20 Whimsical Toddler Bedrooms for Little Girls

Full of wonder and fairy-tale qualities, there’s such magic throughout a toddler’s imagination. Mermaids, pixie dust and fairies hidden around every corner, expressing that creative mind is part of the fun of styling and designing a little one’s bedroom. And we’ve compiled a list to make grasping for ideas so much easier. Let’s have a peek at our stunning compilation of 20 whimsical toddler bedrooms for the little girls in your life.

1. Balloon.


Use some brighter colors and hang some Chinese lanterns to act as balloons inside your child’s bedroom. It’ll add a festive spirit with so much personality and life!



All you need is to take a peek at the “Bonjour” pillow to get the feel for this whimsical, free-spirited bedroom. We’re in love with all its eclectics m!{found on landofnod}.



Dipped in blush and colored in with a cozy nature, this room is an eclectic mix of femininity and tradition. The combination of nature patterns and vintage tones creates interest but a space a little one can grow and feel refreshed.



If you’re princess really loves hot pink, then you’re sure to get inspired by this bright design. Just look at all the mixes and matching facets!



A bit of a story on the wall could really create a real-life fairy-tale for your darling to enjoy. With a more modern twist, this bedroom has a lot of fun infused.{found on projectnursery}.



If you’ve got a little girl that seems to have an older spirit and sophisticated charm, why not create a vintage fairy-tale just for her.{found on hgtv}.


Charmed toddler girl room

There are so many wonderful accents that sum up this incredibly fashion-forward and kid-friendly design. From the cloud light to the pear-covered bedspread, it’s such a creative world inside.{found on ministyleblog}.


Charmed toddler girl room

If you live in a more modern home, you can always add that style to your little girl’s bedroom. She’ll have a much more fashion-forward ambiance than any of her buddies from school!


Charmed toddler girl room

Sophisticated and contemporary, yet youthful style is all wrapped up inside this room. We’re loving the hazy and contrasting colors and its easy ambiance.{found on nanettewong}.


Charmed toddler girl room

What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess at least once in their life. And usual it’s during those precious toddler years, and this room conjures up all those dreams and makes them a reality.


Charmed toddler girl room

When creating a room for a youngster, pay attention to details that can stimulate their minds. Like this room, with its quirky spirit and festive charm.{found on rachellarraine}.


Charmed toddler girl room

There are so many wonderful details that a toddler would love in this room. From fluffy clouds to ice cream cone pillows, it’s quite the magical compilation.{found on petitevintageinteriors}.


Charmed toddler girl room

Update your soft and subtle nursery into a big girl room when your crib is ready to become a day bed. With the accent of stripes and blue tones, you’ll have a slightly nautical theme.{found on annettetatum}.


Charmed toddler girl room

There’s a sweetness and chicness to this bedroom design that we’re swooning for. It’s relaxed with the color choices there’s also a brightness and vivacious appeal.{found on sarahstaceydesign}.


Charmed toddler girl room

Create a mix of funky, yet youthful, accents in your little ones room. From vintage fans to quirky wall art, inspire your gal with something unique just for her.{found on babyccinokids}.


Charmed toddler girl room

Think about adding some prints to the walls for a spirited surprised. These gold hearts add femininity of bright personality as well!


Charmed toddler girl room

If your little ones are sharing a bedroom, here’s a beautiful design to inspire. We’re loving the unique, coral and turquoise color combination as well!{found on whiteloft}.


Charmed toddler girl room

Delicate grays and lavender come together to create this girlishly charming and delicate bedroom. It’s perfect for a sweet little girl with more posh tenancies.{found on centsationalgirl}.


Charmed toddler girl room

If you really want to spoil your little princess, or queen, with a big girl room full of royal features. Chandeliers, gilded tones and blush features; they all come together to create something magical.{found on camillestyles}.


Charmed toddler girl room

This nook was really transformed. Bright and feminine with rustic, organic features that we’d love in our very own master bedroom.