Shower Plants That Want to Survive in Your Bathroom

Shower plants have become the latest bathroom trend. Plants in your bathroom benefit from the moisture and in return, help keep you healthy. You should know that not all greenery can survive your bathroom due to high moisture levels.

Shower Plants

A plant is a DIY indoor moisture absorber. The plants you choose to put your bathroom must be strong enough to withstand heavy water environments. The plants need direct sunlight but capable to surviving if and when they don’t get it. Dainty plants that need sunlight can suffer from root rot, so they’re not good for bathrooms. 

Why Use Shower Plants?

Shower plants have benefits. Some are good for the plants, while others benefit us. Some benefits may be small, yet others can have an impact on our daily lives.

Why Use Shower Plants?

When you hang a plant in your shower, their benefit improves. Here are the top reasons to put greenery in your shower or bathtub.

Shower Plants Absorb Moisture 

Shower plants absorb moisture. They live the same as they would in outdoor humid conditions. Some plants you do not need to water because they use the moisture that’s in the air.  

The bathroom is the most humid room in a home. The shower is the main source of the bathroom’s humidity. As plants absorb moisture, they eliminate the need for a dehumidifier. 

Shower Plants Purify The Air

Greenery is a natural dehumidifier. A shower plant is almost a natural air purifier. You may think plants purify the air, but that’s a myth. However, they make it easier to breathe more air.

Plants do not remove pollutants, but they provide oxygen. If you increase oxygen levels, those with breathing issues may find it easier to breath when a plant is in the room.

Shower Plants Look Good

The style you are going for will affect the shower plant you choose. While elaborate plants aren’t suitable, there is a happy medium. For top results, find out which plants make the best shower plants, and then choose your favorite.

Shower Plants Make You Feel Good

According to Texas A&M, “Flowers and ornamental plants increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed.” That fact is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of plants.

NBC says that plants improve human concentration and productivity by 15 percent. Indoor plants can improve sleep and reduce stress. All you need are a few plants. 

Best Shower Plants

While many plants can be hung in a shower, you need to choose the best ones. Here are some of the best indoor shower plants:



The eucalyptus might be the most popular indoor shower plant. The plant’s scent is therapeutic and known to have healing properties. If you hang eucalyptus in your shower, it will clear stomach congestion and reduce inflammation. 

With eucalyptus, you want to hang the plant high. Use small bundles and hang them like mistletoe. If you do this, you may want to shower more.

Snake Plant

Peace Lily

The snake plant is easy to care for and hard to kill. It does not need a lot of light or water. Too much overwatering won’t harm it. If you put a snake plant in your bathroom, make sure it’s in a place where you won’t hit it. The snake plant is sharp and it can cut human skin. 

Air Plants

Peace Lily

Air plants are plants that don’t need soil. You can hang them from the ceiling or the side of the shower. Air plants will thrive in a shower because they can withstand high humidity and they don’t make a mess with soil.

Greenery that requires rich soil and fertilization will make a mess in your bathroom. Air plants don’t have soil beds and they’re easy to cultivate.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

The spider plant is similar to the snake plant. They’re both thick and do not need a lot of attention. As easy house plants that make good shower plants, don’t let your shower water the spider plant.

Spider plants can withstand high humidity. Do not let bathwater saturate the plant. Spider plants thrive when moist. You may not have to water them if the humidity takes care of the watering. 

Eternity Plant

An eternity plant live up to its name and more. Also known as Zanzibar gems, the plant is tropical by nature. Tropical plants thrive in high humidity climates.

The plant species is also known as the ZZ plant. They are good shower plants because they are hardy and love moisture.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

The peace lily represents peace, purity, and hope. With their positive vibes, it’s hard to resist this one. If you care for the peace lily, it will thrive in your shower.

The plant requires indirect sunlight. It needs heavy watering each time they’re watered. When you take a shower, and the plant will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can I Hang A Purple Shower Plant In My Bathroom Shower?

No, you can’t. It would be a bad idea and almost impossible to hang a purple shower plant, otherwise known as a “Mexican petunia” in your shower. The plant needs full sunlight and does not grow well in indoor settings. 

Where Can You Buy Eucalyptus For A Shower?

You can buy good eucalyptus for the shower at many places. Home improvement stores have eucalyptus plants. So do grocery stores and online plant stores. But the best place to buy them is at a nursery. 

Nurseries sell eucalyptus plants that you can hang in your shower. 

Are There Any Cons To Putting Plants In The Shower?

If your plants are in safe place, there aren’t any cons to place them in your bathroom. Take care of the plants just as you would if they were in the living room or outside. 

If you take care of your trees and greenery, they will thrive and take care of you. Don’t put dangerous plants in the shower, and stick to those that can handle water.

Do Shower Plants Need To Be Watered?

Shower plants do not need to be watered as much as other indoor houseplants. The humidity from the shower is enough to keep them satisfied. If you don’t use the bathroom often, then water them.

For example, if you add greenery to a guest bathroom and the shower is used once a month, then water the plant. If you use the shower every day, the plant will not need to be watered.

How Long Do Shower Plants Live?

Shower plants live as long as any other plant. The species of plant affects how long the plant lives, not whether it is in the bathroom or not. Choose the right plants, and you can have a green companion for years to come.

If you want to know the average life span of a plant, the answer is two to five years. However, if not taken care of, house plants won’t live a month. If taken great care of, the greenery can live a decade.

Which Plants Are Bad For The Shower?

Plants that don’t like to sit in water or be overwatered do not belong in the shower. Cactus and other plants that like to stay dry don’t do well in high moisture rooms. They will often yellow and die if they get too wet.

Ask a nursery attendant or your neighborhood plant expert if you have any questions regarding the particular plant you have in mind. Some greenery makes amazing shower plants while others want to be kept dry.

Shower Plant Conclusion

It’s fun and exciting when a new trend emerges. People are hanging plants in their showers at home, and it’s a good idea. The mental health benefits the plants offer have been a welcome surprise. 

A shower plant is a DIY bathroom air purifier. Plants remove toxins and clean indoor oxygen supplies. Why not hang a plant in your shower?

As a trend to emerge during the lockdowns, the shower plant could be the healthiest one yet.