Garage Windows Guide: What Type is the Best Fit?

Garage windows allow for natural light and add ventilation to your space. The type of windows you need depends on personal preferences and whether your garage is heated.

Here’s a look at the most common styles of garage windows and how you can determine what customizations you need.

The Most Common Types of Garage Windows

The Most Common Types of Garage Windows

The most common types of garage windows open. These styles include double or single-hung, sliding, awning, and casement. Here’s how each works.

Double and Single Hung

If you picture a standard house window, a double or single-hung version comes to mind. These windows are tall rectangles and feature two sashes. You can push the bottom sash up in a single-hung window. In a double-hung window, both sashes open and often tilt in for easy cleaning.

These are the most common type of windows for a garage.

The price for each depends on size, frame material, and the glass package. Average sizes of double and single-hung windows range from 24-48 inches wide and 36-72 inches tall. 

A standard single-hung window costs $275-$600 per window, and a standard double-hung costs $200-$1,200 per window.


Awning windows feature a hinge at the top and open through a hand crank. These are a top choice if you like to keep your windows open during the rain or snow. Since they extend outward, they act like an awning, preventing water from entering the garage.

You can find awning windows in many sizes, but a standard size varies from 18 to 48 inches wide and 12 to 48 inches tall. The average cost of an awning window ranges from $300 to $1,000.


Casement windows are tall rectangles, similar to double-hung styles. But rather than opening upward, they are hinged and open outward and toward one side.

Casement windows are easy to operate and can give your garage a more decorative look, depending on the frame material and casing. These windows come in average sizes of 17 to 59 inches wide and 17 to 63 inches tall. Typical costs range from $250 – $650 per window.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are wider than they are tall. They look like a double-hung window flipped on their side and have two sashes; depending on the type, one or both sashes may open.

These are excellent for walls with insufficient space for a tall window.

Sliding windows come in many sizes but average 36 to 84 inches wide and 24 to 60 inches tall. Typical costs range from $150 to $800 per window.

Frame and Glass Package: Deciding What You Need

Aside from choosing a window style, you’ll need to select a frame material and glass package. Both of these will affect the overall cost of your windows.

In general, the least expensive garage windows feature a vinyl frame and double-pane glass with no gas fillings. But don’t be fooled – just because vinyl is the cheapest doesn’t make it a bad choice. While quality will vary by manufacturer, many of today’s vinyl frames insulate well, are low maintenance, and can withstand temperature fluctuations.

The most expensive windows will feature fiberglass or wood frames with triple pane glass, Low-E coatings, and an argon gas filling.

The most common window frame choices include:

Read more about the pros and cons of each material with estimated prices.

Standard glass packages include double-pane glass with no insulative gas fillings. If you have a heated garage and want to increase your windows’ energy efficiency, consider thermal glass with a Low-E coating and argon gas.

Replacement Garage Windows

You can replace your garage windows with the same style you have or choose a new style if it fits the existing frame. If you want to add a new window to your garage, you’ll need to pay for framing and the cost of the window plus installation.

You can buy in-stock replacement windows from major home improvement stores or custom order from one of the top window brands.

Examples of Garage Window Designs

Windows last an excess of 20 years, so choosing the right ones is important. Here are some examples of garage window designs.

Detached Garage with Double-Hung and Transom Windows

Garage with Double-Hung and Transom Windows
Uccello Development, LLC

To maximize natural light, combine transom windows with another style. 

In this garage, the tall rectangle windows are double or single-hung. They open to allow for ventilation. The small windows on top are transom windows – they allow more light in the building and act as a decorative element.

Farmhouse Garage with Double-Hung and Sliding Windows

Garage with Double-Hung and Sliding Windows
Tommy Daspit Photographer

The designer installed double-hung windows on the main floor of this garage. In the upper dormer are small sliding windows.

When choosing windows for your garage, it’s okay to go with more than one style if the materials work together.

Garage Door Lined with Awning Windows

Garage Door Lined with Awning Windows

If you’re considering garage door windows, awning style works well. These windows open up and out, allowing for fresh air even when it’s raining.

But if you install these windows, make sure to close them before opening the garage door.