BBQ Design Ideas To Enhance Your Backyard Environment

BBQ design has reached new heights. Outdoor cooking technology has changed the way homeowners think of homemade BBQ. An outdoor BBQ provides space for you to enjoy your backyard with friends and family. 

 BBQ Area Design

If you’re not a fan of the grill perhaps something else catches your attention, like a pizza oven for example. Let’s have a look at some designs and see what other ideas they inspire. 

What Is The Best Outdoor BBQ Grill? 

Before you choose a BBQ grill, you should know about the different styles on the market today. 

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills

The traditional charcoal grill is an iconic American image. When grilling over charcoal or mesquite wood, flavor is infused into burgers, chicken wings, and ribs. Charcoal grills are the cheapest grill option. They can be used to grill over the coals, or even to smoke meat. 

Briquettes, charcoal, or mesquite are the three most popular. Heating and cooling doesn’t happen fast because the grill retains heat.

Charcoal Kettle Grills

Charcoal kettle grills

Kettle grills are perhaps the most well-known sort of charcoal grill. They are simple in design, resembling a kettle: they have grill grates, stands, removable lids, and a rounded bottom.

Charcoal is placed in the grill’s bottom section. The grill uses a small grate to elevate the fuel source, thus allowing ash to drop away from the heat source. 

Gas Grills

Gas grills

The most common outdoor barbeque grill is the gas grill. The grills are easy to operate. All you have to do is push a button and the grill turns on. They provide the cook a great deal of control over the temperature and heat of the unit via temperature control knobs.

They will not, however, reach the same temperatures as charcoal grills, as they normally reach a maximum of 400° F to 600°F. Grills that draw fuel from a propane tank require a 20-pound tank that lasts around 25 hours before needing to be replenished; natural gas grills require the installation of a natural gas line from the barbecue to your home. 

Pellet Grills

BBQ with curved island bar and pergola

Although pellet grills have been around for over 30 years, they have been a common option for grilling in the last five years as a convenient and delectable option. 

A hopper is loaded with food-grade wood pellets and an auger is used to transfer them to a burn pot. Depending on the temperature you select on your grill, the burn pot and thermostat function electrically to maintain the proper temperature on the grill. 

Since the electronic temperature controls automatically adjust to maintain the grill within the desired range, there are little adjustments required once the cooker is functioning according to your specifications.

Kamado Grills

Kamado grills

The shape of the kamado grill is more elongated, mimicking the shape of an egg, which explains why it’s called an “egg.” They are heavier than kettle grills and composed of thicker ceramic material. 

While temperature and air flow are adjusted through the top and bottom of the grill, due to its thermal design, small grill alterations will cause temperature changes. 

The grill’s lid is attached to the grill’s base by heavy spring-loaded hinges. You’ll also need to consider adding a heat deflector to the grill. 

Electric Grills

Electric grills

You will need to operate your electric grill in close proximity to an electrical outlet. To heat the grill, you will need access to a socket, either indoors or outdoors.

Many grills come with long cords that allow you to plug them in while keeping them at a safe distance from the heat. One significant selling point of an electric grill, and one worth considering, is its ease of use. There is no need to organize the charcoal each time you wish to use it. 

Where Should I Put My BBQ in My Backyard? 

Where Should I Put My BBQ in My Backyard? 

It’s important to remember that a BBQ is an open flame, and as such, you should always be aware of your surroundings. Maintain a safe distance from the house to the grill. 

Avoid placing the grill just outside the rear door if there are children running in and out. Always position grills on a flat, clean area away from any combustible waste, such as trash bins or mulch. Similarly, low-lying plants and hedges are prohibited.

Can I BBQ On My Patio?

Can I BBQ on My Patio?

Only if the patio isn’t covered by a roof or if the deck doesn’t consist of flammable materials. Grills must be placed at least ten feet away from the side of a building, unless the manufacturer’s instructions specify otherwise. 

Can You Put A BBQ On Decking?

Can You Put a BBQ on Decking?

When you’re firing up your BBQ, you should know there will always be a fire risk due to cooking over an open flame, but with the necessary safety precautions, a charcoal barbecue is completely safe to use on your patio.

Backyard BBQ Area Design Ideas

Encased in Stone 

Encased in Stone 

This beautiful bbq area is outfitted with a big Wolf grill which is the centerpiece of the whole setup. It’s nicely built into the stone island, with counter space to the left and to the right that’s ideal for prepping all the delicious food that needs to be put on the grill. There’s more space on the mini islands with lower tops and a similar stone base. 

Modern Wood Look

Modern Wood Look

If a modern style suits you better perhaps something like this would be to your liking. Notice the simple lines and lack of unnecessary ornaments throughout this whole bbq area and the wonderful choice of materials as well. This is a design done by studio Chicago Roof Deck & Garden.

