Interior Shutters For Every And Any Room of the House

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to dress your windows than by dealing with curtains only. And that’s why we’re shining a light on an idea that may not be unique but isn’t widely known outside the interior design realm.

Interior shutters are a wonderful way to adorn your windows but also add some surprising style and sophistication to any room of the house. From bathrooms to bedrooms, your windows will have an entirely new personality.

How to decorate around Interior shutters

1. Crisp Bathroom.

Bathroom window shutters for interiorView in gallery

This bathroom has even more of a crisp finish with the addition of these shutters on the windows. Crack them during the day to add some beautiful, natural lighting to the room.

2. Cafe Accent.

Wooden Shutters LivingView in gallery

Cafe shutters work great when you want a fun and playful accent. But shutters themselves work great when you don’t want something bulky or distracting taking away from the room.

3. Playful Prep.

Playful bedroom for teenager red shuttersView in gallery

Interior shutters can also top off a playful yet preppy room filled with chic lines and nautical touches. With its beachy, Cape Cod style, this space would be great as a guest room!

4. Rustic Compliment.

Wood windows shutters for interiorView in gallery

These naturally finished shutters may not have that vintage or preppy appeal seen above, but they sure do create a cozy, rustic center to this living room.{found on lakecrestbuilders}.

5. Wall Extension.

Twin bedroom beds window shuttersView in gallery

Not only do these shutters have a charming, cottage style to them, but they act as an extension to the wall since they’re painted in a similar shade. Yes, you see the texture but they don’t take away from the overall beauty of the room.

6. Stark Contrast.

Contrast black windows shuttersView in gallery

These shutters were placed for function first, but painted in a midnight black they create contrast up against the crisp, white walls.

7. Barn Wood.

Bathroom barn window shuttersView in gallery

Barn wood shutters don’t sound that appealing when you first hear it, but when you see them in a bathroom like this you’ll also see the fairy-tale like quality they can have.

8. DIY Addition.

Rustic wooden shutters diyView in gallery

These shutters have a bit of a DIY feel as they’re simple just pieces of wood held together by hinges. Make them yourself in colors and see how they transform your room of choice.{found on designdreamsbyanne}.

9. Hideaway Hidge.

Traditional bedroom hideway windowView in gallery

Add a small, interior shutter to your reading and resting nook for natural light in the daytime and some privacy when the sun goes down.

10. Worldly Appeal.

Required Reading Beautifully SmallView in gallery

We love how these quaint shutters have a historical, worldly appeal. There’s something so stylish and regal about having these cuties adorning your windows.

11. Large Vintage. 

McLaren Excell Marylebone House Wood shuttersView in gallery

Some older homes may come with original shutters. Keep them, the old-spirit will add a trending, hipster-styled charm to your vision.

12. Fairy-Tale Finish.

Fairy tale window shutters finishView in gallery

These too have a very fairy-tale like quality about them. We imagine a princess hiding inside behind these delicate and chic beauties.

13. Big and Tall.

Big and tall window shuttersView in gallery

Single, frame custom shutters like these can really brighten, widen and keep a contemporary room that much more in sync than traditional curtains can.

14. Rainbow Bright.

Rainbow interior window shuttersView in gallery

Wouldn’t your little one love to have a window with this much style and magic? Whether you decide to DIY or have them made custom, these rainbow-lit interior shutters are incredible!

15. Traditional Touch.

Corner reading room interior shutter blindsView in gallery

These shutters have a more traditional and minimalistic style. Which is perfect for a room that needs that clean, sleek edging.

16. Secret Spots.

Above bed interior shuttersView in gallery

Before you ask where the shutters are, make sure you’re paying attention to behind the bed. Then you’ll noticed the stylish additions as they balance out this refreshing and feminine space.

17. Bahama Breeze.

Beach style family room interior shuttersView in gallery

Bring in the breeze with some Bahama-style shutters. They’ll make the perfect addition to any beachy room or play area for the kids!{found on masterpieceinteriors}.

18. Plantation Parts.

Kids room plantation shuttersView in gallery

Plantation shutters can create a delicate, southern charm and essence. And in this space they work well and compliment the room without an overbearing style.

19. Modern Mark.

Modern mark red interior shuttersView in gallery

These red shutters top off this slick bedroom with a beautiful, modern mark. Just because these window treatments have been around for ages doesn’t mean they can’t be updated!{found on theplatformexperiment}.