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Will The Pink Stuff Paste Clean Grout? We Tested It

The Pink Stuff Paste is one of the most popular multi-use cleaners. It tackles everything from dirty sinks to stubborn stains on white sneakers. But will it clean grout?

Pink Stuff Paste

We tested the Pink Stuff Paste on dirty grout lines. Here are the results, with before and after pictures.

The Pink Stuff Paste Overview

  • Smell: Light, berry scent 
  • Ease of use: Light scrubbing, hard to rinse off of grout
  • Results: Medium
  • Available on: Amazon and Walmart.

The Pink Stuff Paste is a mildly abrasive multi-purpose cleaner. It’s made of 99% natural ingredients and has a light, almost non-existent scent. Since this cleaner is abrasive, you must test it to ensure it doesn’t scratch your tile. (I used it on ceramic tile without issue.)

The Pink Stuff Paste Directions: Apply with a soft cloth or a sponge and rub gently. Rinse with hot water.

How We Tested The Pink Stuff Paste on Grout

I tested The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste on my bathroom floor. The original grout color was a light pearl gray, but since I never sealed it, it absorbed dirt and turned to a dingy brown.

Here’s what it looked like before:

Pink Stuff Paste Clean Grout Before

I applied The Pink Stuff Paste to a microfiber cloth and then used it to scrub my grout lines. After scrubbing, I rinsed the paste with hot water and a rag. It took several rinses to remove the paste from the grout.

Here’s the after:

The pink paste after cleaning

The Pink Stuff Paste did an okay job cleaning the grout. It wasn’t the best grout cleaner I tried, but it wasn’t the worst. The biggest con was my grout had a rougher texture after using it.

It got rid of a lot of the brown, but since this cleaner is abrasive, it probably removed a tiny bit of grout.

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Should Use the Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste on Grout?

The Pink Stuff Paste did a decent job cleaning grout but was hard to rinse off and didn’t do as good of a job as Black Diamond Ultimate Grout Cleaner. The Black Diamond Grout Cleaner was easy to use and rinse. It restored my dirty grout to its original color within three minutes and with minimal scrubbing.

Since the Pink Stuff Paste is abrasive, I don’t recommend using it on grout often. Repeated use may result in small layers of grout being removed. Also, spot-test before using, as it may be too harsh for natural stones like marble, slate, or travertine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can you use The Pink Stuff Paste on shower grout?

You can use The Pink Stuff Paste on shower tile and grout but do a spot-test first. Also, be gentle when you scrub so you don’t remove grout or scratch delicate tile.

Will the Pink Stuff Paste kill mold?

While the Pink Stuff Paste may aid in removing stubborn mold, it won’t kill it. If you need to kill mold in your shower or on the wall, spray it with vinegar and allow it to sit for ten minutes.

Will the Pink Stuff Paste scratch tile?

I used the Pink Stuff Paste on ceramic tile, and it didn’t scratch it. Do a spot test if you have a more delicate tile like marble, slate, or granite.

The Pink Stuff Paste worked to clean dirt off of my light-colored grout but also left it with a rougher texture. Since this product is a mild abrasive, avoid scrubbing too hard, or you can end up removing grout or scratching your tile. 

If you’re looking for a more gentle grout cleaner, safe for all surfaces, I recommend Black Diamond Ultimate Grout Cleaner.

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