It’s Time To Bring The Backyard Back To Life – 11 Fun And Stylish Features

Winter is not a very fun season but at least it builds up the enthusiasm for when spring finally arrives. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to have a back yard where you can spend hours just enjoying the beautiful weather and nature. But simply having it is not enough. You also have to put in some effort and make it an enjoyable space to be in. It just so happens that we have some splendid ideas for you this spring.

Seating with a view.

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For starters, you could do something simple. Just take a chair or two outside and position them in a way that allows you to admire the beautiful outdoors. If your back yard doesn’t have a view then you can improvise. Maybe you have a beautiful tree you’d enjoy looking at while relaxing.

Boulder seats.

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The reason why it’s so great to have a back yard is because you can spend time outside and be surrounded by nature. It’s why using natural materials when you design the landscape and décor can be very helpful. Take a look at these boulder seats and how beautiful and organic they look.

Give the birds a place to stay.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to just go outside, sit in a comfy chair and listen to the birds sing? Well if you want that you should find a way to lure the birds into your garden. Build a birdhouse or two and place them strategically.

DIY bird feeders.

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Similarly, you can make bird feeders to hang in trees and throughout your garden and back yard. This one is very simple: you need bird seed, water, knox gelatin, twine, cookie cutters and wax paper. Mix the gelatin with water until they simmer and dissolve, let the mixture cool for a minute, add the birdseed and pour it into the cookie cutters on wax paper. Don’t forget the twine. Let everything dry overnight.

Lure butterflies with delicious fruit.

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Don’t you just love it when butterflies come into your garden or back yard and go from flower to flower? There’s another way to lure them there. Make a butterfly feeder. It’s very easy. Just put a plate inside a larger plate filled with water. Then put fruit inside. The water will keep the ants away.

A bee hotel.

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Bees would surely appreciate having such a beautiful home. As usually, we found a simple project you can try. Use recycled materials like cans and bamboo or reed. Clean the cans and spray paint them. Then fill them with bamboo or reed cut to the length. You can make a roof out of recycled plastic shingles.Full tutorial here.

The relaxing power of wind chimes

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Take a zen approach and turn your back yard into a relaxing and mesmerizing space. A wind chime would fit right in. You could make one out of shells or pebbles. Take a piece of driftwood and drill tiny holes in it. Then attach the shells with bead thread.

Use pastels.

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Of course, don’t forget about the beautiful flowers that can completely transform your back yard or garden into a magical place. Although spring is all about boldness and color, we recommend using pastels. Too much color can tire the eyes.

Back yard water features.

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Ponds and water features in general always make a garden or back yard look amazing. You don’t have to go all crazy with the idea. A small koi pond is not that difficult to make. It’s all about balance and using the right materials.

Gather around the camp fire.

Outdoor firepit View in gallery

A firepit would surely be a marvelous addition to your back yard. Just imagine yourself and your friends gathering around the fire after the sun sets and reminiscing and having a good time. The firepit will surely attract more guests this spring.

A tree swing.

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Tree swings are a lot of fun and not just for the kids. They’re also easy to make. However, pay attention to every detail and make sure it’s safe. A tree swing is one of those simple things everyone loves because they have beautiful memories linked to it.