15 Window Sill Decorations to Dress Up Your Space

Window sills are one of those places you can start decorating. There are so many wonderful, adorable ways to decorate them.


Known as parts of the standard windows, the window sill is the best part to decorate. 

What is a Window Sill?

A window sill is a shelf-like piece at the base of the window and is known as a window ledge or window bottom. Window sills add functionality to the window and can be a focal point.

From structural integrity to decorative space, window sills provide a variety of functionality and services to almost any type of window.

Window Sill Planter

Whether inside or outside, it’s an excellent place to have a window sill planter. You can bring the rooms in your house alive with living house plants and cactuses. 

Some window sill planters can attach right to the outside of your house. Or you can buy slim-shaped planters that fit perfectly in the window.

Window Sill Shelf

From storing books to house plants, window sill shelves are fantastic for maximizing the space in your home. You can turn a simple sill into a workspace, sitting area, or convenience table with a window shelf. You could also create hanging shelves that suspend in the window or create a lounge space for your cat.

How to Install a Window Sill

Window sills are an integral part of interior design, and a professionally executed sill installation can create a classy finish. A window sill consists of two parts – the shelf at the base of the window and the stool underneath the shelf.

  1. First, mark a ¾ inch reveal mark on the window jambs
  2. Then, using a scrap piece of trim, hold the trim up to your marks and draw a reference line on each side of the window.
  3. Determine your sill overhang – typically ¾ inches.
  4. Next, cut the window sill stool to length.
  5. Trim the stool and set it in place so it’s snug tight to the window and facing walls.
  6. Attach the shelf with finishing nails.
  7. Then, secure the side window trim.

Adding window sills can create a customized and stylish look.

Window Sill Extender

If you want a bigger sill, consider a window sill extender. From glass and plastic shelves that suction to the window to shelves that secure to the wall, there are window sill extenders for every need and style, including:

  • Granite – Commonly found in kitchen and dining room windows.
  • Marble – It’s great for just about any window in the house.
  • Wooden – This is more common in homes as it works for sill extensions and replacements.
  • Stone – Primarily used outdoors because it is stylish and weather resistant.
  • PVC – Great for outdoors because it’s weather resistant.
  • Brick – Also commonly found on the exterior of the home.
  • Tiled – These make for stylish sills and are excellent in most rooms in the house.

Window Sill Decor

Transform your window sill with a dose of creativity to design an eye-catching focal point. A few decoration ideas include:

  • A window seat
  • Cacti display
  • Worksurface
  • Collectibles
  • Planters
  • Seasonal decor
  • Toy display
  • Tree branches

Consider utilizing your window sill to maximize the space in your home.

The Best Window Sill Decorations

Don’t overlook your window sill. Use these creative ideas to add style to this small space. 

1. Design A Reading Nook

Design A Reading Nook

Are the ledges of your window sill wide enough to hold a book? If so, you’ve got a perfect place to create a small, adorable reading nook.

Add pillows for comfort and ease, and maybe even light for some evening skimming. This is such a relaxed, romantic way to dress up a larger window and, of course, a prize for the avid reader and lover of the written word.

2. Create A Tiny Window Sill Garden

Create A Tiny Window Sill Garden

Showcase your green thumb with beautiful, small plants in different types of canisters. Tea cans, mason jars, glass bottles, or even some old-fashioned pots … there are so many possibilities. Add pretty, delicate, bright flowers or even some kitchen herbs to create an organic, natural beauty spot for your home.

3. Place Items To Make An Artsy Collection

Store Your Children’s Toys in A Unique Way

Maybe you can’t decide what to make your window sill become. Maybe you’ve got a lot of nick-knacks that have gone unused. Create something eclectic and interesting by adding it all together and forming a mish-mash of beautiful, wonderful things that represent you.

4. Use Candles To Add Instant Romance

Use Candles To Add Instant Romance

Your sills become instantly more romantic by adding some candles … and lighting them in the evening hours. More light will come through, and the glow will be perfect for a relaxing evening or rainy day.

5. Make Your Window Sill A Sitting Area

Make Your Window Sill A Sitting Area

If you have the room, or even if you create the room …. make your window a place to take a load off and have a seat. Add a bench or add a pillow (if your ledge is big enough), the natural light and view are always better than staring at the TV screen or wall.

6. Transform Your Window Sill Into Additional Storage

Transform Your Window Sill Into Additional Storage

If you’ve got an unused sill in your craft room or home office, use it as storage. Don’t let the space go to waste. Add folders, boxes, or jars of “stuff” to dress up the window and utilize the room for your own sanity and organization.

7. Set Up Your Holiday Décor

Set Up Your Holiday Décor

Over the years, it can be very easy to accumulate more holiday décor than you have space to display. Start using your window sills to place additional holiday décor like a mini-Christmas tree, a nativity scene, or maybe even decorative gifts.

You can follow this example featured in Better Homes and Gardens, but don’t limit yourself to just Christmas décor. Your sill can be a set up for pumpkins at Halloween and a flag display for the 4th of July.

8. Display Tasty Fruit

Display Tasty Fruit

If the window you are decorating is in the kitchen, you can use tasty fruit to spruce it up. The sill is actually the perfect place to store your fruit bowl where it is out of your way but still easily accessible when you want a snack.

You could also line similar fruits like apples or melons on your sill like they did in this example on Elle Décor. Just be careful not to place fruit that spoils quickly in a window that gets lots of sun all day long.

9. Extend Your Window Sill Into Work Space

Extend Your Window Sill Into Work Space

Do you wish that you had space for a desk but your apartment is just too small? You can use several different methods outlined on Apartment Therapy to extend your sill into workable space.

