor space.

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Shelving doesn’t have to be built in to be useful and decorative. Choose your favorite brackets and get some up above your bed to make a home for books, trinkets and plants in your small bedroom.

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There’s nothing like a good cart to solve all your problems. Whether it’s a white one, brightly colored or metallic, a multi-level cart will make a nice bedside table in your bedroom if you have room. Vertical storage is always a good idea when there isn’t enough square footage to go around.

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Even the tiniest bedroom can benefit from personal flair. Fill your bed with throw pillows that you love. Not only will it create a beautiful space, you’ll also have a comfy hang out for rainy days.

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There’s nothing like a bit of leafy green to bring some life into your small spaces. Pick up a potted plant at the store to put in your bedroom or if you have a brown thumb, opt for something fake. Even a small windowsill pot will have an effect on your room.

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Is your tiny bedroom multitasking? Instead of trying to fit it all, swap your real bed for a daybed. You’ll provide a space that’s comfortable at night and classy during the day.

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Don’t forget that metallic glint. Give your small space that bit of sparkle with gold, copper or chrome accents. In a lamp, a vase or a pillow, you’ll be glad for the distraction.

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When your bedroom is a strange shape, you really need to work things around so you use the space well. Don’t be afraid to do something like tuck your bed into a nook or put your dresser in the closet. Anything that will utilize each corner to the fullest.