10 Arched Window Curtain Ideas for Every Style

It can be challenging to find arched window curtain ideas if you’ve never decorated these windows before. After all, they are much different than the standard double and single-hung varieties in most homes.

Arched Window Curtain Ideas
Arched Window Curtain Ideas

One of the best things about arched windows is that you can change how they look depending on where you place your curtain rod and the type of drapes you choose.

Check out these ten window covering and curtain rod ideas if you need inspiration.

Use a Curved Rod in the Arch

Use a Curved Rod in the Arch
Rachel Kate Design

A great way to highlight your arches is to place a curved curtain rod inside the window frame. Doing this exposes the trim around the window and highlights its unique shape.

You can add any curtains, but if you’re going for a dramatic look, make sure they kiss or pool on the floor.

Leave a High Arch Uncovered

Leave a High Arch Uncovered
Masterpiece Design Group

Consider leaving your arch uncovered if your walls are 12 feet or taller. You can still add window coverings on lower windows, but with the arch up high, nobody will be able to see into your home.

You can use a short curtain rod, as pictured, or run a long rod over both windows.

Hang Curtain Rods Over the Arch

Hang Curtain Rods Over the Arch
Thompson Custom Homes

A popular way to hang curtains over arched windows is to place the curtain rod a few inches over the top of the arch. Doing this allows you to use a standard, straight rod.

Make sure to account for the extra height and get long enough curtains to touch the floor.

Consider a Valance

Consider a Valance
SV Design

If you’re after a glam or Victorian look, skip the curtains and add a valance. You can place a half-round curtain rod in the frame and secure the valance to the rod.

Add window blinds or a rolling shade if you’re worried about privacy.

Place Your Curtain Rod at the Start of the Rectangle Windows

Place Your Curtain Rod at the Start of the Rectangle Windows
M/I Homes

Just because you have an arched window doesn’t mean it has to be covered. For a large arch that goes over a set of doors or multiple windows, consider placing your curtain rod straight, only over the rectangular windows.

Leaving the arch bare allows light to enter the room, and since it’s high up, onlookers won’t be able to see into your home.

Install Your Curtain Rod at Ceiling Height

Install Your Curtain Rod at Ceiling Height
MIKEN Builders, Inc

A room full of arched windows allows for a lot of natural light and gives a home a distinct look. But as nice as the windows are, choosing drapery can be difficult.

If you have windows like this, add your curtain rods at ceiling height. If you place them any lower, there will be an awkward space between the trim and ceiling.

Pick Your Own Curtain Rod Placement

Arched Window Curtain Ideas
Sebastian Construction Group

The best thing about design is that there are no rules. While you can use the arched window curtain ideas for inspiration, you can also come up with your own solution.

In this bathroom, the homeowners placed a straight curtain rod ⅔ up the window. The result is a soft look that fits the room well.

Make it Easy to Cover Your Arched Windows with a Traverse Rod

Make it Easy to Cover Your Arched Windows with a Traverse Rod
Lafia/Arvin, A Design Corporation

Traverse rods work on a pulley system. The curtains attach to the rod via clips, and a cord pulls the curtains open and shut. 

If you have a room full of arched windows, consider hanging a traverse rod around them all. Then, you can pull the cord to uncover (or cover) the windows daily.

Soften a Large Arched Window with Swooping Drapes

Soften a Large Arched Window with Swooping Drapes
Gailani Designs Inc.

A tall wall full of windows and doors is hard to cover. One option is to hang curtains only on the lower windows. A second option is to use a swooping drape.

While this soft drape doesn’t add much privacy, it frames the windows for a dramatic effect. If you’d like privacy, consider using this style with a set of light curtains or blinds over the glass doors.

Keep the Room Bright with Sheer White Curtains

Keep the Room Bright with Sheer White Curtains
Ally Whalen Design

Go with simple white curtains if you’re after a classic style that matches almost any decor. A white curtain over your arched window brightens the room making it look clean and fresh.

Consider placing a set of blinds or woven shades under the curtains to add more texture.

What are the Best Curtain Rods for Arched Windows?

Finding curtain rods for arched windows is more complicated than choosing curtains. You can use many types of rods depending on the look you want.

Straight rods – You can use a standard straight rod overtop of any arched window or by placing them underneath the arch. 

Arched curtain rods – These can attach in or outside the window frame. They’re great at highlighting the shape of the windows. 

You can find half-moon arched curtain rods at Amazon, Wayfair, and major home improvement stores. For large arched windows, you’ll need to special order curtain rods.

Traverse rods – Traverse rods work on a pulley system, allowing you to open and close your curtains via a cord. You can find traverse rods in straight or curved versions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What kinds of curtains for a half-moon window?

If you have a small half-moon window, consider a blind rather than a curtain. If your half-moon window sits atop a rectangle window, you can use a standard drape and curtain rod placed above the arch.

Can you put black-out curtains over an arched window?

You can put any drapes over an arched window, including black-out curtains.

Do you use regular curtains for arched windows?

You can use regular curtains for arched windows. But if you’re using an arched curtain rod, ensure the curtains will be long enough to kiss the floor. 

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to style your arched window. You can place curtain rods at the ceiling, above the arch, or below the arch depending on your preferred look. You can even use half-moon curtain rods to accent the arches in your home.

Experiment with different looks until you find the best one for your home and style.