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Make Your Outdoor Patio Even More Welcoming With a Daybed

When it comes to decorating your patio and making it comfortable and convenient for you and your family as well as the company, perhaps the most important consideration is furniture. An outdoor patio day bed is a great choice, based on design options and comfort for all.

outdoor patio day bed

Of course, you also want to know that you’re getting a quality product and having information on some of the best outdoor patio day bed options can help you make an informed decision.

Choosing an Outdoor Patio Daybed

You’d think that there aren’t many choices when it comes to a bed designed for outdoor use because there isn’t that much market demand for it. On the contrary, there are actually plenty of different products to choose from, which makes it even more important for you to know what are the features and specifications that you can expect a manufacturer/seller to list. By staying informed, you can narrow down your choices and pick an outdoor patio daybed that’s just right for you:

  • The size of the daybed is one of the first things that you have to consider because of two reasons. First of all, if your patio space is limited, do you want it to be completely used up by a daybed? Do you even have enough space to place one? Even more, how many people can you predict will use the daybed simultaneously. Answering these questions before actually buying a product is an important step of the purchasing process. You don’t want a bed that’s too big and occupies more space than you initially wanted but you don’t want one that’s too small to fit your friends/family at the same time. 
  • Materials and durability are often two aspects of a product that go hand in hand. The durability of furniture designed for external use has to be pretty outstanding considering the fact that it doesn’t benefit from the same level of protection as inside furniture does. Inevitably, exposure to nature’s elements will deteriorate outdoor furniture, but when you opt for an outdoor patio daybed with a solid construction, you will benefit from a product with an increased lifespan. Some of the most solid products in this niche are made with a steel frame, as this material is the most resistant one of all. Steel is often chosen for its ability to support more weight and resist rust, which is an important factor considering the fact that an outdoor bed will eventually be exposed to rain. As far as fabrics are concerned, polyester is the most common choice because it’s relatively cheap and mainly resistant to wear and tear (not all types of polyester are, though). It is also common to come across outdoor patio daybeds that have been treated with a special coating to protect the fabric against UV rays. Some even come with fabrics that are water and stain resistant. 
  • Weight capacity is another factor that can make or break the deal when it comes to buying an outdoor daybed. The weight capacity of a product will determine how much weight it can hold at once. Some good models should be able to support about 240 pounds in weight per person. Also, since we’re talking about weight, you might want to consider the total weight of the bed as well. If an outdoor daybed is too light, it can easily be moved by intense wind. If you live in an area with a lot of storms, having your outdoor furniture “fly away” isn’t exactly something to look forward to. 
  • The canopy of an outdoor patio daybed is just as important as every other element in its construction. While canopies will vary from one model and one manufacturer to another, there are a few features that you can’t compromise and that every solid product should have. First of all, a canopy should be weather-resistant. If the fabric of the canopy is going to let water through its fibers at the first sign of the rain, that means it hasn’t been properly treated and it’s something you want to avoid. These canopies should also have some sort of retractable mechanism so that you can bask in the sun or hide in the shade whenever you want to. Furthermore, the canopy of an outdoor daybed should be able to block as much UV rays as possible. Some models don’t have included canopies built into their construction, so if you want to use these daybeds when the sun is powerful, make sure you don’t forget to put on a lot of sunscreens. 
  • Seating is another part of an outdoor daybed that requires your attention because it determines the amount of comfort that you’ll feel when you’re using the product. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to outdoor daybed cushions, so there are high chances of you coming across seating that’s as soft or as firm as you want it to be. That being said, the quality of the cushions and their weather-resistant factor isn’t negotiable. Also, if the cushions come with removable and machine-washable covers, that’s definitely a bonus that speaks in favor of choosing that daybed over others that are more difficult to clean.

Cleaning tips

When it comes to cleaning your daybed, you definitely want to ensure that the cleaning process is straightforward, easy, and will definitely get the job done. If you use your daybed frequently, then the cleaning of the mattress and cushion is a must to prevent the buildup of dust, bacteria, and germs.

Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to clean your daybed!

  • Always start off by removing all covers, sheets, and blankets from the daybed to get to the mattress itself. Launder the covers and sheets for a true deep-clean!
  • Vacuum the top of the mattress to remove loose dust, debris, and other buildups.
  • Use an organic, natural, or toxin-free fabric cleaner on stains then use a fabric brush to remove them.
  • Invest in a mattress protector that can be washed or dry-cleaned.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the cleaned mattress to remove existing odors and prevent new ones from forming.

Types of daybeds

As with any product, there is definitely a variety that is offered for you to browse through before choosing the best one that meets your needs and wants. This rule applies to daybeds as well because there are definitely more than one type of daybed on the market and more emerging as they grow in popularity.

Some types of daybeds include the flat one (the basic and first style of daybed), the lounger daybed with a flexible back, the built-in daybed which is made into an existing alcove or wall as a permanent piece of furniture, and the sofa daybed which is shaped more along the lines of a sofa with less bulk and material.

12 Best outdoor day bed selections nowadays

1. Bishop Daybed

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Bishop Day Bed is unique in that it comes equipped with a cover. The Sunbrella® fabric of the canopy helps especially if your patio isn’t covered or enclosed to keep you shaded from the sun and cooler overall. In addition, this particular day bed comes in the form of a sectional with rearrangeable seating for greater control and more intimacy during gatherings. The frame is formed from wicker/rattan over a UV protected, powder coated aluminum, and the cushion covers are removable and washable to make sure your outdoor furniture stays clean for constant use.

The cushions are also fade resistant Sunbrella® fabric for less concern about exposure to sunlight. In fact, the upholstery fabric is backed by a 5-year warranty, and the sunshade canopy by a 10-year warranty for your protection. There is no assembly requires, and materials are fire resistant. Plus, the day bed comes with a 1-year warranty. The product is incredibly lightweight at only 82 pounds combined, making it easy to rearrange as desired or even to move to a new location, such as out by the pool.


  • Comes with a cover
  • Cushions have been treated to avoid fading
  • No assembly required


  • Lightweight so securing is a must

2. Greening Outdoor Day Bed

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Greening Outdoor Day Bed includes an ottoman and cushions. The ottoman can work for you in a number of ways, offering you and a couple of other people the ability to lay back and elevate your feet as well as providing additional seating when you have a larger number of guests. The furniture itself is made of wicker/rattan so it is easily trustworthy in the elements and will last you a long time. In addition, there is no assembly required, other than to place the cushions appropriately.

The ottoman and the day bed itself both have cushions, and the purchase also includes seven throw pillows for added comfort. Due to the hefty construction and thick cushions, the Greening day bed actually has a higher weight than some other pieces, coming in at a total of 111 pounds. While the furniture is rated for outdoor use, it’s suggested that you cover or take in the cushions when not in use to avoid damage from harsh weather. The unit comes with a 1-year warranty to help you with peace of mind in your purchase.


  • Includes ottoman and cushions
  • Made from long-lasting wicker and rattan
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Heavy piece of furniture to move around
  • Cushions need to be covered in the event of weather

3. Venice Patio Daybed with Sunbrella Cushion

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Venice Patio Day Bed includes the typical architectural and design beauty expected of the Venice brand. This day bed has clean lines, high end finishes, and an overall elegant appearance that upgrades any patio design. The Sunbrella® cushions and pillows are great for weather resistance, including that they are fast drying, and the fully welded, powder coated aluminum base is sturdy and dependable while wicker design is made of resin and coated in a chocolate bamboo finish that gives it a very upscale appearance.

The round design is amenable to seating several people for up to 500 pounds of weight capacity, and yet, the product is still fairly lightweight at only 79 pounds. The Venice day bed comes with a warranty so you can rest assured your purchase is protected. The Sunbrella® material offers an incredible 5-year warranty on cushions and pillows, assuring you never have to worry about them being compromised as long as you care for them properly.


