What You Need to Know About Home Depot Windows and Installation

Home Depot offers many windows, styles, and frame materials. They carry top brands like Andersen, Milgard, Simonton, JELD WEN, and more.

Home Depot Windows

You can order windows from Home Depot and install them yourself or pay for their window installation services. Their window installation is full-service, starting with an in-home or virtual consultation.

If you’re interested in Home Depot windows, here’s a look at the brands they install, how the installation process works, financing, and more.

How Does Home Depot Window Installation Work?

The Home Depot Window Installation process is simple.

  1. Schedule a quote – You can schedule an in-home or virtual quote. Your rep will measure windows, review options and brands, and present a quote based on your budget.
  2. Place an order – When you’re ready to order, an installation specialist will come to your house, retake your window measurements, confirm your window selection, and place an order.
  3. Installation – When your windows come in, an installation specialist will install the windows. The average time from purchase to installation is four months.

What Window Brands Does the Home Depot Carry?

The Home Depot offers window installation for top brands, including Milgard, Simonton, Andersen, JELD-WEN, Ply Gem, and ProtecSure by PGT. Not all brands and lines are available in all regions.


The Home Depot carries and installs three types of Andersen windows: the 100 series, 400 series, and a selection of wood windows.

100 Series

The 100 Series features Andersen’s Fibrex composite material made of wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer. Fibrex is twice as strong as vinyl and just as low-maintenance.

You can customize these windows by choosing from 6 exterior colors, four interior colors, hardware, and grille patterns.

200 Series

The 200 Series features a wood frame with PermaShield vinyl cladding on the exterior at a budget-friendly price.

The in-stock windows come with a white interior, but you can custom order and choose from many interior and exterior color options, grille designs, and types of hardware.

400 Series

The 400 series features a wooden frame with vinyl exterior cladding. These windows give you the beauty of wood on the interior with the durability of vinyl on the exterior.

The interior is stain-ready, and you can choose from several exterior colors, divided lites, and hardware options.

Wood Windows

The Andersen wood windows at Home Depot are energy efficient and feature a PermaShield cladding on the exterior to offer low maintenance and durability.

These windows come in several interior and exterior colors, and you can also customize them by choosing from grilles, divided lites, and hardware.


The Home Depot installs four lines of Milgard windows: Tuscany Series, Trinsic Series, Style Line, and Ultra Series. The selection and line of Milgard windows will vary based on location.

Tuscany Series

The Tuscany Series windows feature premium vinyl and a thick frame that mimics the look of wood. You can customize this window by choosing from 11 exterior colors.

Trinsic Series

The Trinsic Series has a slim vinyl frame that works well for modern homes. You can choose from 11 exterior colors.

Style Line

The Style Line Series windows feature a slim vinyl frame at an affordable price. These windows also come with a choice of one of 11 exterior colors.

Ultra Series

The Ultra Series features a higher-end fiberglass frame. You can choose from 7 exterior colors, including black.


Simonton has two lines of windows and doors exclusively available through Home Depot. Depending on where you live, more Simonton models may be available.

6100 Series Vinyl Window

The 6100 series features a slim vinyl frame. You can choose from several colors, glass upgrades, and grille options to customize.

6500 Series Vinyl Window

The 6500 series is a premier line from Simonton featuring vinyl frames that mimic the look and thickness of wood. You can customize this line by choosing from several glass packages, frame colors, and grille patterns.


The Home Depot carries several lines of JELD WEN windows. But, many are sold as stock windows. The type of JELD WEN windows Home Depot will install depends on where you live.

Here’s a look at the home standard lines of JELD WEN windows from Home Depot.

V-4500 Series

The V-4500 series features a thicker vinyl frame that mimics woods and is made of premium vinyl. You can upgrade the glass and special order in a color other than white. (In-stock windows feature white frames.)

V-2500 Series

The V-2500 series is the builder’s vinyl window that comes at an affordable price. You can pick from a couple of exterior colors and get this line in new or replacement windows.

W-2500 Series

The W-2500 series contains windows that are wood or wood-clad. If you choose wood cladding, you can customize the window, choosing from several exterior colors. The interior will be stain or paint-ready.

Ply Gem

Home Depot does not specify which Ply Gem windows they will install, but they only have two lines available for purchase – the Classic Series and Select Series.

Classic Series

The Classic Series is a basic and affordable vinyl frame window. You can select from three colors and add grilles to these windows.

