10 Reasons Why Bedrooms With Large Windows Are Awesome

While small windows come with their own set of advantages, large windows usually tend to gather more pros especially when it comes to bedrooms. To emphasize that point, we decided to put together ten reasons why large windows can make a bedroom look and feel awesome. Feel free to add more to the list or to let us know your opinion and arguments.

Corner large window and ceiling fan

1. Lots of natural light

First of all, large windows are great because they let in lots of natural light. More light means a more open and spacious look for the room and this can turn out to be very useful especially in the case of a small bedroom.

Corner large window and ceiling fan

2. Panoramic views

Large windows provide us with wonderful panoramic views and there are cases when this completely changes the look of the room and the ambiance inside. A bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the surrounding nature or overlook the city is something many of us dream of having

Panoramic views.

Corner large window and ceiling fan
Corner large window and ceiling fan
Corner large window and ceiling fan

3. A perfect ambiance

Whether it’s day or night, a huge window in the bedroom can definitely make the atmosphere feel wonderful. During the day, it lets in light and makes the room look and feel cheerful and during the night it creates a romantic and serene mood.

Corner large window and ceiling fan
Corner large window and ceiling fan

4. Multiple window treatment options

There are very few restrictions when it comes to choosing window treatments for large windows. One of the best options is a set of long and heavy curtains. They can be tied back to frame the windows or cover them completely for total privacy. They’re also really great if you want to make the room dark so you can rest during the day.

Corner large window and ceiling fan
Corner large window and ceiling fan

5. Aesthetic appeal

A mentioned before, large windows provide stunning views but that’s not the only reason why they’re so appreciated. In addition to the views, large windows look great and make the whole bedroom look exquisite, especially if you opt for corner windows with no visible frames.

Bedroom with large window and a perfect relaxing nook

6. They let the outdoors in

A wonderful location deserves to be fully appreciated and enjoyed. A house surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful forests and expansive views can being some of that beauty indoors through large windows, making nature and the surroundings a part of the interior design.

Bedroom with large window

7. Ventilation

When it’s a beautiful day outside you naturally want to be enjoy it even if you’d rather spend the day in your bedroom. Large windows let you enjoy the breeze and ventilate the space with more ease and put an emphasize on freshness.

Ventilation through large windows

8. Passive solar heating

Of course, this also has to do with the orientation of the window and the way it’s positioned in relation to the surroundings. In any case, a large window can ensure passive solar gain even during winter. That’s a step towards energy-efficiency.

Rustic bedroom with large framed window

9. They make stunning focal points

A large window is a bit similar to a piece of art. You can use the large windows in your bedroom as décor elements, turning them into focal points for the room. This means you can opt for a very simple and neutral interior décor.

Stunning bedroom design with forest view through large windows

10. They add color to the room

Whether your bedroom windows are overlooking the sea, a forest, the city or something else, they always add color to the space. The bigger the windows are the most pronounced this feature is.

Corner large window and ceiling fan