  • Clean lines, modern design
  • Aluminum base is sturdy and secure
  • Can sit several people at once


  • Lack of rails can make sitting uncomfortable
  • Back support on one side only

4. Aubrie Patio Daybed with Cushions

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Aubrie Patio Day Bed offers a simple design that makes a statement for your patio space. Crafted with bamboo, the day bed includes a canopy that will keep you shaded and cooler on sunny days, so you can choose to locate the furniture on your patio or poolside. You can also relax and be at ease with this eco-friendly product. Bamboo is all natural and is the fastest growing plant that can continue growing after harvest, making it sustainable. Every piece is handcrafted for that unique, sturdy quality and to make each day bed one of a kind.

The design is lightweight and heat resistant, making it the perfect option for outdoors. It is recommended that the bamboo day bed be covered with water resistant material when not in use and always kept dry to maintain integrity. Some assembly is required, and the 1-year limited warranty excludes coverage for mold or mildew damage. Cushions are included. The weight capacity is low, at only 200 pounds, so this isn’t a space for several people to pile but rather to enjoy some time alone in the sun or reading your newest favorite novel.


  • Simple, classic design
  • Bamboo construction is organic and natural
  • Lightweight and heat resistant


  • Needs to be covered in water resistant material when not in use
  • Weight capacity is low at 200 lbs maximum

5. Gallo Patio Daybed with Cushions

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Gallo Patio Day Bed is a contemporary round design that includes a canopy to shade you from the sun on hot, bright days. The canopy is retractable when not required so you can enjoy the stars at night as well. This is performed with a convenient telescopic pull rod. The thick padded cushions and multiple throw pillows make the day bed idle for comfortable relaxation for one or more people, day or night. The Gallo day bed can also be separated into multiple seats for entertainment, and the turquoise cushions and pillows coupled with the antique styled wicker are ideal for a conversation piece.

The steel frame is incredible durable and stable, and water-resistant polyester material with all weather rattan make this perfect regardless of whether or not you have a patio cover. Some assembly is required, but the furniture is extremely lightweight, coming in at a mere 40 pounds. This is nothing compared to the average patio day bed weight, making it incredibly easy to move around as needed. It comes with a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind. Keep in mind that this day bed is rated for up to 250 pounds, so you shouldn’t expect it to hold up to several adults lounging at the same time.


  • Canopy for shade coverage
  • Can be separated into multiple seats
  • Steel frame is durable


  • Low weight maximum at 250 lbs
  • Some assembly is required

6. Keiran Daybed with Cushions

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Keiran Day Bed is a luxurious piece of furniture with quality construction for long lasting durability. It rests on a powder coated aluminum frame, surrounded by a two-tone synthetic rattan weave, and cushions are created with Sunbrella® fabric for weather and water resistance, meaning you get a piece that stands up to the elements. Rounded arms provide a modern look, and the canopy keeps you shaded and cooler on sunny days so you can relax without concern of exposure. The day bed is designed as a sectional, so you can create one luxurious piece for your use only or separate for greater seating when entertaining guests.

Some assembly is required, but the day bed will seat multiple guests, rated up to 800 pounds for capacity. This makes it one of the most durable under heavy weight day beds on the market today. However, note that this comes with added internal weight, and the Keiran isn’t as light or easy to move as some other units, coming in at a total of 155 pounds. Like most outdoor patio day beds, it comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Luxurious design
  • Rounded arms and canopy for shade
  • Can be separated


  • Some assembly is required
  • Comes with internal weight so hard to move alone

7. Summerton Teak Patio Daybed with Cushion

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Summerton Teak Patio Day Bed is built from luxurious, grainy teak wood, which ages beautifully in the elements without compromising strength and durability. Teak has a natural resilience with weather resistant property to keep it from being damaged in the sun or rain. With a great classic design, this day bed is a great place to lounge on a beautiful day, with plush cushions that are 6.25 inches thick and plenty of cozy pillows. The manufacturer recommends rubbing the furniture with teak oil periodically to help maintain the natural golden color, or not if you want it to age into the silvery hue.