Keep this desk space looking nice by adding a decorative pen cup, a few books, and maybe even a paperweight. This way your window will look beautifully decorated while also becoming a useable space for you to work on your next project.

10. Store Your Children’s Toys in A Unique Way

Store Your Children’s Toys in A Unique Way

The sill in your child’s room is the perfect display for their favorite toys. And it doesn’t matter what toys they have or like, just place them artfully along the window to spruce it up.

This works especially well if your child has a favorite collection of toys they don’t play with often or toys that don’t quite fit into a drawer. For a better idea of how best to display your children’s toys on a window sill check out this article on Kid Space Stuff.

11. Family Photo Gallery Window Sill

Family Photo Gallery Window Sill

This next décor idea is for those who have been struggling to find wall space for all your framed photographs. Have you thought about using your window sill instead?

The window is the perfect place to arrange a few different framed photographs of varying sizes. And you can always add more later on as your photo collection grows.

12. Exhibit Your Modern Art

Exhibit Your Modern Art

The window in your home is an ideal place to store your modern art and sculptures. This way they won’t take up room on your table or desk, and can still be seen and enjoyed by all.

If you aren’t sure how best to display your modern art, you can reference this article on Architectural Digest.

Don’t be afraid to mix your modern art with other ideas on this list, like a few books, a plant, or even a couple of decorative candles.

13.  A Place For Your Pets

A Place For Your Pets

If you have pet birds at home, you know how difficult it can be to find a place to put their cage where it is both accessible and out of the way. But a birdcage can be an amazing way to spruce up a window sill while allowing your birds access to lots of sunlight.

Check out this example of a window sill décor birdcage display on Maguire Farm for more ideas on how to place your birdcage. And for those who don’t have birds, you can always pick up a decorative birdcage at a second hand or craft store and display that in your window in place of live pets.

14. Put Your Small Lamp On The Window Sill

Put Your Small Lamp On The Window Sill

Tableside lamps are very useful in the darker hours of the day when you are trying to read. But they can be very cumbersome when taking up space on your table. Rather than placing them on a table or shelf that can be used for other items, consider placing them on the window sill.

This will also make it easy to close the shades and turn on the lamp simultaneously. For ideas on the type of lamps that will look best as your window decor.

15. Use Your Window Sill As A Bookcase

Use Your Window Sill As A Bookcase

Are you a bibliophile? Then you probably have way too many books for your bookcase. Use your window sill as a place to store your books where they will both be out of the way and look decorative.

This is another idea that pairs well with others on this list, such as a decorative plant or lamp. But it’s probably best for those with a lot of books to use the whole sill as a display like they did in Middle Web.

How to Clean Window Sills

Window sills are unintentionally neglected because you’re probably focused on having a clean window. However, keeping your window sills clean makes them worthy of the glass they support. 

Clean your window sills in a few easy steps:

  1. First, wipe the sills with a dry microfiber cloth to remove all dust and particles. 
  2. Then, mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water into a spray bottle.
  3. Spray your cloth until it’s damp.
  4. Next, gently wipe the window sill.
  5. Once it’s clean, use a dry cloth to dry the sill and frame. 

Now that your window sills are clean, you can easily maintain them with weekly dusting added to your cleaning routine.

Window Sill Protector

Whether you’re protecting your window sills from pets or simply preserving them, it’s a good idea to use quality materials for the best protection.

Window sill protectors are primarily made from plastic or mixed materials that are durable and efficient. Most times, you won’t have to change or replace the protector for years. 

If you need to protect your window sills, here are the things to look for:

  • A solution that’s thick and durable
  • A protector that’s the right size, length and width.
  • Something that’s easy to apply.
  • And a material that matches your style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Long Should Curtain Hang Below Window Sill

You want your window to look fancy and attractive to add beauty to the house. So, ideally, your curtains should 3 inches below the window sill. And anywhere from 4 to 6 inches above the top of the window.

How to Trim a Window Sill

Trimming the window sill can restyle the window and room of your home. If you want to trim or replace your window sill, you can follow these steps:

Cut the caulk where it seals the sill to the window, wall, and trim.
Then, gently pry the side window trim and the sill using a pry bar.
Using the old window sill, resize and shape the new window sill.
Next, cut the outline of your new sill.
And finally, tap the new sill into place with a rubber mallet, reinstall the trim, nail it down to secure it, and recaulk the seams, corners, and cracks.

How to Prevent Mold on Window Sills

Nothing is alarming and unappealing like a moldy surface. You definitely don’t want mold on your window sills. But preventing mold varies on conditions like humidity, temperature, airflow, and cleanliness.

Ideally, you can prevent mold on your window sills by:

Use a dehumidifier if you live in a humid environment.
Keep the temperature in your home above 70 degrees.
Maintain positive airflow.
Regularly clean your window sills.
Use mildew and mold-resistant paint.

How to Remove Mold From Window Sills

If it’s too late and there’s mold on your window sills, you can clean it off with a bleach and water solution. Mix one part bleach to five parts water. And with a non-abrasive brush, dip it in the bleach solution and begin scrubbing the mold off the sill. Once you’ve cleaned off the mold, wipe the sill with a dry cloth.

How to Fix a Rotted Window Sill

If more than 10 percent of the window sill is rotten, you’ll want to cut it off and replace it.

To begin, you’ll need to remove window side casings.
Then, go ahead and saw off the old sill.
Apply epoxy to any small rotted spots and line the area with waterproof adhesive.
Press the new sill into place and secure it with screws.
Then, put the side castings back in place and hide the screw heads with an acrylic adhesive in the color to match the sill.

No matter how you decide to decorate your empty window sill, you can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list.