Curtains for Large Windows: How to Define These Windows With Style and Elegance

Large windows make a dramatic style statement, but curtains for large windows, present a challenge to cover. These windows are difficult to dress because there is not always a natural break to separate window treatments.

Curtains for Large Windows

Depending on the style, most of the large open windows require more dramatic window treatments. However, like normal windows, you need the ability to cover large windows to maintain privacy and to control the amount of natural light that comes into your rooms.

Challenges of Curtains for Large Windows

Challenges of Curtains for Large Windows
Curtains In

Hanging curtains

Large windows, unlike standard windows, do not always have natural definition for the curtain rods to follow. Therefore, curtain rods for large windows may need to be custom fit or manufactured to a specific design to fit the large window shape.


As stated, standard windows have definition built into their design. In contrast, it can be difficult to know how to place the window curtains to set off the window to its best advantage. For example, curtains for large picture windows will need to create their own definition rather than rely on molding to know where the curtains should begin and end.

Shade and privacy

As there is more window to cover, large windows present a greater challenge in terms of creating privacy and shade.

Purchasing curtains

Many times, standard curtains will not fit a large window. Therefore, you will need to get curtains for big windows custom made or buy them from a more expensive retailer to find the size you need.

Curtain Ideas for Large Windows

Curtain Ideas for Large Windows
Emily Clark

Curtains for large windows can be problematic, but they are also the opportunity to create a dramatic focal point for your room. We have gathered some pictures of rooms with large windows with beautiful window treatments for your inspiration.

Large Window Curtains from the Ceiling

Large Window Curtains from the Ceiling

One of the easiest ideas for covering large windows is to attach the curtains to the ceiling. This designer chose blackout curtains in a neutral shade.

This keeps the attention on the view outside rather than on the window coverings themselves.

Attaching the curtains to the ceiling also avoids the problem of having to fit curtains for windows with unusual shapes.

Curved Large Windows

Curved Large Windows
Abda Custom Window Fashions

If you have curved windows, you can opt to hang curtains above or below the curve. In this room, the interior designer hung the curtain rod above the entire set of wide windows.

This way, you can utilize curtains that have a simple design rather than finding curtains that have a custom design.

Tone-on-Tone Sheer Curtains

Tone-on-Tone Sheer Curtains
Staprans Design

If you have large windows that you want to remain the focal point but still need a way to cover them when needed, consider sheers.

These sheer curtains fade into the background because they are the same color as the walls.

This way, the curtains have a minimal impact on the interior design, but they are functional in that the owners can pull them across the windows when they want shade or privacy.

Cafe Curtains on Large Windows

Cafe Curtains on Large Windows
PeaHen Pad

If you are trying to cover larger windows on a budget, try fitting them with café curtains. This owner used a long curtain rod with long curtains on the sides to create a cohesive look for the window.

Then, they added café curtains to the lower half of each window to give the room privacy when needed.

Roman Shades for Large Windows

Roman Shades for Large Windows
Homes to Love AU

If you want a minimal look that is still luxurious, try roman shades for wide windows. While not curtains per se, these window coverings are simple but functional.

If you want added elegance, use a fabric with a distinctive pattern like the pattern of greenery on these window shades.

Curtains for Large Living Room Windows

Curtains for Large Living Room Windows
Palmetto Window Fashions

If you want your curtains to be aesthetic rather than functional, you can try to cover just a portion of your window. This works well in a place like a living room where you don’t need as much privacy.

Also, this could work if your home is situated in a rural setting without close neighbors. For example, this homeowner placed a short curtain rod on each side of the window and fitted curtains on either side.

These curtains are not functional for privacy or shade, but they do accent the window and create an inviting look for the living room.

Valance for Large Windows

Valance for Large Windows

Here is another great idea if you don’t need shade from the sunlight or the privacy that curtains provide. The bay window in the dining room space has a challenging shape.

The homeowners opted for the simple valance window treatment to frame the window.