Some assembly is necessary upon purchase, but it’s worth it for the absolute beauty of the product, which will hold up to 750 pounds. Enjoy a limited 1-year warranty to assure that your product is free from manufacturer design flaws. The Summerton day bed is created as a spacious loveseat, with additional elbow room so that, when more than one person is using it, there is still plenty of room for everyone to relax and enjoy the space.


  • Made from teak wood
  • Natural weather resistance
  • Plush cushions


  • Assembly required

8. Aaron Patio Daybed with Cushion

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Aaron Patio Day Bed has a stainless-steel frame for timeless contemporary appearance and sturdy, long lasting durability. The design is similar to a patio swing, which makes a great conversation piece and looks fabulous in any situation, and for convenience and use by multiple people, the two sides of the day bed bench are independently adjustable. The cushions are thick and covered with waterproof material that dries quickly, and additional throw pillows make it even easier to relax. The sling seat is incredibly comfortable, and the day bed is rated for up to 600 pounds, indulging two to three adults or even four children.

Some assembly is required upon ordering, and tools may be needed. There’s a canopy included for extra shading and cooling on hot, sunny days. The Aaron day bed also has a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. This is perhaps the heftiest day bed on this list, weighing 200 pounds, so it’s not something you want to move around. Be sure you like the position before you settle in, making sure you have the help you need to move it before you say goodbye! But the grey and green aesthetic are worth the trouble, making your patio look like a deluxe habitat for relaxation.


  • Stainless steel frame
  • Similar design to a patio swing
  • Cushions are covered with waterproof material


  • Tools are needed for assembly
  • Weighs 200 lbs

9. Gaia Premium Daybed with Cushions

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Gaia Premium Day Bed is built with a lightweight aluminum frame that allows for ease of moving the furniture while also creating a sturdy base for the entire setup. The weaving of the furniture is all done by hand in Indonesia for top quality, and the upholstery is completed with premium materials that create a lush back cushion that are six inches thick, a seat cushion of the same depth, and ottoman. The ottoman cushion is removable so it can be used as a table, footrest, or seat when entertaining larger groups of people.

While the material is weather resistant, it’s still advised to cover all pieces when not in use to avoid excess exposure. This will keep your day bed in excellent condition for years to come. The day bed is rated for 450 pounds, with additional seating on the ottoman, and at a total weight of 99 pounds, this is definitely a sturdy but lightweight piece. There is no assembly required, so you won’t need any tools.


  • Handwoven for longevity
  • Ottoman included
  • Lush back cushion


  • Need to cover pieces when not in use

10. Hatley Patio Day Bed

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Hatley Patio Day Bed is an incredibly unique solution to outdoor seating for your patio or poolside enjoyment. As if you are enclosed in a small cave, the canopy keeps the entire inner relaxation space free from harsh sun or rain, making it the perfect spot to sit or lay outside in any weather. In summer, it can make a great sleep space for a guest, as well. With wicker/rattan is weatherproof, and the cushions are machine washable for absolute convenience of care.

Some assembly is required, but the defining profile that results from your work is definitely a conversation piece for the ages. The cushions are thick and cozy, and you can opt to use the seat with or without them as needed. The day bed is rated for a weight capacity of 500 pounds, so it’s easy to share the space with someone else. Because it’s all fire rated, you can even create a small fire in the winter to relax around.


  • Cave-like design
  • Weatherproof wicker and rattan
  • Cushions are machine washable
  • Fire-resistant


  • Some assembly required

11. Freeport Patio Day Bed

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Freeport Patio Day Bed offers commercial grade construction in residential furnishing at prices you can afford without having to break the bank for the top quality. You get a full assembled piece constructed from hand woven all-weather high-density polyethylene over rust resistant, powder coated aluminum framing. All this creates a durable, long lasting piece of furniture that will stand up to the test of weather and time. Cushions are thick, providing incredible comfort for anyone who wishes to lounge, sit, or share space with someone else.

