The Final Answer To, “How To Change My Address”

Changing your home address isn’t simple. If you’re looking for the final answer to, “How to change my address,” then you’ve come to the right place.

A Change My Address Checklist

How To Change My Address

The list includes who to notify when you move. Government office takes priority. With shopping and leisure, you can have your mail forwarded. 


This one is a given but make them a priority. If you’re keeping the same job, your employer needs to have your correct address.


The DMV isn’t fun. They need to know you are changing addresses. They will update your ID and the info they have will circulate in the judicial system. 

You will need to bring proof of residency, so make sure you have an official utility bill mailed to your new address before you You’ll also need your ID.

The site for the DMV varies depending on your state. Make sure the website ends in .gov before giving them any information. 

Social Security

If you don’t receive social security or Medicare, you can leave this one out. Your social security card doesn’t have an address on it. However, if you do receive benefits, you’ll have to let them know so you can keep receiving them.

Gas, Water, Electric

These companies will need to know a new owner will be in the residence. Or, if you’re going to leave the house unattended, you can have them shut off. Or, have your bills sent to your new home.


Your internet service provider will let you know if their services will be available at the new home. They can also cancel your current plan so you won’t be paying for internet that isn’t being used. 

Cable Network

Just as your internet service provider needs to know you’re moving, so does your cable network. If you use Roku or another similar program, you won’t need to contact anyone. But if you have Direct TV or Dish, you should call them.

Voter Registration

There are a few reasons to change your voter registration address. For one, you need to know where the nearest poll booths are. Second of all, you need to have the right address on record so that you will be accounted for in the right district. 

Doctors And Lawyers

We all get attached to our doctors and lawyers. If you can keep yours, go for it. If not, you can call them and let them know where you are moving. They can then refer you to a colleague or other professional they trust. 


Your bank definitely needs to know your new address, especially if you receive bank statements in the mail. You can also find out if any of the same bank chains will be near your new address or if you have to close your account and find a new bank.

Don’t forget to order updated checks as well.

Loan Companies

If you are paying off any loans then you need to contact that office and let them change the address they have one record. Even if you’re not paying yet, they need to know where you will be staying for when the time comes. 

Insurance Companies

Of course, your house insurance provider needs to know you are moving. But so does your health insurance provider, life insurance provider, and car insurance provider. Even Marketplace will need to be contacted. 



This one is big and oh, so important. Let the IRS know when you can. However, this can generally wait until you file your taxes. However, if you move soon after you file your taxes, it’s important to contact them as soon as you can. Especially if you’re expecting a tax return. 


If you have an accountant or tax guy, you can have him update your address at the IRS. But even if he doesn’t do your taxes, it’s good to let him know that you’re moving. He may still be able to be your accountant or can refer you to a new one. 


If you have investments, you will need to contact your broker. They need to know where you are and to keep the correct address on record. 


If your dog is microchipped, this is important. If you have the wrong address on their microchip record, then the dog will be returned to the wrong address. But even if the dog doesn’t, you can call the vet for the same reasons you call the doctor.


If you subscribe to loot boxes or magazine subscriptions, remember to call the providers. You wouldn’t want someone else getting your Ipsy or Nat Geo magazine. Who knows, they just might pocket them.

Amazon, eBay, Etc. 

Unless you want your packages getting into the wrong hands, you’ll update your address on any delivery service you have. This includes Walmart, HEB, or whatever grocery service you’ve been using this year.

Notifying Friends And Family

This may be even more important than the others. It’s hard to remember everyone, with the stress that comes with moving. But you don’t want anyone to feel left out or to send personal mail to the wrong address.

Notifying On Social Media

This is a big no-no. Sharing personal information online is never a good idea. You can private message people but don’t share that you’re moving in a status. Even if you don’t give details. There are always lurkers looking for an opportunity. 


Making The Calls

You’ll need to inform everyone who is important in your life.  Call your family first, and then friends and everyone else. 

How To Change Your Mailing Address

How To Change Your Mailing Address

Your mailing address is different than other address changes. This is where the USPS will send your mail. You can even have all mail forwarded to your new address so it goes straight from the post office to your new home. 

To do this, follow these instructions and read everything you need to know about a postal address change. Remember to check the FAQs for any questions that you may have.

How To Change Address Online

If you don’t want to call any company, you can change most of them online. Just make sure you find the official site for each company and service. Google can help a lot as they prioritize legit results. However, even Google isn’t perfect.

Government sites always end in .gov. Most other sites you’ll update end in .com. If there is a strange ending then call the provider or company first to make sure this is correct. Don’t use the number on the site to call. Google the number instead. 

Also, you won’t be charged for any change except on USPS, which will only be $1.05. If a company tries to charge you for an address change, call them, and make sure that this is standard. This charge will only be one time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What If I'm Not Moving Yet?

Except for with the USPS, you’ll need to change your home address before or right after you move. You can try to call the companies individually and ask them to update it a certain day, but most of them will not.

Can I Just Rent A P.O. Box?

Yes! This is a perfect way to make sure your mail only gets to you and no one else. Rent a P.O. box at the town you will be moving to. That way, you can have all of your mail forwarded there while you make the necessary changes. 

What If I'm An Immigrant? 

Unfortunately, for immigrants things aren’t as easy. You only have ten days after you move to update your address at the USCIS. Find out all you need to know about updating your address when you’re not a citizen here. 

Does VA Need To Know?

Yes. The Department Of Veterans Affairs needs to know you changed your address if you’re receiving benefits. If you’re applied for benefits but haven’t heard back from them, let them know you’re moving so they can contact you when your application has been approved. 

How Do I Change My Address On Amazon?

Sites like Amazon and eBay make it easy to change your info. But if you don’t know where to start, check out their own FAQ pages. Here you can find exactly how to change your address on Amazon.