11 Tips for Styling Your Entryway Table

Being a busy place, it’s easy to let your entryway become a space of clutter. Shoes and keys and change can create stress on your mind as soon as you walk in your door. But imagine coming home after a long day and being met with organization, beauty and peace. Not only would it be beneficial to the styling of your home, it would promote the idea that your entire house is a space to relax. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, there are 11 tips you should follow for your entryway table. Check off this list and your entryway will go from glum to glam in no time.

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First you need to choose your entryway table style. Your options depend on the space you have to work with. In a large entryway, a credenza makes a lovely table. In a small entryway, a floating shelf does the job admirably. Make sure you measure before you start shopping. (via Domaine)

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Overhead lighting isn’t anyone’s favorite. So who wants to walk in the door to it? Provide a lamp on your table that will welcome you home with a soft glow. Plus, lamp styles are extensive so you’ll have lots of options for which works best in your home. (via Style Me Pretty)

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You might wonder, what happens to all the shoes and keys and change? Easy. Get some storage. Boxes under your table can stash shoes out of sight and a small tray can corral your keys and change. It’s all about having a place to put things. (via The Everygirl)

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Including a mirror in your entryway is almost a must. Especially if you do a once over before you leave the house. A large mirror will reflect light into a dark entryway but even a small one will have a purpose. (via Architectural Digest)

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A house isn’t a home until there are books in it. Those pages can say a lot about who you are. Whether they’re interior decorating books or biographies or science fiction novels, include a few on your entryway table to add some of your personality. (via Domaine)

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Speaking of personality, it’s always nice to see who lives in a home. Hang some family photos or put your favorite framed picture on the table to greet you with a smile every time you walk in the door. (via Glitter Guide)

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Not all of us have family photos to display. That’s okay. Opt for a piece of statement art that you personally love. Or maybe frame an inspirational quote that will have you ready to tackle the day when you leave every morning. (via Swoon Worthy)

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Don’t forget your greenery! A small houseplant on the table or a large one in an empty corner will breathe life into your entryway. Plus houseplants give us a reason to come home, since they can’t water themselves. (via Amanda Catherine)

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Just because it’s your entryway and you probably don’t constantly see it doesn’t mean you should leave it with the bare bones of decor. Go ahead and add your decorative bits and pieces like a ceramic animal or a collection of bottles. (via 724 South House)

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Feel free to think outside the box. If you don’t have an entryway, make one. You can use all the same tips for an entryway table and just put it all on a wall by the door. At least you’ll get to see your handiwork all the time. (via Lonny)

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In the end, whatever you end up choosing for your entryway table, make sure the final result reflects you. If it doesn’t make you happy, pitch it and start over! Redecorate and tweak until you have an entryway space that makes you sigh with happiness every day. (via Glitter Guide)