8 Benefits of Opening Windows at Home

The benefits of opening windows at home range from circulating fresh air through your house to boosting your mood. Opening windows for as little as ten minutes per day is enough to reap the many benefits.

Benefits of Opening Windows at Home

Reasons to open your windows

Circulation of Fresh Air

Even the best HVAC systems and air purifiers don’t pull in air from the outside. Instead, they filter the same stale air over and over. If you want to increase air circulation in your home, open up your windows. Even a few minutes per day can have a significant impact.

Lower Utility Bills

Between spring and summer or fall and winter, when temperatures are pleasant, cut down on utility costs by allowing fresh air to fill your home. You can give your HVAC unit a break and count on moderate temps and fans to keep your home comfortable.

Lower Carbon Dioxide Levels for Better Sleep

Opening your windows lowers built-up carbon dioxide levels in the house, allowing you to get better rest. Studies suggest that low carbon dioxide levels paired with a cool room temperature can set humans up for sound sleep. Opening your window lets the cool night air inside, creating a sleep-friendly atmosphere.

A Boost in Mood

An open window provides access to vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is a critical vitamin that boosts health and mood. In addition to capturing some of the sun’s rays, opening windows increases oxygen levels in the home, leading to better breathing and a possible immunity boost.

Allow Pollutants to Escape

Whether from a home improvement project like painting the walls, epoxying the counters, or radon gas seeping from your foundation, opening the windows gives a space for pollutants to escape.

Open your windows for at least a few minutes per day when weather permits, and open them up during all home improvement projects or when working with chemical cleaners like bleach or ammonia.

Release Window Condensation

Interior window condensation can occur during winter when it’s cold outside and warm inside. When the two temperatures meet at the surface of the glass, condensation forms. If left untreated, the excess moisture will lead to mold, mildew, and wood rot.

A top way to handle window condensation is running a dehumidifier and monitoring indoor humidity levels. Another way to battle condensation is to open your windows and allow air to circulate. Doing so will release some condensation and give your window frames a chance to dry out.

Feng Shui Your House with Open Windows

While opening windows provides health, mood, and circulation benefits, it’s also part of the ancient practice of Feng Shui. Opening your windows for as little as ten minutes per day can remove stagnant energy from your home and invite “chi” inside.

Reduces Odors

Nobody likes a bad-smelling house. So whether you’re dealing with stinky laundry, burnt food, or a musty smell from the basement, opening your windows will help move the bad odor out of the air.