Placing a Bed Against a Window and How to Make It Work

The rules for bed placement in a room according to feng shui design do not consider placing the bed against the window as auspicious or beneficial.

Placing a Bed Against a Window and How to Make It Work
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Many feng shui designers avoid the bed under the window at all costs as the energy flowing into the room causes restless sleep. Even traditional designers discourage the positioning of a bed in front of the windows.

But there are times when this placement is the one that works best. Consider all the ideas surrounding this particular bed and window pairing, and why it may or may not work for you.

The Bed Against the Window: Why or Why Not?

There are definite reasons that people do not prefer to have their beds positioned in front of a window. However, this placement also has some enthusiastic fans.

Bed Against the Window
Rethink Design Studio

Cons of Having Your Bed Against a Window

  • When you place a bed next to the window it blocks the outdoor view.
  • Having a bed near the window can feel less private and noisier as you are subject to all the curious passersby. This is most true when your bedroom is on the ground floor.
  • It can make you feel more vulnerable as glass is not as solid as a wall.
  • The sunlight can intrude on restful sleep as it is brighter near the window.
  • The temperature is more varied next to the window.
  • Feng shui bed placement principals warn against it because it leads to a loss of positive energy.
Cons of Having Your Bed Against a Window
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Pros of Bed Placement Against a Window

  • Windows can frame the bed in a way that is striking and unique.
  • Placing a bed against the window wall can free up more space in the room.
  • If there is an outdoor view that you don’t like, you can block it in part by placing the bed in front of a window.
  • Some people love the natural light that spills over them when they wake up under a window.

General Rules for Bed Placement

General Rules for Bed Placement
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Beds are placed in the center of the longest wall of the room because they are a natural focal point. This leaves room for the placement of side tables next to either side of the bed. We have stated that feng shui tips warn against bed placement under the window.

There is another principle in feng shui that beds should be positioned away from the door in order to allow one to have a good view of the door known as the commanding position. Further, the foot of the bed should not be pointed toward the door as this places the bed in the way of foot traffic.

Making a Bed Against a Window Work

Making a Bed Against a Window Work
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For most people with small rooms and awkward window positioning, beds in front of the window are the layout that works the best. Therefore, there are some things you can try to mitigate the negatives of a bed in front of a window.

If you are concerned about a blocked window view, you can opt for a more open bed frame to allow as much light to filter through as possible. Next, let window treatments function like a solid wall to help provide privacy, darkness, and warmth.

In order to maintain good feng shui, if the bed must be placed against the window, use a solid headboard to provide some substance and stability. This solution will help with feelings of vulnerability in front of a fragile window.

Design Ideas for Beds in Front of Windows

We want to show you some pictures that will help you see that beds underneath the window can be a benefit, not a drawback.

Curtains to Frame the Bed

Curtains to Frame the Bed
Promenade Design + Build

We love this bedroom from Promenade Design + Build. They make the position of the bed seem like a feature rather than a flaw.

They have hung the draperies up to the ceiling and pulled them to either side of the wall. This has the effect of framing the bed. Further, the wide ivory Roman shade allows an easy way to maintain privacy and shade when needed by not disarranging the curtains.

Open Bed Frame

Open Bed Frame
Nesting with Grace

Bed frames vary and can create different effects in front of a window. For this room, the designer chose an iron bed frame to allow as much of the light in as possible.

It is important when you have a see-through headboard to make sure that you have curtains that can cover the windows. This will ensure your privacy and a good night’s sleep. Try an option like blackout curtains if you want more darkness in the room.

Distracting with Wall Art

Distracting with Wall Art
Emily Henderson

We love this bedroom design from the Emily Henderson group. The wide bed is placed between two windows and covers the edge of each. However, the wall art focuses the eye on the wall rather than the windows. The deep yellow curtains frame the side of the bed and balance it.

Statement Headboard

Statement Headboard
Cottage and Vine

This room uses a unique upholstered headboard to distract from the location of the windows. The windows create a backlight that brings attention to the interesting shape. The headboard also blocks the lower part of the window bringing added privacy. Rather than use heavy draperies, the designer chose relaxed window treatments that are lighter. This allows some light to filter through.

Under the Window

Under the Window
Ariyona Interiors

This owner chose a low headboard, in effect placing the bed underneath the window. While there is not enough space on either side for side tables, the bed is framed to great effect by the plants above and beside it. Because there are no window treatments, this option is more appropriate in a rural setting.

High Bed Frame

High Bed Frame
The Hunted Interior

This solid and sturdy headboard covers the window without looking awkward. Instead, it works very well because the bed, the roman shades, and the curtains that cover the window create one visual unit. This method would work well in a small bedroom when in front of the window is the one place that works for the bed. 

Shutters to Frame the Window

Shutters to Frame the Window
This Old House

The windows in this alcove wrap around the bed in a beautiful way. The plantation shutters keep the windows clean-lined, almost functioning like a folding screen. The head of the bed is against the window but leaves room for the opening and closing of the blinds

Creating Symmetry

Creating Symmetry
Design Rulz

We love the symmetry of this room and the way that the other furniture in the room works with the bed.

The bed with the side tables that sit along the same wall in front of the windows creates a beautiful symmetry that feels natural and complete with the triple windows behind. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Should you put a bed in front of a window?

While feng shui practitioners and some designers may discourage it, many people like the bed in front of the window, and others have no choice because of a small room or window placement. You can make it work and look beautiful with some of the ideas above.

How to style a bed in front of a window?

First, understand the drawbacks of the window where you place the bed. Use creative curtains and blind ideas to add more privacy and insulation. Also, you can use wall art to distract from the bed’s position. Add a bedside table or two to add more interest near the bed.

Is putting a bed under the window bad luck?

According to feng shui, it is important to keep energy moving for positive chi. Putting the bed near the window allows this energy to escape, and so it is not an ideal position. However, if you don’t subscribe to this belief, putting your bed under the window is no more unlucky than anywhere else in the room.

Where to put the bed in a room with windows?

It is best to center the bed on the wall that is the longest and away from doors. If it is best to put your bed in front of a window, consider ways to use curtains to frame the bed and make it look intentional.

How to hide an off-center window behind the bed?

If there is a window on one side, consider wall art to distract the eye away from the imbalance.

What to hang above the bed for good feng shui?

Feng shui is all about promoting calmness. Therefore, choose decorative accents with earth tones and minimal patterns. Above all, don’t overdo it.

Placing the bed in front of the window may not be an obvious first choice, but it is a choice that some will have to make.