How To Find The Best Moving Companies For You

Best moving companies are something you start searching for as soon as you decide that you are moving. After all, that and changing your address take care of two of the most stressful parts of moving to a new house.

Best Moving Companies

If you’re moving to a new state, then the list is even longer. But no matter where you move to, hiring a moving company is almost necessary for you to have the most stress-free move possible, allowing you to enjoy your new home. 

How To Find The Best Moving Companies

How To Find The Best Moving Companies

Finding the best moving companies for you can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. There are a few things to consider that can help you narrow down your search and find the best moving companies available.

This checklist can help you do just that. Look at each one and check them off until you feel comfortable with your choice. Sometimes all you need is a little peace of mind to make your move enjoyable.

Best Moving Companies According To Peers

This may be the first thing that you do. These are the ways that word of mouth, either in-person or online, can help you find the best moving companies for your move. 

  • Ask Your Friends

Asking your friends should be the first thing you do. If someone you know has had success with specific companies, then you probably will too. They can let you know what they paid, what the company did, and any complaints they have. 

Ask for complete transparency and try not to judge them for anything they say. Ask multiple friends if they have the same moving company and see which things coincide and which ones are contradicting. 

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  • Read Reviews

Of course, reading reviews from strangers can be helpful. Although many sites allow the company to delete reviews, most of them are set in stone on that side. So look for complaints and good reviews as well.

Question The Best Moving Companies

After you read about the companies or hear about them from friends, it’s time to do your own work by questioning them directly. These are the two things you should do when you talk to the best moving companies. 

  • Get An Estimate

Ask them for an estimate, but not just any estimate. Ask them for a ballpark figure, but also request a binding estimate. When you get a binding estimate, they can’t charge you any more than they estimate. 

  • Ask For Services Offered

Sometimes, a moving company has guidelines that they follow that may be different than what you’d expect. They may only transport your items, they may not take appliances, or they may not load furniture. Ask for everything! 

Homework For The Best Moving Companies

Finally, it’s time to do your own homework. This is the list of things you should do on your own time that doesn’t require anything else but your own mind and your PC. 

  • Do A Background Check

Google, Google, Google. Check the Better Business Bureau, look for anything you can about the business for as far back as possible. Find any lawsuits or legal trouble the company has gotten into. Everyone has a friend that can help with this! 

  • Don’t Use A Broker

Using a broker can be tempting because it feels like a lot less work. But it can be risky. The broker isn’t usually liable for getting you into a scam. It’s easier to trust reviews and background checks done by someone you know.

  • Check The DOT

Most moving companies are registered with the Department of Transportation. Check with DoT to make sure that the moving company is registered with them. Ask the company beforehand if they are and they can give you registration numbers. 

  • Compare!

Finally, it’s important to compare the prices and services with other moving companies you have in mind. Pick three to choose from and get all of the info you can from each before making that final decision. 

Local Moving Companies 

Local Best Moving Companies 

If you have searched and searched “moving companies near me” and found little useful information, then don’t worry. You’re not at the end of your rope. Here are some of the best moving companies that do local moves.

This doesn’t mean they all only do local moves, but they don’t do international moves. A few of them do long-distance, but most of them prefer to travel within the state or a neighboring state they are located. 


Handled is one of the best companies for local moves. They serve 37 states and are always expanding. They offer instant binding estimates that are flat rates rather than hourly rates. So you know what you’ll be paying.

They also do car shipping, loading/unloading, and free cancellations up to 24 hours before your reservation. On top of that, you can use their website to calculate your own estimate without talking to them directly.


PODS serves almost all states but also includes Canada, U.K., and Australia. They do long-distance moves, local moves, and even a few types of international moves. They do loading/unloading, and free cancellations up to the day before delivery.

They don’t ship cars however but they do offer a variety of different types of containers to cater to your needs. Not to mention, PODS gets great reviews, so read them until you feel comfortable hiring them. 


You knew this was going to be here. U-Haul is the most popular moving company because it has long been trusted and has locations in all 50 states. You can hire them from anywhere in the country.

They do long-distance moves, local moves, international moves, and free cancelations anytime. They won’t ship cars but you can rent a car via them so you have transportation if your car is shipped another way. 


If you do use a broker, Bellhop is the way to go. You can use them to track down the best local moving companies for you. They make things much easier but they don’t service all states, so you have to check their website to see if they can serve you.

They also don’t let you compare your own companies and guide you through the process instead. So you won’t know the background for each company and instead can only compare quotes if needed.

Long-Distance And International Best Moving Companies

If you’re moving internationally, your options are more limited. There are still a lot of moving companies that deal with international moves but it can be difficult to know which ones do without doing your own research. 

United Van Lines

United Van Lines offers just about everything you could need out of a moving company. They offer a lot of different services for international moves and have a great quote calculator to help you figure out how much you’ll pay. 

They also have a great blog that lets you know some fun facts and find out more about your destiantion country and how the move will go. If you’re moving internationally, they are a tried and true company to choose.


Mayflower may be the number one long-distance moving copany, but most people don’t know that they also offer international moves as well. And yes, they are just as good at international moves as national moves. 

Mayflower has been at it for more than 50 years, which makes it one of the oldest moving companies in America. So it’s no wonder it is so popular, receiving all kinds of awards for the work it has done.

Allied International Van Lines

Allied International is another wonderful international moving company. They serve over 130 countries, so there’s a good chance that wherever you’re going, Allied International can be right by your side.

You can even track your cargo and furniture online just like you’re tracking a USPS package. With this sort of transparency, it’s hard not to trust them, and according to reviews, there isn’t any reason not to. 

JK Moving Services International

Not only does JK Moving Services International offer a lot of services that help to make moving overseas easier, but they also offer great financing. Some even pay 0% APR to help with moves they couldn’t otherwise afford. 

If you have any questions at all, you can also chat with them at any time via a life chat they have available on their site. Just click the bubble at the bottom right and ask any questions you have at no cost.

Atlas Van Lines

Atlast Van Lines makes moving abroad as easy as possible. They help with business moves, military moves, and personal moves. They also put COVID-19 precautions as a priority which says a lot about them as a company.

They don’t cut corners and treat everyone equally, offer info on immigration services and so much more. Check out their website to feel right at home knowing you will be well taken care of with Atlas.


U-Pack is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest long-distance moving companies available. You load your own containers, hence the name, but they do everything else. You hire their transportation.

It may seem bothersome, but you only pay for what they do, and you only pay for space that you use. So no overpaying for all that space that you aren’t even putting stuff in. They make it as simple and cheap as possible. 

What Are The Best Moving Companies For Me?

Which Company Is For Me

Remember the list we made earlier? take a look so you can check off everything on the list to find out which one is perfect for your move. If you’re moving internationally, then a local company won’t do.

But you can hire two different companies. One on this end and one on the other. It may be more expensive but it works if you choose a cheaper company on at least one side. Just make sure to set both appointments up on the right day!