With multiple pieces, you have the option of entertaining as well, so that there is plenty of seating to accommodate all, or you can use it as one piece to curl up with your significant other. All the cushions can be washed with soap and water for convenience, and they are constructed to dry quickly even in the heaviest rainstorms. Due to the construction, the day bed is slightly heavier than some of its counterparts, but for the durability, the weight is kept relatively light. Enjoy a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects for added assurance.


  • Fully assembled
  • Multiple pieces included
  • Soap and water is all that is needed for cushion washing


  • Heavier than most daybeds

12. Lammers Patio Daybed with Cushions

Lammers Patio Daybed with CushionsView in gallery

The Lammers Patio Day Bed is both attractive and durable, with a classic sofa design that doubles as a great lounger for sleeping or relaxing outdoors under the sun or beneath the stars. The canopy helps protect you from the sun’s rays and heat, so you don’t have to worry about sunburn or excess heat on the hottest and brightest of days. The piece comes with cushions as well as a cushioned ottoman for the ultimate luxury and comfort. The frame is constructed of wicker/rattan for greater weather resistance, so you get a long-lasting durable piece of patio furniture that you can enjoy with friends or family or just by yourself for years to come.


  • Classic sofa design
  • Canopy included for shade
  • Wicker/rattan


  • Not a lot of seating options

Outdoor Patio Daybed FAQ

Can I put my regular mattress on my outdoor bed?

When you purchase an outdoor patio daybed, it will most likely come with its very own mattress. These mattresses will never replicate the comfort and support provided by your nightly permanent bed. Furthermore, they are designed to be weather resistant and are most likely treated with a bunch of chemicals that you don’t want to sleep on every night. Your regular mattress won’t fit your outdoor daybed and even if it did, we would advise against it because there is a reason why these mattresses are designed for interior use. 

Can I sleep on a daybed as I would on a regular bed?

If you re-read the answer we gave to the previous question, you will understand why trying to sleep on a daybed is a bad idea. Sure, it’s ok for the occasional afternoon nap, but these beds could never provide the right amount of support that your normal mattress is designed to offer. If you’ve purchased a mattress that’s right for you, then your regular bed can take the shape of your body’s curves, can support your body where needed, can be cooling, can help with pain, and can make sure there are no pressure points while you sleep. These are just some things that a regular mattress can achieve and the mattress on an outdoor daybed never will. So no, don’t use your patio daybed as a regular bed for sleeping. 

Can I make my outdoor patio daybed more comfortable?

Yes, you can. There are numerous ways in which you can turn your outdoor daybed into a place where you can lounge for hours and enjoy doing whatever it is you like to do in your yard. Everything from additional blankets, throw pillow, cushions, even mattress toppers can serve as additional comfort layers for your outdoor daybed. 

Do I need a daybed with a canopy?

You don’t need it, but it’s best if you have it. A canopy can go a long way in protecting you against the sun’s UV rays (even so, you should use a body lotion rich in SPF) and having your skin exposed to actual sunlight in peak hours is a terrible idea. If you don’t want to buy an outdoor patio daybed with a canopy included, you can also use other methods to shield your body from sun, such as large outdoor umbrellas. We would advise looking into daybed models that already have an integrated canopy because the price difference between these and models without a canopy isn’t all that significant. 


An outdoor patio daybed is a type of furniture designed with the comfort of the consumer in mind. Creating a relaxing oasis in your own backyard is a treat that every homeowner with available yard space should aspire to, because getting that daily dose of relaxing fresh air shouldn’t be negotiable.

When it comes to choosing your own outdoor patio daybed, you will have to look into several specifications and features before actually buying a product. Make sure that frame is solid, the bed is big enough for however many people want to use it, the fabrics are qualitative and weather-resistant, and that the product comes with all the accessories needed to make every yard experience fantastic.