10 Round Window Curtain and Blind Ideas

It can be hard to find round window curtain and blind ideas since most homeowners choose to leave them bare.

Round Window Curtain and Blind Ideas

These circular windows are often high-up, allowing for privacy even with no window covering. But if you have a round window that’s too bright for your room or is low enough to let passersby look into your home, you can block the window with curtains, blinds, or privacy film.

Use these round window curtain ideas for inspiration.

Add Curtains to the Side

Add Curtains to the Side
Brandon Architects, Inc.

Consider placing curtain panels on both sides of your round window if it sits over a regular rectangle window. 

You can adjust where the curtains go and how much they cover. Opt for an extra-long curtain rod and use multiple drapes if you want more coverage.

Use Slatted Blinds for a Traditional Look

Use Slatted Blinds for a Traditional Look
W Design Interiors

The most simple circle window covering is slatted blinds, which you can custom order.

These blinds open and shut so you can block light at night. They go with every style, so they’re an easy choice.

Contrast a Dark Wall with a White Shade

Contrast a Dark Wall with a White Shade
Lisa Scheff Designs

Round window shades are easy to install. Some open and close like a fan, while others sit inside the frame.

If you have a dark wall, you can add contrast to the space by using a set of white shades. If you have a light wall and want the same effect, go with a black option.

Install Privacy Film on the Window

Install Privacy Film on the Window
Z Architects

Circle windows are the most difficult to find coverings for. If you need privacy but don’t like the look of curtains, install a window film.

You can find a tinted, frosted, or decorative film that you can cut to size and apply over the glass. Then, if you ever change your mind, you can remove the film.

Cover the Window with a Ceiling Medallion

Cover the Window with a Ceiling Medallion
Echelon Custom Homes

Looking for a unique and decorative way to cover your porthole window? Consider a lightweight ceiling medallion.

The medallion turns the window into decor, and you can easily remove it after use. You can also find custom shades with a similar appearance.

Place Drapes at the Top of Large Circles

Place Drapes at the Top of Large Circles
Frederick + Frederick Architects

Giant windows call for giant solutions. If you have a large or half-round window, treat it like any other – add curtains to both sides.

Add a long curtain rod at ceiling height if your window is high on the wall. Then put at least one long curtain panel on each side.

Turn the Window into Art

Turn the Window into Art
Element 5 Architecture

If you can’t find a blind or curtain you like for your space, turn to window decals. Well-designed decals add privacy and make windows look like stained glass.

You can find round window decals at Amazon, Walmart, and most home improvement stores. And, best of all, you can switch out the look whenever you grow tired of it.

Try Custom Blinds

Try Custom Blinds
LuAnn Development, Inc.

Consider ordering a custom blind to fit your window if it’s within your budget. 

You can choose something like this that retracts to let light in. Plantation shutters and wooden Venetian blinds are also good options.

Add Long Curtains to Oversized Circle Windows

Add Long Curtains to Oversized Circle Windows
Vendome Press

Large circle windows add character to a home; if they’re this big, you can decorate them like a bay window or sliding glass door.

If you have high ceilings, add your curtain rod a few inches over the top part of the circle. If you have a big window and standard height ceilings, hang your rod at ceiling height as long as the top of the window is within 4-6 inches of the ceiling.

Make Custom Curtains

Make Custom Curtains
Kukk Architecture & Design P.A.

If you’re crafty, consider making your own round window curtain. Doing this allows you to match all window treatments in the room.

The simple curtains pictured highlight the windows. They are easy to open and close and add a pop of color to the space.

The Best Blinds and Shades for Round Windows

The standard blind options for round windows include wooden plantation shutters and cellular honeycomb shades.

  • Plantation shutters – Plantation shutters have hinges at the side. They operate like Venetian blinds but can also open away from the window, like a door.
  • Cellular honeycomb shades – These have a paper-like texture that insulates and adds privacy. Cellular shades are inexpensive and easy to install.

Curtain Rods to Use for Round Windows

Since most round windows are small, placing a straight curtain rod above them is your best bet. Depending on the size of your window, you may be able to find half-moon curtain rods to fit inside. But, if the window is small, the curtains might look out of place. 

To hide a small round window, place a curtain rod over the top, put drapes on each side, and then pull the drapes shut. Inside your home, it will look like you’re covering a standard-size window.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do you install blinds in a round window?

You can install some cellular shades by placing them in the window frame. Wooden or plantation shutters may contain a hinge on the inside or outside of the frame, depending on the manufacturer.

Do you have to cover round windows?

Most homeowners leave round windows uncovered. It’s common for round windows to be placed in areas that need extra light and, therefore, don’t require coverings.

What’s the best way to cover a weird-shaped window?

The best way to cover a weird-shaped window is to use a standard curtain rod and drapes. You can also find many cellular shades to fit specialty-shaped windows.

Final Thoughts

Round windows, also called portholes, add a unique charm to a house but can be hard to cover because of their odd shape. The easiest way to cover these windows is with privacy film or a standard curtain rod and drapes.

If you want a traditional look, consider adding plantation shutters. If you want something easy on the budget, go with cellular shades.