Where to Find a Skylight Contractor to Install Your Skylights

When it comes time to purchase and install a skylight, you may wonder who to call – a roofing company, a skylight contractor, or a window installer.

When incorrectly installed, skylights make your roof and home susceptible to leaks, water damage, rotting wood, and mold. To ensure your skylight doesn’t pose a problem, opt for professional installation services for an air-tight seal.

Where to Find a Skylight Contractor to Install Your Skylights

Who Installs Skylights?

Skylight contractors include roofers and window installation companies. You can check local roofing and window installation companies and review their list of services to see if they offer skylight installation. 

You can also find an installer through the skylight brand you chose. For example, Velux Skylights has a directory of certified installers. Another option is to purchase a skylight from a company that includes installation.

Skylight Installation Types

There are two primary types of skylights – curb-mounted and deck mounted. A deck-mounted skylight comes assembled and with necessary flashing. Installation includes placing the skylight in the roof cut-out.

Curb-mounted skylight installation is more complex, requiring skylight contractors to cut out a section of the roof and build a raised curb on which to sit the skylight. 

Skylight installation may also require an electrician if you choose an electric or remote-controlled model.

Average Price to Install a Skylight

The average price to install a skylight is $500, but costs can climb to over $4,000 depending on the complexity, size, and type of skylight. In addition to paying a skylight contractor or roofer for installation, you may need to hire an electrician and a drywaller to patch the ceiling that surrounds the new window.

The average cost of skylight material and installation ranges from $900 – $2,300.

Installing a skylight is not a DIY job. Installation requires preciseness or the skylight will leak, ruining your roof and the top floor of your home.

The Best Time to Install Skylights: Before or After a New Roof

If you’re getting a new roof, have your skylight installed at the same time as your roof. If you have the skylight installed after your new roof, you risk damaging some of the roofing material and voiding your warranty. Installing a skylight before is also a bad idea. The roofers may accidentally shift the skylight during roof installation, breaking the airtight seal and leading to leaks.

For homeowners with existing skylights, replace your skylight every time you get a new roof.