Andersen Windows: Prices, Types, and Important Info

Andersen Windows is one of the top window manufacturers in the country. In addition to the five types of Andersen window lines they offer, this company also owns Renewal by Andersen and manufactures American Craftsman windows.

Andersen Windows

Andersen carries many types of frame materials but doesn’t offer solid vinyl. If you’re ready to replace your windows, here’s what you can get from Andersen.

Types of Andersen Windows

Rather than selling directly to consumers, Andersen sells through third parties, including local pros, retailers, and the Home Depot. Because of this, costs vary depending on where you live.

The prices below will give you an idea of what to expect from each window line. The numbers on the lower end represent standard-size windows with little customizations, while the prices on the higher end represent large windows with customizations.

1. Andersen 100 Series (Fibrex Frame)

Price range: $349-$1,570

The Andersen 100 Series features a Fibrex frame. Fibrex is a composite material made of wood fibers and thermoplastic polymer. It’s twice as strong as vinyl, insulates well, and allows for a thin, low-profile frame.

There are a few interior and exterior frame color options depending on the style of the window. All Andersen 100 Series windows have at least four color options: black, white, dark bronze, and sandtone.

Types of windows in this line:

  • Single-hung
  • Casement
  • Gliding window
  • Awning
  • Picture window
  • Specialty windows

You can find some Andersen 100 Series windows available at the Home Depot. For price reference, they have a 30” x 54” single hung 100 series window in white for $349.

2. Andersen 200 Series (Wood with a Vinyl Exterior)

Price range: $289-$2,330

If you want a maintenance-free exterior and a wood interior, the Andersen 200 series is the right choice. These windows feature a pine frame with the exterior wrapped in vinyl.

The downside to the 200 series is there aren’t many exterior color choices. Exterior frames can be white or sandstone, and the interior options are unfinished pine or white.

Types of windows in this line:

  • Double-hung
  • Gliding window
  • Picture window

These windows are a great bang-for-the-buck. You can find some options at Home Depot. For example, a 200 series double-hung window in a white frame measuring 27.5″ x 41.5″ costs only $289.

3. Andersen 400 Series (Wood with Vinyl Exterior – Most Popular Window)

Price range: $570-$2,700

The 400 Series is Andersen’s most popular window. It features a wood frame with a vinyl exterior and offers many customizations. 

The 400 Series offers seven exterior color options, including white, sandtone, canvas, terratone, forest green, dark bronze, and black. In addition, there are three interior colors: white, black, dark bronze, and pine.

You can customize all the windows in these series by choosing the size, colors, hardware, and glass specifications. The 400 Series also includes the popular double-hung tilt-in window that allows easy cleaning.

Types of windows in this line:

  • Awning
  • Bay and Bow 
  • Casement
  • Double-hung
  • Gliding
  • Picture
  • Specialty

The Home Depot carries some stock 400 Series windows. They offer a double-hung 25.625″ x 40.875″ option with a white frame and unfinished wood interior for $572.

4. Andersen E-Series (Wood Frame, Aluminum Clad Exterior)

Price range: $1,400 – $3,300

E-Series by Andersen is a premium window line featuring a wood frame and aluminum-clad exterior. These windows don’t come in stock. Instead, all are custom-made.

You can choose from over 50 exterior frame colors, more than a dozen interior colors, ten hardware options, grille customizations, and more. 

Types of windows in this line:

  • Bay and bow windows
  • Awning
  • Casement
  • French Casement
  • Double hung
  • Gliding
  • Picture
  • Specialty shapes

Andersen also offers patio doors in the E-Series line.

5. Andersen A-Series (Wood with Fiberglass or Composite Cladding)

Price range: $1,550 – $3,330

The A-Series is Andersen’s architectural line featuring a variety of wood species and a composite or fiberglass exterior. These windows work for hurricane-prone areas and coastal towns, standing up to sea air and high winds.

The A-Series is a custom window with dozens of interior and exterior color options. You can choose hardware, grille style, and a triple pane glass option.

Types of windows in this line:

What is Renewal by Andersen?

