How To Get The Most Out Of Your Screened-In Porch

A screened-in porch is a luxury to be enjoyed. If your house already has a porch, then you should use the outdoor space to its full potential. Whether to entertain, relax, or enjoy the outdoors, your porch can be the perfect place.

Screened-In Porch

The problem is that some homeowners feel their porch isn’t private enough for them to enjoy. Another issue that keeps people off of their porches is insects like mosquitoes or ants. Either way, we can help.

A screen porch is part of the solution. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. With a back patio screen and porch enclosure, you can rest easy knowing that you have enough protection. Here, we’ll show you how a simple screen can make your home life more enjoyable. 

Best Screened In Porch Ideas For 2022

As chosen by our team of design experts and editors, here are the best tips to turn your porch into a comfortable living space. 

 Fireplace Porch

Screened in porch living space dining table

From Visbeen Architects, this porch design includes a large fireplace. There isn’t a rule that says you can’t make your porch feel like inside your home. It will make the ideal place to sit and relax on those chilly fall nights. In this example, the furniture and flooring feature earth tones.

If you live in a cold climate, a fireplace would the best choice for a heat source to keep you warm during the winter months.

Rustic Farmhouse Porch

Screened in porch living space dining table

In hotter climates, a ceiling fan would be the best choice for reducing heat. Planning on using your screened-in porch as an outdoor dining area? This example features rustic farmhouse decor.

The porch setting looks like something from the 19th century. Give yourself the indoor kitchen amenities on your porch to make your hosting easier. 

Wicker Furniture Decor

Screened in porch living space dining table

No matter how you use your porch, wicker furniture offers affordable and long-lasting durability. Screened-in porches don’t require high-end furniture. You want to use pieces that handle heavy traffic.

For lighting, hang a small chandelier to make your place glow during those al fresco dinner parties.

Shabby Chic Outdoor Space

Screened in porch living space dining table

Regardless of your porch design, remember to soft touches and accents. In this example, curtains round out the space and make it feel finished.

In this example, the colors and style adhere to a shabby chic aesthetic. The modular wicker sofa and throw pillows provide extra layers of comfort. 

Breakfast Nook Porch

Screened in porch living space dining table

Also, consider mood lighting. String lights provide a casual vibe when hosting larger parties. For intimate dinners with just you and the mother of your children, a candlelit setting would be the best way to show your partner how much you love them. 

Screen Porch With Potted Plants

Screened in porch living space dining table

Screened in porches were made for rattan furniture and potted plants. If you have an existing porch, all you need to do is give it a furniture makeover.

You might think that since your screened porch is already outside, you don’t need to add greenery. However, your space will benefit from a potted plant or two. 

Lazy Porch Theme

Screened in porch living space dining table

Seating on your screened porch doesn’t have to be normal as long as it’s comfortable. Hang a hammock instead of a porch swing or rocking chairs. It will become your favorite place for napping and listening to the rain.

Wooden Porch

Screened in porch living space dining table

Wood is all-natural. If you live in the wilderness, make your porch agree with your surroundings. You’ll need a heat source so you can enjoy the space year-round. If you live in a heavy rainfall environment, building a waterproof patio enclosure will be your best option.

Screened-in porches can be insect magnets. You’ll need to make sure you keep your porch screen tight. During seasons with high winds, if your screens aren’t secure, they can be easily torn or could blow away. 

Is your screened porch connected to a bedroom? Then you have an opportunity for an outdoor sleeping area. It’s like camping but better because you’re right next to all the indoor luxuries you leave behind in a tent.

Modern Farmhouse Porch

Screened in porch living space dining table

Take advantage of exposed wood beams when adding a porch to your home. Large families often need a simple seating solution for those meals when everyone gathers in the same house.

One way to can create an outdoor space for the entire family to enjoy is with a picnic table. You wouldn’t have to worry about food stains or heavy traffic damaging the area.

Playroom Porch

Screened in porch living space dining table

If you have kids, turn your existing porch into a playroom. Screened porches will keep your children protected from mosquitoes and other insects. Provide some fun outdoor things like a water table, a teepee, and a table and chairs just for them.

During colder months, you could use a portable solar powered space heater so your children would stay warm. 

Retractable Porch Screen Design

Screened in porch living space dining table

This example showcases a retractable back patio screen and porch enclosure layout. Maybe you’re thinking a porch isn’t practical for your landscaped yard, but you can enjoy the best of both worlds with retractable screens. Vinyl-coated polyester furniture is ideal for porches. The material can withstand food strains and heavy traffic. In this layout, a small ceiling fan keeps the area cool during hotter months. 

On nice days, you can make your porch a patio and then roll down the screens to keep the bugs away at night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Which Is Better Screened In Porch Or Sunroom?

Converting a screen porch to a sunroom is a bad idea if you’re a plant-lover and have lots of plants. In this case, a sunroom is the best option for keeping plants healthy during the winter.

How Much Does It Cost To Put Windows In A Screened In Porch?

You can expect to pay between $1,200 to $3,200 per window on porch. The price includes labor and materials, but depending on the type of windows you want, it could be more expensive. 

  Can You Build A Screened In Porch On Existing Deck?

It’s easy to add a screened porch or enclosure to an existing deck. You can create a screen enclosure that fits your deck, or you can modify it accordingly. When turning a patio into a screened in porch, reach out to a local contractor and see what they suggest. 

How Do You Block The Sun On A Screened Porch?

Look at it like this, what you want to do is block the heat but not the view. The best thing you could install is solar screen shades which are roller shades made with screen fabric. The outdoor screen blocks UV rays but not the view. The screens are available in different weave patterns. How it works is the tighter the weave the less sunlight will enter the space, but you’ll also sacrifice your view. 

Can You Put Curtains On A Screened Porch?

Elongated curtains will make your porch appear larger and airier. However, you shouldn’t use curtains that extend to the floor as they will get dirty. If you’re hanging single panel or double panel curtains, you’ll need to get a few tiebacks. 

Screened In Porch Conclusion

If you’re looking to spruce up your back patio or deck, why not consider a back patio screen or porch enclosure? Not only will it add some extra privacy, but it can also help keep out unwanted pests.

And if you’re worried about the sun’s harmful rays, an enclosed patio sunroom can protect you from UV rays. If you’re looking to add value and curb appeal to your home, a screened porch would be the answer. While you’re designing the space, splurge on porch furniture that’s strong enough to weather storms and bad weather.

There are a few different options to choose from for screen material, but vinyl-coated polyester is one of the most popular. It’s durable and weather-resistant, making it a great choice for coastal areas. Plus, the porch screens are easy to clean and maintain, so you can enjoy the space for years to come.