10 Walk-In Showers With Seats: Styles for a Comfortable Bathroom

Walk-in showers with seats are the answer for concerns like aging-in-place or storage needs. In addition, walk-in showers with seats create a luxurious and comfortable style bathroom that you will never want to leave.

Walk-in showers with seats


After finishing this article, you will be an expert on all things related to seats and benches in the shower and sure to be looking for ways to bring these lovely additions to your own home shower spaces.

Walk-In Showers With Seats: Types

Walk-in showers with seats
TE Esse
  • Tiled bench seating – Creating walk-in shower bench seating with tiles is one of the most common and beautiful styles of shower seating. Many people use the same tiles as on the shower walls, but others use a complementing tile to make the bench stand out from the shower walls.
  • Portable stools – If you do not have a shower seat built into your shower and you don’t want to go to the expense of adding a built-in option, you can use a portable stool. Choose a waterproof stool like plastic or resin that will withstand the constant moisture. However, if you want a more aesthetic option, you can choose a wooden stool like teak that stands up to water.
  • Molded seats – Molded seats are part of some molded shower walls. These are good for people who plan to age-in-place and want to retrofit their shower to work as they get older.
  • Floating seating – If you have tiled shower walls and want to add a minimal style shower bench, consider floating seating. This is a thick slab of material like marble or a wooden bench like bamboo that the designers have built into the wall. This has an open bottom for extra storage and foot room.
  • Shower chairs – If you are looking for a walk-in shower seat for the elderly, look for specific shower chairs for those with extra needs. These come in many different sizes and shapes for unique showers. They have varieties with and without backs and chairs of different heights and different disabilities. In addition, you can buy these chairs in bright colors for extra visibility.
  • Window shower seating – If you like the idea of a tiled bench in the shower, try one as part of a window along the wall.

Walk-In Shower Seat Details

Walk-In Showers With Seats
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Consider the needs you have for shower seating. Do you need it for safety, for the convenience of storage, or to enhance the beauty of the bathroom? If you need seating for safety, you want to ensure easy access with a low threshold and wide door.

In addition, you should consider installing grab bars as well as seating. If you want the seating for storage or aesthetic concerns, there is more flexibility.


Many people wonder where a shower seat should be placed in a walk-in shower. For those with small shower enclosures, there isn’t much room for variation; the seat should go where it will fit.

However, in large walk-in shower enclosures, you should consider a couple of factors. Keep the bench near the shower controls for accessible usage.

If the person using the shower is using the bench to bathe, keep the seating facing the showerhead. However, showerheads should be pointed low so as not to spray anyone in the face.


Most walk-in showers with bench seating are between 17-19 inches high. However, if you are building the shower from scratch or buying a shower seat for the elderly, the height of the seat is customizable. If you are tall, you may want a seat that is higher.

Likewise, an elderly person who has trouble sitting, needs a chair that is taller and more shallow.

Walk-in Showers With Seats: Ideas and Inspiration


Seating in shower enclosures is a way to add more comfort to this space. We have gathered some beautiful ideas if you are considering building from scratch, remodeling, or just accenting your shower stall.

Walk-in Shower With Bench Seat

Walk-in Shower With Bench Seat
Steel Design Solutions

Shower benches are a wonderful way to add seating, storage, and texture on a shower wall. Wood is a good option for a bench because it is not cold like marble or tile and it is less expensive than solid stone.

Teak, unlike other woods, stands up well to moisture. However, in order to keep it in the best condition, you must oil and condition it on a regular basis.

Tile Walk-In Shower With Bench

Tile Walk-In Shower With Bench
Signature Designs

One of the most popular walk-in shower ideas with bench options is using the same wall tile to craft the bench.

This is a good choice for creating a minimalist style because the bench blends with the rest of the walls for a seamless look.

Walk-In Shower With a Corner Seat

Walk-In Shower With a Corner Seat
Tricia Zelaya-Leon

If you have a small shower stall, rather than a center bench along the wall, consider a corner floating seat.

This marble seat creates a custom look in the shower and gives you the convenience of a place to sit without taking up too much valuable space.

