How To Choose The Right Windows For Your House

Choosing the best window style and brand is no easy feat. So we’ve created this guide to replacement windows to help you navigate the many types, frame styles, and brands.

How To Choose The Right Windows For Your House

You can also browse through the glass and energy efficiency section to learn which options are best suited to your climate and which aren’t worth the extra cost.

Most Common Window Styles

While single and double-hung windows are the most common, they aren’t your only option. If you want to add different functionality or style to your home, here’s a complete list of window types.

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Type of WindowDescriptionAverage Cost
Single-hungTall rectangle with two sashes, only the bottom sash opens$275-$600
Double-hungTall rectangle with two sashes, both sashes open$200-$1,200
CasementTall rectangle featuring one panel that opens via a crank or push$250-$600
SlidingHorizontal rectangle with two sashes$150-$800
BowFour to six windows of equal size installed at an angle and that extend past a home's exterior wall$3,600
BayThree to five windows installed at a sharp angle that protrudes past a home's exterior wall$1,200 - $2,600
PictureA fixed window, usually square or rectangle-shaped$250-$1,000
AwningA square or horizontal rectangle with a hinge at the top and opens via a crank or push$300-$1,000
GardenSmall projection window featuring four glass panels$2,000-$3,000
HopperA square or horizontal rectangle with a hinge at the bottom that opens via a crank or pulley$100-$1,000
ArchedWindows with an arch at the top$275 - $875
RoundCircular windows, usually fixed$200+
JalousieA window with split slats, or louvers, that open and close in unison$200-$400
TransomA small window over top of a door$150-$300
Glass BlockWindows composed of individual squares of thick glass $100-$1,000
EgressA window that meets guidelines set by the International Residential Code for fire safety$200 - $1,200
SkylightRooftop windows$900 - $2,300
Storm WindowsInserts that go over a regular window to increase energy efficiency$85 - $180

Glass and Energy Efficiency Options

Most of today’s windows come standard with dual panes. You can increase your window’s energy efficiency by choosing a Low-E coating appropriate for your climate and upgrading to triple-pane glass.

Here’s information on glass and energy efficiency options:

Best Window Brands

Many high-quality window brands are available, each offering different window styles and frame materials.

BrandFrame Materials OfferedPricing
AndersenFibrex (composite), aluminum-clad wood, vinyl-clad wood, composite-clad wood, fiberglass-clad woodMid-high
Pellavinyl, aluminum-clad, fiberglass, woodLow - high
JELD WENvinyl, aluminum-clad, aluminum, woodLow - high
Marvinaluminum-clad, aluminum, fiberglass, fiberglass-clad, fiberglass w/ aluminum interior, woodMid-high
Milgardvinyl, thermally improved aluminum, fiberglassLow - high
SimontonvinylLow - high
AlsidevinylLow - high
Ply Gemvinyl, composite, composite-clad wood, and aluminum-cladLow - high
Home Depotvinyl, aluminum-clad, wood, fiberglass, aluminumLow - high
Weather Shieldaluminum, aluminum-cladMid-high
Loewenwood, aluminum-clad, bronze-clad, copper-cladHigh

Helpful Tips for Purchasing New Windows

Before you buy new windows, check out these helpful resources: