What is a Double-Hung Window?

Double-hung windows are a common fixture in most homes. They are a top pick if you want a simple window that’s easy to clean, allows plenty of airflow, and offers a classic look.

Double Hung Window

These windows are a standard rectangle shape and have two operable sashes. The top sash pulls down, and the bottom sash pushes up for maximum ventilation. Some versions have a tilt-in feature that lets you wash the outside glass panels from inside the home.

If you’re purchasing or replacing a double-hung window, here’s what you need to know about cost, features, and benefits.

What are the Standard Double Hung Window Sizes?

Double-hung windows come in a variety of sizes. You can purchase a double-hung window in one of the following six widths: 24, 28, 32, 40, 44, and 48 inches. The standard heights of a double-hung window include 36, 44, 48, 52, 54, 60, 62, and 72 inches.

What’s the Average Replacement Cost of a Double-Hung Window?

The average cost to replace a double-hung window is $600, including material and installation. But, depending on the size and features of the window, prices range from $200- $1,200.

Double Hung Window Prices by Brands

The price of double-hung windows will vary based on the manufacturer. Here’s a look at the cost of a 24” x 36” double-hung, double pane vinyl replacement window from three popular brands.

American Craftsman$199

Double-Hung Windows: Features to Look For

While double-hung windows are a standard in homes across the country, they’re not all equal.

Here are features to consider if you’re shopping for windows:

  • Frame Material – Double-hung windows come in four main frame types, including aluminum, vinyl, wood, and composite material.
  • Glass – The more glass panes a window has, the more energy-efficient it will be. If you want maximum efficiency, look for a window with 2-3 glass panes and an Argon treatment between sections.
  • Tilt – Not all double-hung windows tilt in, so if you want easy cleanability, you must look for this feature.
  • Grids and Screens – Grids in a window will affect its appearance. You can choose from a variety of grid or screen options.
  • Colors and Hardware – Aside from frame material, you can select the frame color to coordinate with your home. On some windows, you can pick hardware options.

How Do You Open a Double-Hung Window?

Double-hung windows have two sashes that open. You open the bottom sash by sliding it upward and the top sash by sliding it downward.

If you can’t get your window to open, its tracks may be full of dirt or grime. Clean the tracks and try opening the window again. Also, be sure the window is unlocked before you open it.

How Do You Tilt a Double-Hung Window for Cleaning?

If you have double-hung windows that tilt in for cleaning, here’s how to make them tilt:

  • Unlock the window
  • Open the bottom sash a couple of inches
  • Find the latches or buttons on the top of the sash (near the lock)
  • Press the latches and gently pull the window toward you
  • The window should unlatch and tilt inward
  • With the bottom sash open, pull your top sash a couple of inches down
  • Find the latches, press them and release the window
  • Clean the windows and then put them back in place

Avoid holding the windows at 90-degree angles while cleaning them, or you may cause the sash to pop out of the track.

The directions can vary depending on the manufacturer. So if these instructions don’t work for you, visit the website of your window manufacturer.

Do All Double-Hung Windows Tilt Inward?

No, all double-hung windows do not tilt inward for cleaning purposes. If you’re unsure of your windows, look for latches or buttons near the top of the sash. If you don’t find any, your window probably doesn’t tilt.

Are Double Hung Windows Better than Single Hung Windows?

Double Hung Windows Better than Single Hung Windows

If you’re deciding between a double and single-hung window, both have pros and cons. Double-hung windows allow for more ventilation and are easier to clean.

Single-hung windows have one operable sash, so they’re more air-tight, secure, and less expensive.

Are Double Hung Windows Better than Casement Windows?

Double-Hung Vs. Casement Windows

If you’re looking to purchase a window that offers a lot of ventilation, double-hung and casement windows are good choices.

A casement window has hinges on one side and a crank, often located at the bottom of the window. When you turn the crank, the window opens outwardly toward one side, depending on the hinge placement. Some casement windows don’t have a crank and instead have handles you push to open the window.

Double-hung windows have two sashes that both open. The double opening allows for a lot of ventilation, similar to a casement window. But, since casement windows have weather-proof stripping around their perimeter, they’re much more airtight when shut.

Even though casement windows offer a unique design and energy efficiency, they aren’t always practical – especially if there’s a structure outside that blocks them from fully opening. Casement windows are also more expensive than double-hung windows. And if you have a window air conditioner, you won’t be able to situate it in a casement window.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Why would you want a double-hung window?

The biggest reason to choose a double-hung over a single-hung window is that they can tilt in, allowing you to clean them from inside your home. But since not all double-hung windows have this feature, you need to look for it when purchasing windows.

Are double-hung windows more energy-efficient than single-hung windows?

While double-hung windows have some great selling points, they are not more energy-efficient than single-hung windows. Since single-hung windows only open from the bottom, the top sash has a tight seal, making it less prone to leak air.

What is a twin double-hung window?

A twin double-hung window is two double-hung windows side by side. Some homeowners prefer the look and function of two double-hung windows versus one giant picture window.

Can a vinyl window be double-hung?

Double-hung vinyl windows are standard. You can also get double-hung windows in a wood, composite, or aluminum frame.

Can you install a double-hung window horizontally?

While you can install a double-hung window horizontally, doing so may cause leaks. When you install them vertically, double-hung windows will support the weight of glass and resist water build-up around the frame – there’s no guarantee of this if you install theme horizontally. Plus, improper installation will void your warranty. You’re better off purchasing a horizontal sliding window.

Final Thoughts

Double-hung windows are among the most common in homes across the country. They come in many sizes and variations. The average price to replace a double-hung window is $600, but depending on size and features, the cost can range from $200 to $1,200.

Double-hung windows are a great choice if you want a window you can clean from inside the home. These windows allow more ventilation than a single-hung window, but because both sashes open, they’re more prone to damage.