10 Stunning Arched Window Blinds for Your Home

Even though arched windows are less common than standard rectangle-shaped windows, there’s no shortage of arched window blinds. 

No matter your style or preferences, you can find arched blinds to fit your room. They come in many functionalities allowing you to open them with a chord, a twist of a handle, or via remote control. Some don’t open, though, which can be a good choice for high-up windows.

Arched window blinds

If you’re unsure what type of blinds to get, use these ideas as inspiration. 

Cover Your Window with Arched Plantation Shutters

Cover Your Window with Arched Plantation Shutters
Austin Window Fashions

Wooden plantation shutters are good choices for rustic and traditional homes. They have hinges in the middle, allowing you to open them from the side. They also have slats like Venetian blinds that open and close with a handle or cord.

Wooden plantation shutters are more expensive than other ideas on this list. But they’re long-lasting and have a timeless style.

Add Texture with a Woven Shade

Add Texture with a Woven Shade

Woven shades fit many designs, including boho, rustic, modern, and traditional, depending on how you style the rest of the room.

There are many variations of this type of arched window shade. Some open and close with a drawstring, while others roll up via a hand crank.

Brighten with White

Brighten with White
Abda Custom Window Fashions

You can’t go wrong with all-white blinds if you want to brighten the room. For high-up windows, go with fixed blinds that remain closed. For windows that are lower on the wall, pick something functional.

You can find basic white blinds in stock size. If your window isn’t a standard size, you’ll need to do a custom order.

Try Arch Window Blinds that Open and Shut

Try Arch Window Blinds that Open and Shut
Summerour Architects

If you have custom arch windows in your bedroom, finding blinds that open and shut is essential. After all, you need to filter light out when you’re sleeping.

These custom plantation shutters give the windows a high-end look and are easy to open.

Match the Interior with a Colored Roman Shade

Match the Interior with a Colored Roman Shade
Top Drawer Interiors

Roman shades are inexpensive arch window covering solutions. You can find them in many patterns or get them in a solid color.

You can coordinate these window coverings to match any room in your house. 

Block out Light with Window Shutters and Shades

Block out Light with Window Shutters and Shades
Windows Dressed Up

Is a dark bedroom important to you? Then opt for two forms of window coverings.

In this bedroom, the homeowner installed pull-down shades over the rectangular portion of the window and then covered everything with a plantation shutter. Doing this allows for a lot of privacy.

Add Drama with Dark Shutters and Drapery Curtains

Add Drama with Dark Shutters and Drapery Curtains
Stocks Draperies

Large arched windows add interesting detail to houses. You can turn the windows into the room’s focal point using shutters and drapes.

In this room, the shutters do the practical work of blocking light while the curtains add dramatic effect. Since the curtain spans the ceiling, you can pull these drapes over the shutters for a blackout effect.

Use a Patterned Roller Shade

Use a Patterned Roller Shade
Charlie Barnett Associates

Consider roller shades if you’re looking for something easy on the eyes and budget. They come in many materials and designs.

You can order a custom arched window roller shade and add the same material to other windows in the room.

Add a Motorized Shade to Your Arched Window

Add a Motorized Shade to Your Arched Window
L & L Window Fashions

While not as common as standard blinds, motorized shades allow you to open and close them via a remote or smartphone app. These are great if you’re the type who likes to lounge in bed each morning.

You can get motorized shades in many colors, patterns, and sizes for arched and regular windows.

Design with Accordion Blinds

Arched window blinds

Accordion-style blinds are an inexpensive option. But even though they’re cheap, it doesn’t mean they lack style.

These blinds highlight the windows, adding texture and a neutral color to the room. You can order these in any color to complement your space.

How Do You Measure for Arched Window Blinds

How you measure for arched window blinds depends on the type of blinds you’ll purchase and the type of arch. 

For example, if your window is a perfect arch – where the height is half the width – you only need two measurements: the width at the widest part of the bottom and the window’s height at the center. You can use the same strategy for a palladian arch.

But depending on the mounting method, you may need to add a couple of inches to the measurement. 

Since exact measurements depend on the type of arch you have and the window coverings you choose, it’s crucial to follow measuring instructions from the manufacturer.

Top Places to Purchase Arched Window Blinds

It’s a little tougher to find arched window blinds than standard rectangle blinds. But there are plenty of places to get them.

  • Blinds.com sells blinds, shades, and shutters with many options in each category. They can custom-make blinds for your arched windows, regardless of their size.
  • American Blinds have cellular arches and wood arches that they custom make. The cellular arches come in multiple colors and patterns.
  • Amazon has many types of arched paper blinds. These are a good choice if you’re looking for something inexpensive that doesn’t open or close.
  • Home Depot has inexpensive options like cellular and fabric blinds for arched windows.
  • Sunburst Shutters manufactures plantation shutters for arched windows. They have many colors, styles, and louver sizes to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do you install blinds on arched windows?

There’s no standard way to install blinds on arched windows. Some, like paper blinds, sit in the arch. Others, like shutters, have hinges you install in or outside the window frame, depending on the type.

Can you install regular blinds on an arched window?

It’s hard to install regular, rectangle blinds on an arched window. You can install them slightly below the arch, but they won’t cover the entire window. 

What’s the best arched window blind?

The best arched window blind depends on your needs. The longest-lasting option is plantation shutters – but they come with a significant upfront cost. Instead, consider an inexpensive cellular shade if you want something simple to block light.

Final Thoughts

Arched windows make a statement, but their shape makes them more challenging to cover. The good news is there’s no shortage of arched window blind options. If you want to make a dramatic statement, consider wood plantation shutters. If you’re looking for something easy to open, go with a motorized shade.

There are so many varieties, colors, and patterns, that you can find something to match your home’s unique style.