Kitchen with Pergola

Kitchen with Pergola

A bbq area or an outdoor kitchen don’t need to be very large in order to be practical and to serve their purpose.

A small and simple setup like this one done by studio SJ Renovations seems just right for a regular-size backyard or patio. The style is traditional, with lots of exposed wood and a few distinct accent details. The grill is the piece of resistance and the counter has an interesting shape in order to also be usable as a bar. 

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Ultra Modern Outdoor Kitchen

BBQ with curved island bar and pergola

Here the outdoor kitchen is covered and shares a strong connection to the indoor area that is directly adjacent to it, with only a glass wall in between.

The extended roof protects this space and gives the impression of a semi-indoor area. The overall design and decor are also inspired by the interior. This was part of a project by Bagnato Architecture & Interiors

Boxed In

BBQ with curved island bar and pergola

Although simple, this outdoor kitchen and bbq area has a lot of charm. The cedar cladding suggests a fairly traditional design approach but the built-in appliances, grill included, add a modern vibe to the space.

The result is a fairly eclectic setup with a classic aesthetic. It perfectly shows that compact designs have a lot to offer too. Check out studio Urban Bonfire for more outdoor kitchen options. 

Custom Stonework

Custom Stonework

Fireplaces and fire pits are solid outdoor features. Here you can see that the seating area, the fireplace and the bbq area and by extension the kitchen have all been combined and the result is a very wholesome and inviting setup. All in all, a lovely creation by Copper Creek Landscaping

Doubled Up

Doubled Up

This time the strategy was a bit different. Rather than adding the bbq area to the deck and combining it with the seating area, Studio 6 Architects placed it some distance away, in the garden, surrounded by greenery.

There’s a nice little pathway connecting it to the house. This strategy is nice because it creates a distinction between these areas and it gives the bbq area a unique and special purpose. 

A Statement Piece 

A Statement Piece 

It may not be very large but it really fits the house and the site. The grill is the main feature and the centerpiece, with sleek stainless steel accents and other appliances to match. 

Pull Up Bar

Pull Up Bar

The bbq area and bar are parallel with extra space in between for the BBQ master. They have an earthy and organic color palette pair well with the stone pavers.

Spacious BBQ Area

Spacious BBQ Area

Open decks and patios can be a wonderful source of inspiration. This one stands out because of the way it’s designed to surround and to frame the house.

The geometrical designs and deck flooring create an asymmetrical feel. The bbq area is positioned at the far end of the deck, leaving plenty of room for casual seating and lounging furniture. Check out American Deck and Patio for more details about similar projects.

Everything You Need

Everything You Need

Here’s another beautiful BBQ area, this time integrated into a patio inspired by a craftsman backyard kitchen. The gray and blue hues compliment the stainless steel kitchen appliances.

This time you can see there’s also a backsplash which creates a dividing wall between this space and the adjacent land at the back. It was a project by JCI Construction Corp.

Vertical And Modern

Vertical and Modern

This design chosen by Michael Haverland Architect for this modern house in New York is very clean and simple. The backyard is small but it looks and feels like a natural extension of the indoor living areas. The wooden wall that acts as a backdrop for the BBQ area extends all the way across and is really tall for maximum privacy. 

Great For Entertaining 

Great for Entertaining 

From studio Realm Architecture + Design, the outdoor kitchen design matches the support pillars.

Light And Airy

Light and Airy

The light and coastal color palette, finishes, and materials gives this space a modern appearance. Check out studio JODI FLEMING DESIGN for more details and ideas for inspiring projects. 

Sports Bar Design

Sports Bar Look

A curved patio bar offers style. The pergola roof follows the same contour, extending over the bbq, kitchen, and dining area. The result is a dedicated entertainment space. From Nature’s Touch, a masonry and landscape company, brought this vision to life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Close Can a BBQ Be To A Fence?

The consensus is that a BBQ needs to be at least three feet away from the fence. However, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission states that it’s best to keep the unit at least 10 feet away from structures. 

What Is A Good Firestarter?

Fatwood, which comes from the resinous stumps of pine trees, compressed cedar sawdust, and wax-coated wood shavings are proven firestarters.

What Can I Use A Galvanized Steel Oil Pan?

An oil pan can be used to hold hot coals for Dutch oven cooking. The pan serves as a good landing spot for hot items pulled right off the grill. 

BBQ Design Conclusion

Grilling food in your backyard is a rewarding experience. Grilling meat forces you to embrace the experience of cooking raw meat or smoking a turkey. The intriguing thing about cooking on a BBQ grill is how the results are never the same. Each BBQ is different and impossible to replicate. 

Live-fire cooking offers enjoyable challenges. Once you decide on a BBQ design, you can spend your life cooking outside.