11 Screened-In Porch Decorating Ideas

A screened-in porch provides a comfy bridge from the indoors to the outdoors, allowing you to enjoy fresh air without mosquitos. If you want to make the most of your space, these screened-in porch decorating ideas can provide inspiration, ranging from simple to elaborate.

Screened-In Porch

Whether your budget is $50 or $5,000, you can make some of these ideas work for your porch or screened-in patio.

Best Screened-In Porch Decorating Ideas

As chosen by our team of design experts and editors, here are the best tips to turn your porch into a comfortable living space. 

 Screened-In Porch with a Fireplace

Screened in porch living space dining table

From Visbeen Architects, this elaborate screened-in porch design includes a large fireplace. If you’re working with a large budget and live in a cold climate, an outdoor fireplace provides the perfect place to get cozy at night. If a fireplace isn’t in the budget, consider a smokeless portable firepit that you can place on the porch floor.

Rustic Farmhouse Screened-In Porch

Screened in porch living space dining table

If you love grilling, consider turning your porch into a cooking and dining room. A simple grill and a dining table is all you need. These homeowners opted for a modern farmhouse design, adding an oil-rubbed bronze chandelier, ceiling fan, and farmhouse-style seating.

Wicker Furniture Decorating Ideas for the Screened-In Porch

Screened in porch living space dining table

No matter how you use your porch, wicker furniture offers affordable and long-lasting durability. Screened-in porches don’t require high-end furniture – instead, look for weatherproof pieces.

Shabby Chic Outdoor Space

Screened in porch living space dining table

While simple screened-in porch decorating ideas appeal to some, elaborate designs appeal to others. If you like shabby chic, consider going all out, plastering your outdoor space in bright colors and varied textures. Opt for outdoor furniture and rugs for added durability.

Create a Breakfast Nook on Your Screened-In Porch
Screened in porch living space dining table

Breakfast on the porch offers a great start to the day. All you need for this look is a table and chairs. If you want to up the decor, consider an outdoor rug, table runner, and potted plants.

Screen Porch With Potted Plants

Screened in porch living space dining table

Rattan furniture and potted plants are an easy but guaranteed-to-look-good design scheme for a screened porch. Plus, it’ll be easier to keep potted plants alive on your porch since they’ll receive adequate natural light. 

If you’re working with a small budget, thrift your porch furniture. It may take a while to source it all, but you’ll end up with a beautiful, eclectic design.

Put a Hammock on Your Screened-In Porch

Screened in porch living space dining table

Hang a hammock instead of a porch swing or rocking chair. It will become your favorite place for napping and listening to the rain. Plus, it works well for a minimal aesthetic.

Wooden Screened-In Porch Design

Screened in porch living space dining table

If you live in the wilderness, make your porch agree with your surroundings by decorating it with wood.  If you live in a wet climate, a waterproof patio enclosure will be your best option.

You can also add a simple futon to the porch – use it as seating during the day and as a bed when you want to sleep under the stars.

Modern Farmhouse Screened-In Porch Decorating Ideas

Screened in porch living space dining table

For a dramatic effect, take advantage of exposed wood beams when adding a porch to your home. You can create contrast by painting the wood surrounding the beams. You can keep the rest of the design simple and opt for picnic table seating.

Turn Your Enclosed Porch Into a Playroom 

Screened in porch living space dining table

If you have kids, turn your existing porch into a playroom. Screened porches will keep your children protected from mosquitoes while allowing them to be outside. Provide some fun outdoor elements like a water table, a teepee, and a table and chairs just for them.

Retractable Porch Screen Design

Screened in porch living space dining table

This example showcases a retractable back patio screen and porch enclosure layout. Maybe you’re thinking a porch isn’t practical for your landscaped yard, but you can enjoy the best of both worlds with retractable screens. 

On nice days, you can make your porch a patio and then roll down the screens to keep the bugs away at night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Which Is Better Screened In Porch Or Sunroom?

Converting a screen porch to a sunroom is a bad idea if you’re a plant-lover and have lots of plants. In this case, a sunroom is the best option for keeping plants healthy during the winter.

How Much Does It Cost To Put Windows In A Screened In Porch?

You can expect to pay between $1,200 to $3,200 per window on porch. The price includes labor and materials, but depending on the type of windows you want, it could be more expensive. 

  Can You Build A Screened In Porch On Existing Deck?

It’s easy to add a screened porch or enclosure to an existing deck. You can create a screen enclosure that fits your deck, or you can modify it accordingly. When turning a patio into a screened in porch, reach out to a local contractor and see what they suggest. 

How Do You Block The Sun On A Screened Porch?

Look at it like this, what you want to do is block the heat but not the view. The best thing you could install is solar screen shades which are roller shades made with screen fabric. The outdoor screen blocks UV rays but not the view. The screens are available in different weave patterns. How it works is the tighter the weave the less sunlight will enter the space, but you’ll also sacrifice your view. 

Can You Put Curtains On A Screened Porch?

Elongated curtains will make your porch appear larger and airier. However, you shouldn’t use curtains that extend to the floor as they will get dirty. If you’re hanging single panel or double panel curtains, you’ll need to get a few tiebacks.