Bathroom Window Curtains For Privacy and Style

Bathroom window curtains provide privacy and can add a wonderful splash of color or pattern to an otherwise neutral room. When it comes to bathroom windows, natural light is a wonderful thing, but privacy in the bathroom is essential.

Bathroom Window Curtains For Privacy and Style

Let’s dive into some of the basics of the types of bathroom curtains that work well in this intimate space.

Bathroom window curtains: The basics

Windows in the bathroom are more varied in shape and style than in any other rooms of the house. This is because bathrooms are smaller than other rooms and many have unusual window shapes.

Bathroom window curtains
Caroline Tudor Photography

Therefore, curtains for bathroom windows do not always fit the same pattern as curtains for other rooms.

  • Panel curtains – Panel curtains are rectangular-shaped curtains that begin at the top of the window or near the ceiling and then drape down to touch the floor or hang just above the floor. These come in various weights and can be lined to create blackout curtains or be made from sheer fabric for a translucent look.
  • Café curtains – These are a great choice for many bathrooms because you can hang these curtains on the lower half of the window to ensure privacy but still allow in ample natural light.
  • Window scarves – These are long and narrow strips of fabric that you can drape from a pole in a decorative fashion. This type of window treatment is ornamental rather than functional, though they are perfect for adding a dramatic touch to a standard bathroom window.
  • Shades – Shades are not true curtains but these window treatments are useful in a bathroom if you need a more tailored option. Roman shades use a flat piece of fabric that is fitted into the window frame that can be raised or lowered at will. Balloon shades use pleats to create a softer and more opulent look.
  • Valance – This style curtain covers the top of the window. While you can use a valance by itself, most valances are used in conjunction with curtain panels.
curtains for bathroom windows
Riverside Homes Custom

Bathroom window curtain ideas

Bathroom windows are so varied and unique. While not every idea will work for your situation, we have gathered some amazing bathroom curtain inspiration of many different types. A few will be sure to spark your interest.

Covering bathroom windows of different sizes

Covering bathroom windows of different sizes
The Enchanted Home

There is something special about a bathroom with wallpaper. This accent wall is decorated with a light colored pattern and fitted with windows of different sizes.

Rather than calling attention to the windows, the bathroom window curtains minimize the difference by hanging a small rod for both curtains level with one another.

Using a mixed approach for window treatments

Using a mixed approach for window treatments
The Identite Collective LLC

Don’t be afraid to use several approaches to window coverings in the bathroom. For example, the large bathroom window frame is covered by sheer gray panels pushed to each side with a seagrass Roman shade within the frame.

The sheer panels connect the floor to the ceiling and bring a contrasting color while the shade complements the warm wood accents. This technique is not just beautiful but functional.

Covering a unique window shape

Covering a unique window shape
RLB Architecture

In bathrooms, as in no other room, there are sometimes unusual window shapes. The top part of this window is curved making this a difficult window to cover.

The designer has hung these panel draperies over the entire window and up to the ceiling. This frames the lovely window and creates an elegant focal point for the bathroom.

Bathroom window lace curtains

Bathroom window lace curtains
Ambiance Interiors

If your home is out in the country or on a high floor, there is less need for blocking the windows. While privacy does matter, you can choose to use materials that are less opaque.

The designer for this Victorian home on the lake uses delicate lace material for these balloon shades. Beauty is the priority rather than privacy in this secluded space.

Simple bathroom window curtain

Simple bathroom window curtain
Innovative Construction Inc

If you have an ornate style bathroom, you can choose to downplay this style with a simple curtain. This white café bathroom window curtain hangs just at the middle of the window. This allows in the most light possible while still blocking the window to maintain privacy.

Sheer bathroom window coverings

Sheer bathroom window coverings
Brennan + Company Architects

If you don’t like the view outside your window or you need to cover the whole window for privacy, consider sheer curtains. This will allow bright light into the bathroom window but still block it from view.

Bathroom shower window curtains

Bathroom shower window curtains
Materials Design Build

Curtains inside the shower can be problematic as the moisture will cause mold and discoloration to the curtain. Some people avoid this problem by using blinds rather than curtains for the shower window.