Select Series

The Select Series is a vinyl window with slimmer frames for a better view outside. You can choose from three frame colors, various grilles, and upgrade to advanced glass packages.

Does Home Depot offer Window Financing?

Home Depot offers window and installation financing. They have two financing options: The Home Depot Credit Card and The Home Depot Project Loan.

The Home Depot Credit Card offers six months of financing on purchases of $299+. They sometimes run promotions that will get you up to 24 months of financing.

The Home Depot Project Loan is the better option for expensive window purchases. You can get a loan for up to $55,000 within six months to purchase all of your materials. These loans don’t come with annual fees, and payments are as low as $20 per month for every $1,000 spent.

The interest rate for The Home Depot loan will depend on the terms – there are four tiers:

  • 66-month payment plan – 7.42% APR
  • 78-month payment plan – 12.86% APR
  • 90-month payment plan – 16.24% APR
  • 114-month payment plan – 19.96% APR

Of course, you’ll need to apply and qualify to get The Home Depot Credit Card or The Home Depot Project Loan.

What Warranty Does Home Depot Offer on Its Windows?

The Home Depot offers a limited installation warranty. The warranty on the product itself will come from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties for as long as you own your house, while others provide limited lifetime warranties that only cover the windows for 10-20 years.

What are Home Depot’s Window Installation Ratings?

On the Home Depot Window Installation page, over 68,000 customers have left reviews, resulting in a 4.3 out of 5-star rating and 81% recommendation rate. The ratings on Consumer Affairs are much lower, at only 2.75 out of 5 stars – but there’s a small rating size with reviews from only 719 past customers.

Like any other company, the reviews are all over the place. There are mixed complaints – many of the negative reviewers had positive experiences with the installers but were disappointed with the mess left behind or the product itself.

What Brands of Stock Windows Does Home Depot Carry?

Home Depot carries many brands of stock windows. You can find a wide selection available for order online. In-store selection will be smaller and vary by location.

The brands of in-stock windows you might find at Home Depot include:

  • Clearly Secure
  • American Craftsman
  • Andersen
  • FrontLine
  • Simonton
  • Larson
  • CrystalLok
  • HyLite

Home Depot Windows vs. Renewal by Andersen

Renewal by Andersen ranks high for customer satisfaction. They are a full-service company that will come to your house, measure, give you a quote, and install your replacement windows. But, the only type of window Renewal by Andersen offers is their composite Fibrex frame.

Home Depot also provides full service but has many more types and brands of windows to choose from. So, if you want something other than a composite frame, Home Depot is the way to go.

Home Depot Window Installation vs. Lowes Window Installation

Lowes and Home Depot both offer complete window installation. They’ll come to your house, measure, give you a quote, and install your windows if you order from them. Both companies also offer financing.

The brands of windows from each company are slightly different.

Home Depot offers installation for select lines of Andersen, Milgard, Simonton, JELD WEN, Ply Gem, and Protecsure windows. Lowes offers installation for specific lines of Pella, JELD WEN, Reliabilt, United, and more.

Since Lowes and Home Depot are top competitors, you’ll find their pricing to be similar. If you’re deciding between the two, get quotes from both, go over both warranties, and then choose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Should you buy windows from Home Depot?

Home Depot offers many brands and lines of windows. They carry affordable vinyl frames and higher-end fiberglass, wood, and wood-clad frames. Home Depot is an excellent place to buy windows since they have a vast selection.

Does Home Depot carry quality windows?

Home Depot carries quality and budget windows. A builder-grade vinyl frame won’t be as high-quality as a wood or fiberglass frame. If you’re worried about quality, research the line of windows you’re after and look up reviews for the brand and series.

Does Home Depot install replacement windows?

Yes, Home Depot installs replacement windows. They provide a complete service from quote through installation.

Will Home Depot install only one window?

Home Depot will install only one window in your house if that’s what you need – there’s no minimum or maximum amount of windows for their installation services.

Will Home Depot remove my old windows?

Home Depot will remove and dispose of your old windows. Old window removal is part of the installation process and doesn’t cost extra.

Final Thoughts

Home Depot carries many top brands of windows. Each brand has several lines to choose from, with different styles, frame materials, and customization options. If you decide to purchase windows from Home Depot, they’ll help you with every step. You can schedule an in-home or virtual consultation, get a quote, and they’ll install your new replacement windows when they come in.

In addition to Home Depot’s installation services, they also have a variety of stock windows. You can order windows from their website and install them yourself if that’s your preference.