Where To Buy Moving Boxes At The Best Price

Moving boxes are necessary when you are moving. What most people don’t know are the number of options to consider when selecting and buying moving boxes. 

Moving Boxes

You need to figure out when you can buy boxes and where you can find them at cheaper than normal prices. Don’t spend too much money when you can get them for a fair price.

Where To Buy Moving Boxes

If you haven’t moved in a few years, then you haven’t thought about where moving boxes come from.  You need to find right places to buy boxes and compare their prices.

Where To Buy Moving Boxes

A few options will reign supreme when pricing, variety, and quality are considered.

Here are the best places to buy moving boxes:


The United States Postal Service can sell you boxes or you can get select boxes for free from their store. If you only need a few small boxes, then the USPS is the way to go as you can get some amazing deals.

They will ship a variety set to you for free. If you want larger boxes, you can get them, but you’ll have to pay. The best part about their boxes is that you can send them in the mail to the new address. 


If you want a huge selection of boxes tailored to your exact needs, the U-Haul has your back. At U-Haul, they have dozens of choices that can fit anything from a TV to clothing complete with a rod for hanging.

Their best deals are those that offer multiple boxes in one unit. They offer is a wardrobe kit, but if you want to cover everything, choose the set based on how many bedrooms your new house will be.


It’s no surprise to hear that Amazon has a huge variety of moving boxes available. They have cheap moving boxes in all shapes and sizes because they have everything that you could ask for at their stores.

Amazon sells single boxes, or you can shop smart and buy in bulk with  rates starting at $2 for one medium box. Other stores sell their medium boxes for $5 or more.


When you think of Lowe’s, you think of lumber, garden tools, and paint. But you can buy moving boxes of all sizes.  

Lowe’s has affordable boxes that you can also buy one at a time. Their cheapest box costs $1 while their most expensive set is over $100.

FAQs About Moving Boxes


UPS is more than a delivery service, the company can also provide you with all of the moving supplies that you need. Their moving and shipping boxes are two separate items. 

The problem is you must buy the boxes in-person and not online. However, they will help pack the boxes. Ask about the other services they offer.

Home Depot

Home Depot heavy duty moving boxes are popular for moving home or office items. The home repair retailer offers plenty of choices for moving boxes. You can get a number of boxes from them at a cheap  

The cheapest moving box at Home Depot will costs one dollar. But their best deals are over $100 as these are the cheapest per box.

  • $1.05 Small Box: 17×11
  • $155.93 Huge Kit: 48 Boxes
  • $54.05 Kitchen Kit: 10 Kitchen Boxes


Like Amazon, Walmart has some safe choices for moving boxes. You can buy cheap single moving boxes from them or get sets of around 25. For unique deals, visit your local Walmart or visit them online for bulk deals.

They offer fast shipping and you can receive 25 boxes in less than a week. Their shipping is free for orders over $35, and if you’re like most people, you need more than $35 in moving boxes.


Staples is an office store that carries moving boxes. Their boxes have handles and lids, making them perfect for hard-to-carry items that you want to access easily during the move.

The prices at Staples are higher than other stores that sell moving boxes, but their quality makes up for it. You won’t find boxes like these at many other stores that sell moving boxes.

  • $13.44 Simple Small Boxes: Bankers 5-Pack
  • $23.49 Medium Heavy Boxes: Heavy Duty 4-Pack
  • $38.71 Moving Kit: 12-Pack Variety


The chart at FedEx will tell the size of each box, cost, and what can fit in each box. For example, their smallest box will fit two average-sized drinking glasses.

Their largest box can fit a bicycle. Anything in-between can fit into the boxes that FedEx has to offer. The prices range from $1.75 to $40 per box if you don’t have them pack the box for you as well.

Office Depot

Office Depot box sizes are come in many shapes and offer stability and protection for you valuable items. The box sizes are cheap, but not the cheapest on this list. The office retailer specializes in odd-shaped boxes. For example, a telescope box or side loading boxes that are good for shipping fragile items.

Check them out before settling if you have something that you believe is too difficult to move in a regular box. 

Place Of Work

Here is a life hack that may help – if you work at a restaurant, retail store, or a business that receives shipped good and supplies,  you could snag a few boxes.

Ask your boss or manager for unused boxes they are planning on throwing away or recycling. 

Types Of Bubble Wrap

When moving delicate personal items or expensive office equipment, you need to protect then. Bubble wrap padding prevents breakage and damage due to rough handling. There are three types of bubble wrap, with each one serving a purpose. You might wonder if Walmart sells bubble wrap, and if so, the answer would be yes. 

1. Pouches

Bubble wrap pouches protect small items like jewelry, tools, and glassware in 4X7.5 inch self-sealing bags.

2. Air Pillows

Puffy air pillows provide cushions for items while in transit by securing them in place. The pillows fill up space in moving boxes to keep things from shifting inside. The air pillows are lightweight, so they won’t weigh the containers down.

3. Padded Rolls

Roll-out bubble wrap adds a protective layer around glass and mirrors. You can cut however much you need and secure the bubble wrap with strong packing tape. The bubble wrap protects furniture corners and edges from scratches, nicks, and dents when moving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How To Load A Packing Tape Dispenser Gun?

A packing tape dispenser gun is a necessary tool for moving. You will need to seal your moving boxes so nothing falls out of them. A tape dispenser gun saves time and effort when sealing moving boxes.

When loading a tape dispenser gun, first, roll the tape wheel on a flat surface. Check the tape unwind tool and make sure the sticky side faces down. Pull five inches of tape off with the tape sticky side down between the roller and metal loading gate. Next, pull the tape under the roller.

If the tape doesn’t unwind, add or reduce tension where necessary.

What Is The Best Moving Box For A Flatscreen Plasma TV?

When moving a flatscreen plasma TV, the best moving box would be a large heavy duty cardboard TV moving box with handle holes. The adjustable two-piece box and fit a 70-inch TV, mirrors, and art that’s 39X65 inches. The TV moving box includes a foam bag and four protective corners.

Where Can I Buy The Cheapest Moving Boxes?

The cheapest moving boxes are free. So, check with your place of work and USPS. After you get all that you can there, finish up at either Walmart or Amazon, as they have the cheapest available bulk boxes.

Can I Get Free Moving Boxes?

Start with where you work, then check USPS. From there, you’ll find specialty recycling stores willing to give their boxes away.

Where Can I Get Other Packing Supplies Near Me?

USPS and FedEx have the best packing supplies. But Amazon, Walmart, and USPS also have affordable packing supplies like tape and bubble wrap. Buy in bulk to save money on packing supplies.

What Do I Do With My Old Moving Boxes?

You can pay it forward and ask your friends if any of them need the boxes. If they don’t, then consider contacting that box company that gives away boxes. You will never regret doing your part for the environment.

Can I Hire Someone To Pack Moving Boxes For Me?

FedEx, UPS, and USPS all pack boxes for you. Sometimes, they will do it for free, other times you will have to pay them. If you have a lot to pack then U-Haul is probably your best bet.

Moving Boxes Conclusion

Moving boxes can make relocating from one place to another a smooth experience. As a general rule of thumb, after you’re done moving, do not hang on to the boxes. You’ll want to give them away or recycle them.

Insects and pests can turn a cardboard box into a bug incubator. From there, bugs can turn your unused cardboard boxes into ground zero for a home invasion. The point here is that when you are done with the moving boxes, get rid of them.