Still, others use opaque glass that prevents visibility but keeps the light. This is a wonderful idea from Material Design Build. They fitted the clawfoot bath/shower with a ceiling curtain ring so that you can pull the curtain around the shower and cover the windows at the same time.

Simple window treatments for small window

Simple window treatments for small window
The Works

Small bathroom window curtains present a unique challenge. They must be covered to protect privacy but the window treatments should be minimal so as not to clutter the small area.

In this bathroom, this designer used small curtains to cover each full window. The rod and the curtain styling are spare, keeping the focus on the lovely molding and intricate floor tile.

Contrasting color block bathroom window treatments

Contrasting color block bathroom window treatments
Studio DC10

The light walls and the dark flooring present a contrast that is a theme of the bathroom.

The curtains echo this theme. The white and black bathroom window curtains bring a dramatic touch to this otherwise simple space. The designer has positioned the curtains outside the window frame leaving the ledge open for plants and bathroom accessories.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Floor to ceiling windows
Richard Best Architects

Many bathrooms have small windows for privacy, but not this bathroom design. There are large floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

However, the owners can pull the floor-to-ceiling curtains across the windows when required. Their design is minimal with a small track on the ceiling to minimize the hardware and keep the focus on the outdoor spaces.

Bathroom window curtains for contrast

Bathroom window curtains for contrast
Clio Surfaces

Many bathrooms have all white walls to create a sense of openness in a small space. You can add curtains to complement the walls with a white or light neutral color or add another color for some dramatic variation.

In this bathroom, the periwinkle window treatments create balance between the dark herringbone floors and the light walls and fixtures.

Modern farmhouse bathroom window curtains

Modern farmhouse bathroom window curtains
Andrew Flesher Interiors

Farmhouse style has made its way into this bathroom in a way that is fun and original. This interior designer has used a Roman shade for the bathroom window treatment and finished it in gray buffalo check. It echoes the style of farmhouse design without looking excessive.

Elegant bathroom curtains

Elegant bathroom curtains
Pizzale Design Inc

We love the quiet beauty of this bathroom space. Rather than choosing a light neutral, this designer uses a medium-toned fabric with a pleasing texture creating a harmonious tension in the all white space. This design is not fussy; while it has a bespoke quality, it is the height of restraint.

Tiny house bathroom window curtains

Tiny house bathroom window curtains
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

If you own or have been inside a tiny house, you know that every square inch matters. Keep the window treatments minimal like they did for this bathroom curtain. It is a sheer white cafe curtain that blends with the white walls. This allows the window and the garden outside to serve as the focal point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Which curtains are most suitable for the bathroom?

There are many different types that work well in bathrooms and which style you choose depends on your needs. For small bathroom window curtains that are near a shower, use light and washable fabric because of the moisture in the bathroom area. If your bathroom is large and your curtain is away from moisture, any type of curtain that covers the window will work.

How do you cover a bathroom window in a shower?

This can be tricky because of the location of the window and the exposure to moisture. Some people choose to use a roller blind or shutter in the shower. Others opt for a washable curtain. You can also buy a vinyl film to cover the clear windows to make them look frosted.

Can you see through frosted glass at night?

Frosted glass scatters light so any image seen through frosted glass is blurred. Therefore, in the night or in the day, images are too distorted to see anything.

How long should curtains be in the bathroom?

Bathroom curtains do not have a proscribed length. Rather, the curtains should be as long as they need to fit your window and to provide the look that you want. However, many people prefer shorter cafe style curtains for the bathroom because they require less maintenance than long drapes.

Are shower curtains supposed to touch the floor?

No, a shower curtain should not touch the floor. This is because dust and moisture would collect at the bottom of the shower curtain. Therefore, leave at least two inches between the floor and the bottom of the shower curtain.

What are the best small bathroom window curtains?

Because space is a priority in a small bathroom, choose curtains that do not take up extra room either in terms of space and in terms of visual clutter. Choose curtains or shades that fit inside the window.

Bathrooms are a place where you need to ensure privacy and bathroom window curtains are an ideal way to do this. However, they also provide the opportunity to add interesting style and refinement into this space.

Because it is a small area, you can try something bold to create a dramatic style or keep your curtains minimal to blend with the surroundings.

In the end, you will be able to create a retreat in this intimate space and a design that you love at the same time.

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