Country Curtains for Living Room: From the Casual to the Refined

Create the perfect rustic, cottage, or farmhouse design with country curtains for living room areas. Country curtains range in style and type.

Country Curtains for Living Room

Tiered curtains work well to create a more casual style in rustic country cottages, and panel curtains with charming prints complete the look of a French country living room.

Whatever style or design you choose, country curtains give your living room a distinctive look, allow you to control the amount of sunlight in your room, and give you more privacy when you need it.

Country Curtains for Living Room Spaces
Kistler and Knapp Builders

Country Curtains for Living Room Types

Country-style curtains have returned to fashion with the rise of the farmhouse and rustic styles.

Also, many people are interested in more simple ways of living that are more organic and close to home. Simple country curtains work well in these contexts.

There are many types of country living room curtains that enhance a rustic, farmhouse, and country design.

  • Panel Curtains – Panel curtains or drapes, are the most common type of curtain style. These curtains feature a flat panel on either side of the window that hangs straight down from the top of the window. Country panel curtains feature rustic fabrics like burlap or canvas. Also, many have small prints or check patterns to give the room a more casual style. 
  • If you are looking for country living room curtains that are more sophisticated, consider using some made from linen fabric or with a small floral print. Many panel curtains with a country style have either a tab top, gathered, or pole pocket headers.
  • Valances – A valance curtain is a window treatment that covers just the top part of the window. This kind of curtain works well in a living room or a dining room where not much privacy is required. However, these would not work well in a bedroom or bathroom space where more coverage is needed.
  • Tier Curtains – Tier curtains or café curtain styles allow in more light than classic panel curtains as these cover the lower half of the window but leave the top part open. For some country styles, tier curtains are combined with a valance to create more coverage for the window.

Country Style Living Room Curtain Ideas

Country Style Living Room Curtain Ideas
Tumbleweed and Dandelion

There is a wide variety of styles represented as country curtains for living rooms. We want to help you make sense of all the styles you see, so we have rounded up some of our very favorites for you to consider.

French Country Curtains for Living Room Spaces

French Country Curtains for Living Room Spaces

If you want to create a room with a casual elegance, try panel curtains with subtle patterns. These are the perfect curtains for this room because they complement the furniture like the floral reading chair and ottoman without overwhelming the room with more color.

Café Curtains for Living Room Areas

Café Curtains for Living Room Areas
Adeeni Design Group

Curtain tiers are the perfect way to bring more light into areas where privacy is not as important. While many think that cafe curtains are just for kitchen spaces, they work very well in living room design too. Consider this mixed approach from Adeeni Design Group.

They used plaid panel curtains to frame the windows with lower tiers on the inside of the window frame. These window treatments are practical as well as beautiful.

Farmhouse Country Curtains for Living Room Spaces

Farmhouse Country Curtains for Living Room Spaces
Historical Concepts

This historic farmhouse has an authentic and elegant country style. The neutral room has an edited but fresh color palette. The neutral panels on each window complement the neutral colors of the room. Their straight and unadorned style elevates the look of the room and contributes to the crisp, clean look of the room overall.

White Country Curtains for Living Room Design

White Country Curtains for Living Room Design
Vermont Country Store

If you are considering updating your summer look in the living room, try these ruffled white curtains from the Vermont Country Store. You can choose a variety of casual country styles that work well for farmhouse and cottage country looks.

Rustic Country Curtains for Living Room Windows

Rustic Country Curtains for Living Room Windows

Go all-in with your country look by using a rustic style fabric for your curtains. Burlap is more versatile than you might expect as it works with this refined living room and gives it a more casual look. Select burlap and canvas curtain options for farmhouse country living rooms too.

Country Valance Curtains

Country Valance Curtains

Covering bay windows presents a challenge as they have a unique shape and multiple windows to cover. If you have a bay window in an area like a living room, try a valance curtain that covers the top of the window.

This tailored valance style creates a casual but sophisticated style in the country cottage-style living room. To create an even more coordinated look, fit a seating area into the bay and match the curtains with the pillows.

Country Cottage Curtains in Living Room Design

Country Cottage Curtains in Living Room Design

We love these sophisticated cottage floral curtains from Janna Happel Interior Design. She brought this 1930s cottage back to life by restoring its original charm and character with an updated look. In addition, these curtains set the style of the room and provide a feminine touch that isn’t too fancy for the simple room design.

Country Lace Curtains for Living Room Design

Country Lace Curtains for Living Room Design
Shannon Design Enterprises

Many lace curtains look elaborate and fussy, but country lace curtains have an understated look that works with country or farmhouse styles.

Shannon Design Enterprises was tasked to restore this Craftsman home to its former glory.

She uses the lace curtains in the Arts and Crafts style living room to complete the historic look. Also, these are the perfect curtains if you want to cover the windows but still allow in filtered light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What type of curtains are best for the living room?

The type of curtains best for your living room depends on three factors: the style you like and how much privacy and sunlight control you need for your room. Of course, any kind of curtains or window treatment will work, but you just need to factor in those ideas. For example, if you like the look of sheer curtains but need more privacy and light control, try employing a combination of window covering types.

What size curtains do I need for the living room?

The size curtains you need for your living room depends on the size window and the look you want for your curtains. In general, measure the width of the window and add an extra two to three times the amount of fabric for the window. For example, if your windows are 36″ wide, you will need at least 72″-108 inches of fabric width. Divide this in half and you have the general size panel you need for each size.
If you want the curtains to be fuller to create a more elaborate look, make sure that you go with three times the amount fabric for the windows. For the height, measure from the top of the window to the floor. Add more or less depending on how high you want to hang the curtains and the style curtains.

What is trending in living room curtains?

Simple neutral curtains are the most important trend right now, but bold colors are also making a comeback in certain design styles. Another important trend is layering other window treatments like blinds or shades with curtains. This allows you to create a look that has more depth. Also, this technique works well to give you more functionality for your windows.

Can I use sheer curtains in the living room?

Yes, you can use sheer curtains in your living room. However, if you need more privacy, you can add blinds or shades and use them with the sheer curtains.

Are living room curtains outdated?

No, curtains are not outdated. They work well with many styles including modern, traditional, transitional, classic, and bohemian styles. If you want to keep your curtains for a long time, choose a simple, neutral style.

Country curtains have experienced a surge in popularity with the rise of farmhouse, rustic, and cottage looks.

In addition, these curtains look wonderful in living room spaces as they come in a variety of styles and designs. After all, curtains provide style as well as functionality.

Choose curtains that will help you make the most of your living room.