15 On-Trend Glass Block Window Ideas to Use in Your Home

Incorporating glass block window ideas into your home’s design can give it a modern, retro, or mid-century flair.

Glass block windows are composed of individual squares of thick glass blocks. They’re common for basements since they’re secure and insulative. Most don’t open, but some feature small ventilation panels in their center.

While glass block windows peaked in the 1980s, they’re back in style, used for more than just basements.

If you want to add these unique windows to your home, try one of these 15 ideas.

Use a Glass Block Wall for a Brutalist Style

Use a Glass Block Wall for a Brutalist Style

If you enjoy the modern and distinct look of brutalist architecture, glass block windows can be a big part of your design.

These designers incorporated glass blocks into several parts of this home – the large window gives a view to the outside while the individual blocks add detail. In other rooms, expansive windows feature half glass blocks and half clear glass.

Let in Light While Enjoying Privacy in the Bathroom

Let in Light While Enjoying Privacy in the Bathroom

You can create an accent wall using glass blocks, even on the interior of your home.

In this bathroom, the geometric patterned blocks connect to another room. The daylight from the adjoining room helps light up the bathroom while providing privacy.

Replace a Standard Kitchen Window with Glass Block

Replace a Standard Kitchen Window with Glass Block
John Lum Architecture

Looking for a modern take on the over-the-kitchen sink window? Give it a contemporary yet retro flair with glass blocks.

The window adds a pattern to an otherwise minimal room. It’s large and secure, and the thickness of the blocks helps keep cold air out. If you like this idea, you can customize the size, shape, and design.

Construct a Room Divider with Glass Blocks

Staircase Glass Block Windows
Luigi Rosselli Architects

If you need to add a divider to your room, using a glass block is a unique way to do it. A glass partition wall works well for minimal and mid-century style homes.

While not a traditional room divider, the glass with wood trim gives this space a high-end feel.

Add Glass Block as an Architectural Detail

Add Glass Block as an Architectural Detail
Emilio Alvarez Abouchard Arquitectura

There are no limitations in design. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up the exterior of your home, a glass block wall is worth considering.

Glass blocks are very thick and stand up to the elements well. And since they’re so easy to customize, you can design a one-of-a-kind wall that fits the aesthetic of your home.

Put Glass Block in the Wall

Put Glass Block in the Wall
Keri Morel Designs

If you have a small, dark room, consider adding a glass window to half of the wall to let light in.

In this bathroom, the owners placed textured glass blocks on the wall. The texture allows for privacy, while the translucent blocks allow some light into the room. The design also adds a fun detail to this space.

Create a Stunning Lounge Area with a Glass Block Wall

Stunning Lounge Area with a Glass Block Wall

Looking to put a high-end spin on your lounge area or living room? A large glass block window allows light to filter through while adding a subtle pattern to the space.

If you’re worried that glass block will give your home an 80s feel, don’t. Windows such as this one make the space feel unique and luxurious.

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

A geometric window can give the exterior added interest if your home is minimal style.

The designers of this home incorporated glass blocks with geometric trim to add detail to this otherwise minimal building. The large spans of windows illuminate the home, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Turn Glass Block Into a Modern Kitchen Island

Turn Glass Block Into a Modern Kitchen Island
TKP Architects

Glass block isn’t only for windows. You can use these thick squares for other projects, like a kitchen island.

The glass on the kitchen island is a focal point and makes the room feel larger than it is. The island doesn’t look out of place, paired with other minimal design elements.

Showcase a Unique Ceiling Design Installation

Showcase a Unique Design
Lagula Arquitectes

If you’re looking for unique ceiling design ideas, take note of this building in Santa Clara.

The designers encapsulated the building’s light fixtures in tall glass blocks. The design draws the eye up and breaks up the otherwise empty hall.

Line Your Bathroom and Shower Stall in Glass Block

Line Your Bathroom and Shower Stall in Glass Block
Contact Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes

If your bathroom feels dark or small, adding glass blocks to your walls and doors can make it feel more open. You can do this even if the glass joins another room.

The texture of the blocks maintains the room’s privacy while giving it a unique look. The shower surround also features glass blocks.

Construct a Bar Out of Glass Block

glass block bar
Chicago Glass Block

Need to construct a bar in a small room? Glass blocks are not only easy to work with, but since they’re clear, they don’t take up visual space.

You can construct a bar like this by combining individual pieces or finding a designer and ordering the bar at the size you need. Then, you can top it with your favorite countertop material.

Incorporate Colored Blocks into Your Design

Incorporate Colored Blocks into Your Design
Innovate Building Solutions

While many designs incorporate clear blocks, you can add different colors for visual interest or to coordinate with your space.

The blue blocks in this window match the blue tile in the bathroom. The only downside is that if you change your mind about the room design, you’ll be stuck with your colored windows.

Create a Unique Backsplash

Create a Unique Backsplash
Innovate Building Solutions

Glass blocks are thick and hard to break, making them an excellent backsplash material. A block backsplash works well with a modern or retro kitchen.

You can stick with transparent or work with other colors like the homeowners did in this design.

Add a Curved Glass Block Shower to a Rustic Bathroom

Add a Curved Glass Block Shower to a Rustic Bathroom
Advantage Contracting

When you think of rustic design, glass doesn’t come to mind. But these designers show how a glass block shower surround can add a modern touch to an otherwise earthy room.

Choose clear if you’re considering adding this feature to your shower. If you add a color, it can distract from other elements in the room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do you cover glass block windows?

You can cover glass block windows like any other type of window. If your window is large, consider hanging several curtain panels to cover it. You can also order custom blinds.

Do I need to cover glass block windows?

Unless you feel your glass block windows allow passersby to see into your home, you don’t need to cover them. They’re increasing in popularity as a modern design element, with most homeowners leaving them uncovered.

Can you put window film on glass block?

Add window film to your glass block if your windows don’t feel private. You’ll need to cut the film to fit the individual squares of the glass block.

Final Thoughts

Glass block isn’t just for windows. You can use it in partition walls, as a bar, for a shower surround, and even as a backsplash. Depending on the blocks you choose, they can look modern, high-end, or retro.

If you’re looking for the best glass block ideas, draw inspiration from these and then put a spin on your favorite designs.