Also, this curtain design does away with the need for the curtain rod. Instead, there are knobs where the valance can attach to create the swagged design.

Blinds and Curtains for Large Windows

Blinds and Curtains for Large Windows

The homeowner for this space, used a mixed approach for this bay window. Bay windows are challenging because of their shape and size.

However, if you use long curtains at the opening for the window, and use blinds on the other windows, it creates a stylish look that is unique and more budget-conscious.

Large Angled Window

Large Angled Window
Millar Howard Workshop

Covering this large triangular-shaped window in the cottage bedroom must have been a challenge for the Millar Howard Workshop.

However, the final design for the window sets this room apart. They custom fit a separate panel for each section of this window.

When anyone wants to create more privacy and shade from the sun, you release the tie-backs that hold each panel in place.

Curtains for Large Bay Windows

Curtains for Large Bay Windows
Jay Jeffers

If you want to hide the hardware for the window curtains, add a pelmet header to the top of the window. That way, you can add window hardware that is less attractive like a curtain track.

The strategy that Jay Jeffers chose to cover this large window was to mount the window and pelmet in front of the bay window.

This keeps the curtain design simple but still allows you complete coverage.

Elegant Drapes for Large Windows

Elegant Drapes for Large Windows
Rachel Kate Design

This historic home has large arched windows. Rachel Kate Design used luxurious silk drapes inset into the window frame.

These curtains are not movable, but you can take them up or let them out for more or less coverage.

If you like this look, choose silk or velvet curtains for the most elegant look.

Continuous Hardware

Continuous Hardware
Urban Restoration

Curtains for large picture window designs are challenging because they have no defined molding to create breaks for curtain placement. In this room, the designer wants to highlight the window rather than the curtain.

Thus, they used a continuous rod with a corner curve to allow the owners to pull the curtains across the large window when they didn’t need it.

In addition, they can also pull the curtain to the end of the picture windows when they want to enjoy the view. This way, there is no need to rely on window framing for curtain placement.

Curtain for Large Windows in Historic Homes

Curtain for Large Windows in Historic Homes
Bailiwick Interior Design

In many historic homes, windows have a unique style and shape, and they are also drafty. In order to keep a room warm, curtains are a necessity. For this room, the customer wanted as much color as the designer could provide. Yet it was important to keep the lovely window as open as possible. 

The designer chose to use curtains on an adjustable rod to allow the owner to open and close as desired while still keeping the room cozy. The vibrant color of the curtains complements the colorful décor throughout the room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do you hang curtains in a large window?

You have a couple of different options to hang curtains in a large window. First, you can use a rod either over the whole window or part of the window. Depending on how large your window is, you may need brackets spaced along the top of the window to keep the rod from bowing. You can also attach the curtains to the window itself. This works well if you don’t need to move the curtains across the window to cover it. Instead, you can keep the curtain pulled away from the window with tie backs.

What can I use to cover a big window?

The best way to cover a large window is with curtains, blinds, or shades. You can also choose a combination option like curtains and shades for a more custom look.

What curtains are in style 2022?

Curtains that are neutral in color and have a simple style are the most popular choices for homeowners in the current day.

How many curtains do I need for a large window?

How many curtains you need depending on the look you want to create as well as the exact size of the window. In general, you want your curtains to be at least double to triple the size of the window. Therefore, if your window is 36″ wide, your curtain panels need to measure at least 72-108 inches wide. This is to ensure that you can close the curtain to cover the entire window.

How far should a curtain rod extend past the window?

In general, your curtains will be open during the day. Therefore, your rods need to extend far enough past the window frame to allow the curtains to gather without covering the window. Thus, make sure that your rods extend at least 10 inches beyond the window frame.

Look on the bright side; if you have large windows, remember that they add wonderful benefits of light and outdoor views to your rooms.

Also, they create a stunning focal point for the room. Of course, creating a covering for them can be a challenge, but with the right tools, it is possible.

All things considered, it is better to have the problem of trying to create curtains for large windows than to not have these stunning windows at all.