Shower Enclosure with a Fold-Down Seat

Shower Enclosure with a Fold-Down Seat

Here is another good idea for a small walk-in shower with a bench. This teak bench folds up to the wall when not in use to preserve the space in the shower.

In addition, notice the chrome safety rails which help to prevent falls. This fold down seat would be perfect for a person who needs some support in the shower stall without the need for a full shower seat.

Walk-In Shower With Two Showerheads

Walk-In Shower With Two Showerheads
Castile Kitchen and Bath

If you have a large shower, you have more options for seating. This shower enclosure uses a hexagonal floor tile with subway tile walls and bench seating.

This shower has the luxury of two shower heads, one near the bench and one on the other side. The bathroom has a historic style with black accents for the fixtures and one the glass doors.

Walk-In Shower With Stool Seating

Walk-In Shower With Stool Seating
TE Esse

This walk-in shower has a large footprint but a simple style. The high window offers beautiful natural light with wall tile that looks like wood paneling.

The shower base is light to complement the decorative tile bathroom floor. The stool seating in the corner is more decorative than utilitarian.

However, they do add interesting texture and interest that complements the modern rustic style of the bathroom.

Distinct Tile

Distinct Tile
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When walk-in showers have tiles and bench seating, these can complement or contrast one another.

This shower features mosaic tiles and marble subway tiles on the shower walls with a marble slab bench in the corner.

This variety allows the bench to stand out from the walls for a more distinct look.

Modern Walk-in Shower with Bench

Modern Walk-in Shower with Bench
Mandarin Stone

If you want to create a modern shower stall style, consider terrazzo tile with a wooden slat bench.

This beautiful shower enclosure has a spare style which works well in the modern context. However, the gold fixture adds just a touch of glam to this otherwise simple shower.

Window Seat

Window Seat

Seating and windows are a natural pairing. This is true both outside and in the shower. If you are considering a new shower installation or remodeling, opt for a bench or other seat near a window in the shower stall. This gives the shower a look that is luxurious and elegant.

Walk-In Shower With Double Stools

Walk-In Shower With Double Stools
Carla Lane Interiors

This large shower enclosure features an open style with two shower areas. The twisted teak stools give the clean, white shower warm and needed texture.

Also, they are the perfect place to lay your waiting towel or display your humidity-loving plants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are shower benches useful?

There are several benefits to having benches in showers. They provide seating for people who have trouble standing in the shower or don’t want to risk falling like the elderly or those who are recovering from sickness or surgery. In addition, they provide a place to store toiletries, to prop up legs while shaving. Also, they are attractive additions to the shower that add more definition to the area.

Where should a shower seat be placed?

If you are going to install a bench or seat in a shower stall, you may be limited regarding its placement. However, if you have room, try to make sure that it is within arm’s length of the shower fixtures and across from the shower head. If you need the bench for decorative or storage purposes, keep the bench out of the water spray.

How much does a shower chair cost?

There are many varieties of shower chairs both decorative and medical grade. Shower chairs range in cost from around $25-$300.

What can I use instead of a shower chair?

The type of shower seating you choose depends on your needs. If you are buying a chair for someone who is elderly or disabled, it is best to buy a shower chair that is built for that purpose. However, you can also use any chair, bench, or stool that is resistant to moisture like plastic, resin, teak, or bamboo.

Do shower chairs fit in bathtubs?

There are many sizes of shower chairs. If you need one for your tub, make sure to measure the bottom of the tub apart from the angled sides. The chair legs need to fit on the flat part of the tub in order to be safe for use.

How do I choose a shower chair?

There are many kinds of shower chairs with various heights and sizes. First, look for a chair that fits the width of the shower stall or bathtub. Next, make sure that you fit well in the chair. Also, consider the height of the chair. You should be able to sit without a strain on your joints. Think about the material of the chair and where you are going to be using it. If you want to be able to move the chair, find a chair in a lightweight material like aluminum. Last, consider the particular features of the chair to make sure that it fits with what you need.


Walk-in shower seating is a useful addition to your shower space. They bring additional storage, add greater safety, and beautify your walk-in showers at the same time.

These seating options are not just for large bathrooms, but there are unique and beautiful options for small bathrooms too.

There are so many options, you will be spoiled for choice.