Renewal by Andersen is a division of the company that offers replacement windows. They come to your house, measure, order, and install windows for you. Andersen Windows, on the other hand, sells a variety of windows through third-party retailers and contractors.

Another difference? Renewal by Andersen only offers composite Fibrex windows. Andersen offers five window lines with varying frame materials.

What Type of Window Glass Does Andersen Windows Offer?

All Andersen windows come with standard Low-E/Low-E 4 glass. Low-E 4 glass is appropriate for all climates, keeping warmth inside during the winter and reflecting the sun in the summer. Depending on where you live, you can customize glass options to include SmartSun, Sun Glass, or Passive Sun Glass.

Dual pane glass is available in most situations as long as it meets building codes. Triple pane glass is only available in E-Series and A-Series products.

What is Andersen Windows’ Warranty?

Andersen offers limited lifetime warranties on most of their products. The warranty covers glass for 20 years, non-glass components for ten years, and installation for two years if performed by an Independent Certified Contractor.

Andersen vs. Pella Windows: Which is Better?

Andersen vs. Pella Windows: Which is Better

Andersen and Pella are both quality window companies with different offerings. For example, Andersen doesn’t offer any all-vinyl windows, while Pella offers several types.

Andersen’s most popular window is the 400 series, featuring a wood frame and vinyl-clad exterior. Andersen also offers a composite, aluminum-clad, and fiberglass-clad window. Pella offers vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum-clad wood frames.

Depending on the window type, Pella’s prices are less than Andersen’s. If you can’t decide between the two, get a quote from both and check reviews from your local dealers and installers before making a decision.

What are Some Alternatives to Andersen Windows?

Anytime you’re in the market for windows, it’s a good idea to check around with multiple suppliers. If you’re looking for alternatives to Andersen windows, these are comparable companies:

Can You Paint Andersen Windows?

The most popular Andersen window is the wood frame with vinyl cladding on the exterior. While you can easily paint and repaint the wood interior, trying to paint the vinyl exterior comes with considerable risk.

Vinyl does not take paint well. If you decide to paint the frames, you risk the paint peeling and cracking over time. So, if you take on this project, make sure you do the necessary prep work and use high-quality exterior paint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How much is Andersen's window installation?

The window installation cost will vary by region and contractor, but you can expect to pay $100-$300 per window installed.

What is the price of an Andersen 400 Series double-hung window?

Andersen double-hung 400 series windows cost about $600, give or take, depending on window size and customizations.

What’s the price of an Andersen 200 Series double-hung window?

Andersen 200 series double-hung windows start at around $259 but can cost more depending on window size and customizations.

How much is an Andersen bay window?

You can expect an Andersen 400 series bay window to cost from $2,000 – $2,500, but this price will adjust depending on size and customizations.

Are Andersen windows expensive?

Andersen offers five lines of windows with varying costs. The A-Series and E-Series windows are custom and expensive. But, the 100, 200, and 400 series are more affordable, with some windows starting as low as $289.

Can broken glass in Andersen windows be replaced?

You can replace broken glass in Andersen windows by replacing the sash. You can search for replacement parts on the Andersen website.

Can Andersen seals be repaired?

You cannot reseal glass windows featuring double or triple panes. Instead, you have to replace the sash. Most Andersen windows offer a 20-year warranty on their glass, so if yours is under warranty, you may be able to get a replacement sash for free. If not, you can order one.

Where to buy Andersen windows online?

The only place you can purchase Andersen windows online is Home Depot.

Do Andersen windows have tempered glass?

Andersen windows don’t have tempered glass by default, but it’s available for all their products and comes standard on patio doors.

Final Thoughts

Andersen is a quality window manufacturer and one of the top window brands. They have five main types of windows, each with different materials or designs. The most popular window offered by Andersen is their 400 series. These windows feature a wood frame with a vinyl-clad exterior.

The two higher-end lines at Andersen are their A-Series and E-Series. You can make many customizations to these windows and choose from dozens of interior and exterior color options, plus triple pane glass.