How To Beautify Your House – Outdoor Wall Décor Ideas

We’re so concerned with how to make the inside of our houses look beautiful that we often forget about the exterior. The fact is the exterior walls need just as much attention as the interior ones. Spaces like an outdoor dining area or a deck with comfortable lounge chairs on it would look more attractive and beautiful if they had some sort of décor on them. So today we’ll explore a few ways in which you can use outdoor wall décor to beautify your home and your property.

Wall décor ideas

Outdoor wood wall decorView in gallery

Outdoor wall art can be anything, from a painting to a vertical garden and a lot of other things. This particular piece is unique and holds special meaning for its owners. It’s something they did using wood salvaged from previous interior renovations. It complements this outdoor dining space is a really cozy way.{found on homedepot}.

Outdoor coorful fence canvasView in gallery

Another type of wall décor you can do yourself involves working with spray paint. It’s quite simple actually. Start with a blank canvas, colored spray paint in several different colors, some string, painter’s tape, a chevron stencil and lace washi tape. With these things you can make four different wall decorations like the ones featured on Brit+co.

Window planters for wall decorView in gallery

Recycling is fun and inspiring when you find a really great idea. For example, turning old windows and planters into decorations for the house’s exterior walls can be such a project. From far away, it will look like the house actually has functional windows on that side of the wall.

Charming rustic outdoor wall decorView in gallery

This is a similar approach, featuring a very charming and rustic look. Instead of box planters the strategy was to use a vase filled with fresh and colorful flowers. They squeeze between the metal bars and look exquisite on the exposed brick wall.{found on debbie}.

Framed succulents for wall decorView in gallery

The outdoor wall décor displayed by a summer marketplace featured on Ouraestheticblog is something that can be adapted to a variety of other settings. The framed would look beautiful on the walls of a garden shed or even hanging on the deck walls.

Outdoor house facade vertical gardenView in gallery

Similarly, you can decorate the outdoor walls of your house with vertical succulent gardens. They’re not difficult to maintain. Just water them the same as you would do with any planter. Take them down when it starts to get too cold outside.{found on charleshugo}.

Decorate the wall with empty framesView in gallery

Simple frames can also have an interesting visual impact. Using empty frames as wall décor is a fresh idea which can also be applied to fences and other surfaces. It can be a simple and practical way of beautifying the outdoors without investing a lot of time, effort and money.

Make flowers from hoses for outdoor house decorView in gallery

A cute, colorful and fun idea can be to decorate the exterior walls of the house, garage or garden shed with garden hoses. Don’t these flowers look nice? They’re so cheerful and fresh and they definitely provide a beautiful backdrop for the seating area.{found on hammersandhighheels}.

Metalic outdoor wall decorView in gallery

For modern settings, we could recommend something like this: abstract metal wall art. It’s a minimalist approach and also one that’s eye-catching and even a bit dramatic. You can try to reproduce the look in your own way.

Kind of bird house but like wall decorView in gallery

Since it’s the exterior walls we’re talking about, try to think a bit differently and to come up with ideas that could apply specifically to outdoor spaces. For example, hang a birdhouse or a lovely little insect hotel on one of the walls of your house. Of course, this can work for you if you like insects and birds and don’t mind them buzzing around your home.

triptych outdoor wall decorView in gallery

A triptych is another interesting and chic option you can use when decorating the outdoor walls. Take this beautiful setting for example. The water features, accent lighting and the organic wall art display all work together to create a very relaxing ambiance.

Contemporary patio designView in gallery

Display a three-piece wall decoration on the exterior walls of the house or on the garden fence and allow it to contribute to an overall comfortable and inviting ambiance, perfect for a seating or dining area.

Geometric wall art from old doorsView in gallery

If you’re the audacious type that likes to stand out from the rest, try something large scale. A good example is the way these old wooden doors were repurposed into geometric art for the side of a large building. Found out more about the project on Thisiscolossal.

Revamp an old barn with bold colorsView in gallery

Or find some inspiration in projects such as this one. Isn’t this building mesmerizing, with all the colorful geometric wall art featured on it? You can try something similar for your own property, although you could improvise and come up with a different and more suitable design.

Fence décor ideas

Wedding outdoor wall stringView in gallery

Very similar approaches can be used when decorating the fences on your property. They too deserve to look beautiful. A cute idea is to try string art. You need small nails, letter templates and colored string or yarn. Have fun coming up with a nice message.

Modern outdoor seating areaView in gallery

Given that the outdoor spaces are exposed to the elements and don’t offer the same type of environment as the indoor areas, the type of wall décor you use has to take these things into consideration. Look for something a bit more robust and less fragile.

Small backyard bbq areaView in gallery

Decorate tall, strong fences with perforated panels. You could use privacy screens with designs that you like or you can improvise in some other way.{found on outhousedesign}.

Panels used like wall art for outdoorView in gallery

The panels used here to decorate the fence wall are a beautiful addition and serve as a chic backdrop from the contemporary bench. Their geometry is consistent with the whole design which is minimalist and harmonious.

Fence wall platesView in gallery

Have some old wall plates that you want to get out of the house? Use them to decorate a fence in your garden. Vintage plates can look really cute out here.

Anna Garforth moss graffitiView in gallery

Want to try something unusual? Moss graffiti is a perfect idea. The inspiration comes from Anna Garforth. She creates typographic and large geometric designs and patterns using living materials and she was featured on Designboom.

Vertical wall garden artView in gallery

Living walls are the type of thing that can really add character to a space, whether it’s indoor or outside. Take this patio for example. Isn’t the green fence in the background simply wonderful?

Green wall decorated with mirrors and empty framesView in gallery

If you want to create a homey and cozy ambiance, hang some mirrors and frames on the living wall or fence. And while you’re at it get a floor lamp as well, maybe even a TV, some comfortable chairs and turn the backyard into a second living room.{found on eyelikeart}.