12 Tips to Rock Your Screened Porch

When you are a homeowner, it’s only natural that you should crave an outdoor space as well. To entertain, to relax, whatever your reasons, it’s nice to have a place to go and just breathe the fresh air. However, sometimes that is easier said than done when you live in a place that is fraught with bugs and critters and bad weather. How do you really embrace the outdoors when it’s such an uncomfortable place? You’ll find the answer in a simple screen. A screened porch provides a comfortable outdoor space to work and play while keeping all the uninvited guests away. Take a look at these 12 tips to rock your screened porch and incorporate a few into your own outdoor situation.

Screened in porch living space dining tableView in gallery

First things first, don’t think of your porch as a separate space. Envision it as an extension of your living space. Splurge on the furniture that will weather the storms and last because you’ll be glad to sit out there year after year on that couch.

Modern screened porch with stone stacked fireplaceView in gallery

While we’re renovating, consider installing a large piece like a fireplace to really make your porch feel like the indoors outside. It will make the perfect place to sit and relax on those chilly fall nights.

Screened in porch dining room outdoor kitchenView in gallery

Planning on using your screened in porch as an outdoor dining area? Give yourself the indoor kitchen amenities on your porch to make your hosting easier. Cabinets for storage plus a small sink will do wonders for parties.

Farmhouse screened in porch sconce lightingView in gallery

No matter what you use your screened porch for, you will need real lighting for nighttime hangs. Hang a chandelier to make your place glow invitingly during those al fresco dinner parties.

Screened in porch living space curtains lanternsView in gallery

While you’re deciding on decorating details, don’t forget to include all the softening touches. Curtains will make the space feel finished, pillows are for coziness and a rug will add that touch of luxury. All things you can’t afford to skip.

Rustic screened porch decorated with string lightsView in gallery

Also consider your mood lighting. String lights will cast a very pleasant and adequate shine on your space for larger parties. But for family snuggles, you’ll want to keep it to the candlelight.

Screened in porch living room indoor treesView in gallery

Don’t forget the plants! You might think that since your screened porch is already outside, you don’t need to add greenery. However your space will definitely benefit from a potted plant or two. Maybe even a tree!

Modern farmhouse screened porch hammockView in gallery

Seating on your screened porch doesn’t have to be normal as long as it’s comfortable. Hang a hammock instead. It will become your favorite place for napping and listening to the rain.

Screened porch with futon bedView in gallery

Is your screened porch off your bedroom? Then you have the perfect opportunity for an outdoor sleeping area! It’s like camping only better because you are right next to all the indoor luxuries you leave behind in a tent.

Farmhouse partial screened in porch picnic tableView in gallery

Large families often need a simple seating solution for those meals when everyone gathers in the same house. Put a picnic table on your screened porch where all the kids can smash together and you won’t need to worry about food fights.

Screened in porch dining play roomView in gallery

Go ahead and let your kids’ penchant for play run the porch. Provide some fun outdoor things like a water table, a teepee and a table and chairs just for them. You’ll never get them back inside.

Outdoor living area with fireplace and roll up screensView in gallery

Maybe you’re thinking that a screened porch just isn’t practical for your beautifully landscaped yard. Have your cake and eat it too by installing screens that roll up. So on nice days, you can seamlessly make your porch a patio and then roll down the screens to keep the bugs out at night.