Easy House Plants For Beginners And Those Without Time

Finding easy house plants for your home can take years if you don’t educate yourself before you get started. That’s why it is important to learn all you can about houseplants before you buy your next one.

easy house plants

If you don’t then you could end up killing them in weeks, which is a waste of money and heartbreaking for the plant. So, learn everything you can about these living creatures so you never have to feel like a failure.

But don’t let that get to you. Because the secret to growing plants is that anyone can do it! You just have to find the right plants for you. That’s what we are here to help you do so you too can have the best plants around.

What Are Easy House Plants?

What Are Easy House Plants?
Image from Chris Barrett Design

Easy house plants can be split up into two categories. Those that are hard to kill, or easy to grow, and those that are easy to take care of. Meaning, they are great for people without much time whether they have a green thumb or not. 

Learn which type you need. If you tend to let plants die no matter how hard to try to keep them alive then easy to grow houseplants are what you want. But if you do have a green thumb and don’t have time, the easy-care houseplants are for you. 

Either way, both of these types of plants can work for beginners. Because they both need very little care and won’t die without a long time of improper care. In short, there is a lot of room for mistakes with these easy houseplants. 

Easiest House Plants To Grow

Easiest House plants To Grow
Image from LA Design Build

If you are looking for easy plants to grow then we have a few options for you. These plants will be difficult to kill even if you have a knack for letting plants will, yellow, and fall apart. They are that hearty.

However, these easy house plants do need to care for these plants. So if you don’t have any time to spend on them then you may want to choose something else. They won’t last too long alone but they aren’t easy to kill if you do care for them. 

Jade Plant is the easiest house plant to grow

Jade Plant is the easiest plant to grow

The jade plant is one of the first easy house plants that you may think of when you think of easy-to-grow house plants. In fact, jade plants are often seen as good luck. And one of the luckiest things about them is their will to live.

You don’t need to water the jade plant on a schedule but make sure you water it before it dries out completely. Give it full sun and between 55 to 75-degree temperatures to keep it as healthy as possible.

Dracaena are easy house plants to grow for small spaces

Dracaena second easiest plant to grow

Dracaena plants are actually a genus of over 120 species of plants. All of them have one thing in common: they are easy to keep alive. They need general plant care and shouldn’t be left alone, but they are hearty.

It is important to keep their soil moist but not soggy. So water it regularly no matter what species you have. You should also fertilize the plant of this genus every two or three weeks, or even sooner in the winter. 


Pothos is an easy plant to grow

The pothos plant is one of the most popular plants for a reason. This is a plant that can live through almost anything and thrives from any care at all. It isn’t a survivor if it doesn’t get any attention but it only takes a little. 

The pothos plant has one major rule, do not let it get too much sun. It can dry out fast and doesn’t do well in direct sunlight. Other than that, it doesn’t need much and may even be an easy-care houseplant. 

Spider Plant is the most popular and easy to grow

The most popular and easy plant to grow - Spider Plant

The spider plant may have a daunting name but it is a harmless plant that is great to have around. It will last for decades if you let it and will make you feel like a botanist when you see how healthy you keep it.

The most important thing about caring for spider plants is making sure that it has a good drainage system. If it can’t drain well then it will do doubt end up with root rot. So make sure it can drain and you are good.

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant - another family loved plant

Rubber plants are similar to spider plants in the way that they are super easy to keep alive and they have thick leaves. But they can also grow to be very, very tall if you let them grow. You may find them reaching the ceiling.

They will need bright indirect sunlight. But this is easy to take care of. The only thing that rubber plants really need that is special is slits cut where leaves fall off in order for new ones to grow and thrive. 

Easy House Plants To Care For

Easy Care House Plants - Corner placing
Image from Leili Design Studio

Now that we’ve gone over easy house plants that are easy to keep alive with the care we are ready to take a look at some house plants that are easy to keep alive even without care. These are for those with a busy lifestyle. 

If you have time to care for the plant but don’t have the skills to care for a plant, then consider one of the easy house plants above. Otherwise, check out these plants that don’t need much attention to thrive indoors

Aloe Vera plants are soothing easy house plants

Choosing The Right Plant For You

This plant has quite the healing properties but it also is a plant that can self-heal in a way. This is a succulent plant that can thrive in the wild so that makes it very easy to keep alive even if you skip care for a while.

The aloe vera plant needs to be watered very little and actually shouldn’t be watered the first week after it is in a new pot. This plant can get by with little to no attention and still produce amazing gel for you.

Cast Iron is an easy house plant, not just a material

Cast-iron plants aren't plants that you can cook potatoes

Cast-iron plants aren’t plants that you can cook potatoes in as you may assume by the name, but a plant that gets its name from being so durable. It is nearly indestructible making it great for beginners and those without time for it. 

It is better to keep this plant away from the intense light that can burn it but other than that, it should be fine. They prefer high moisture content soil but can survive a drought if you forget to water it.

Christmas Cactus

This cactus is so easy to care for, though it does do well when propagated.

Most cacti do well when left alone, but the Christmas cactus has a special place in this category. It gets its name from everyone’s favorite holiday and the colors prove that it belongs right next to the Christmas tree.

This cactus is so easy to care for, though it does do well when propagated. You can do this by cutting short Y-shaped segment from the stem tips. It doesn’t need to be done often at all, so it can be left alone for a long time.

Snake Plant

t is one of the easiest plants to forget because it requires s

Make sure the snake plant can drain and don’t overwater it. That’s about all you need to do for this heart plant. It is one of the easiest plants to forget because it requires so little attention! So go ahead and forget it.

NASA loves the snake plant because NASA research has proven that snake plants can keep the air inside your home clean, removing toxins and keeping the air fresh. Now, who doesn’t want a NASA plant in their home?

Peace Lily

best well-rounded house plants.

Peace lilies are one of the best well-rounded house plants. Not only are they easy to keep alive but they bring a sense of “peace” to the home as well. The contrast of the dark leaves and white flowers is stunning.

When it comes to caring for the plant, the most common mistake is overwatering. You shouldn’t let the lily dry out for an extended period of time but it can go for quite a while without being watered, just don’t water it too much. 

Prayer Plants are an easy house plant blessing

Easy Prayer Plant

Some easy house plants look magical in still photos but it takes real-life experiences with the prayer plant to understand its magical properties. This plant actually closes up at night as if it is praying and opens back up during the daytime. 

The prayer plant prefers well-drained soil and a humid room but other than that, the day-to-day care is fairly easy to take care of. Keep it humid and make sure the plant can drain and the plant will be fine.

Choosing The Right Easy House Plant For You

Choosing The Right and Easiest Plant For You
Image from John McClain Design

It is important to stay humble yet try not to be self-conscious when choosing and taking care of a plant. Everyone fails sometimes, especially when it comes to plants. If you can’t get it right, you may be choosing the wrong plant.

First of all, find the right plant for your climate by finding out the local plants and whether you need a warm-season or cool-season plant. Then find out where you stand on plant expertise for best results. 

Finally, look at the easy house plants on your list and find the one that you just love the look, feel and smell of. Some people forget to go for a plant they love the smell of and that never works out! So always check off these three things!