Lanai Porch Designs To Increase Your Home’s Value

A lanai porch offers protection from outdoor elements. The enclosed structure combines design elements of a porch, patio, and veranda. It also features a screen that safeguards against insects, UV rays, and dust.

Lanai Porch

If you already have a patio and want to add value to your home, turning it into a lanai would be beneficial. Real estate professionals have noted that a lanai offers an 80 percent return on investment. Here, we’ll show you the qualities of a lanai  and why you should add one to your home. 

We’ll also offer reasons why you should build one, and share a few inspirational designs. And later, we’ll answer common questions that people have when considering adding a lanai to their home.

What Is A Lanai?

A lanai is an outdoor enclosure with a screen and paved surface area on the outside of a home. Imagine a porch or patio, but with a screen. The building roof covers the lanai and is complete with screen enclosures. Lanai enclosures are always on the ground floor of a home.

Lanai Porch

This outdoor living space is prevalent in warmer climate states like Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, and Texas. The lanai enclosure can be warmed up with outdoor heaters in colder months.

The lanai gets its name from the island of Lanai in Hawaii. Most homes in Hawaii have a lanai.

You will find that backyard lanai enclosures are in the backyard rather than the front of a home. Although the space sits outside of the walls of the main house, you can use enclose a lanai with framing, columns, or even hedges.

Difference Between a Lanai, Veranda, Porch, And Patio

Although you have heard the terms, you may be wondering about the difference between the outdoor spaces. In a broader sense, all these structures have the same underlying building foundations and are located outside.

However, there are some subtle technical differences between these outdoor spaces. The difference between a lanai and a patio is that patios are found at the ground level and are not covered by a roof.

Difference Between a Lanai, Veranda, Porch, and Patio

Verandas differ because they can be freestanding and use columns or are open without solid walls.

The difference between a lanai and a porch is that porches can be found in the front and back of the house, whereas lanai porches are on the backside.

All of these structures are on the ground floor, unlike balconies on higher levels.

Reasons To Build A Lanai 

Building a lanai enclosure is easy. All you need is a concrete slab, walls, an entryway, and screens.

Here are a few reasons to build a lanai:

  • It’s an outdoor space with easy access to the house. The lanai is a perfect outdoor space for those who have limited abilities to be outdoors, like elderly folks.
  • You don’t have to look through windows. Although it’s nice to look out your home’s windows, the enclosed porch gives you a complete view without being outside in the elements.
  • The screened porch keeps the bugs out. Locations like Florida have tons of huge bugs, but having a screen enclosure keeps the bugs, birds, and critters outdoors.
  • Protection from the weather. Covered lanai porches keep you protected from some elements like the wind and rain.
  • It’s a relaxing space. The open-air room provides a place where you can lounge and enjoy the fresh air.
  • It gives you more space. A lanai is like having an additional room outside of the house. You can use the space for lounging, dining, and playing games.

This outdoor extension provides a space for activities and is a functional space.

How To Design A Lanai

When designing your veranda, always start with the foundation. Install a paved outdoor area adjoining the house. Your flooring can be brick, concrete slabs, tiles, or stone.

Next, use existing walls, on the house or build walls. You can also use railing, short walls, or add columns to add style. Lanai porches have a screen enclosure that wraps around the entire porch. You can install light-colored screens to keep the space bright and fresh.

How to Design Your Lanai Porch

When decorating, choose a focal point in your lanai enclosure. The focal point can be the seating area like an oversized L-shaped couch, a fireplace, or the pool.

Inspiring Lanai Enclosure Ideas

The following designs incorporate the best of outdoor living into functional spaces. Get inspired by the colors, structures, and focal points of these lanai porches.

Inspiring Lanai Enclosure Ideas

This veranda has a neutral-toned desert vibe that brings the outdoors into this sitting space with sandy colors and living plants.

Veranda with fireplace

Some verandas have fireplaces offering warmth and coziness to the year’s colder months. This glass extension is a covered enclosure with complete protection from any weather.

Veranda with plants

Lots of lush live plants bring outdoor patios to life. This large porch has beautiful stone tiles and a rustic fireplace.

Lanai Structural Elements

Lanai Structural Elements

The lanai roof does not have to be solid. This roof uses timbers and lets in natural light. It also adds a little shade and is a robust structural element.

Lanai Entryway

Lanai entrance

The entrance to this lanai is right out of the dining room, which is a perfect flow from indoors to outdoors. The patio looks like an extension right out of the home.

Lanai Bar

Lanai bar

You will find many styles of bars on lanai porches. The bar can stand alone or attach to the main house.

Lanai Swimming Pool

Lanai pool

Many lanai porches wrap around a swimming pool for a bug-free experience. The sitting space around the firepit adds a modern element.

Lanai Flooring

Lanai Floor Ideas

The brick floor of this patio adds a rustic and is the perfect base for the glass enclosure. The building extends out from the house, providing a seamless design.

Lanai Open Flooring

Lanai concrete floor

The concrete floors in this design flow into the backyard. However, this style could benefit from screen enclosures.

Wraparound Lanai

Lanai tiles

Shining tiles offer an exquisite touch of class to the floor of this wraparound porch. The wicker furniture provides a light, airy touch.

Lanai Patio Enhancements

Install ceiling fans to cool down your patio in the summer heat. Ceiling fans with the big blades as a middle eastern Bollywood feel.

Use a sliding glass door for your patio entrance to create a seamless feeling between living spaces. This creates a nice flow from the inside room into the outdoors and makes your interior feel more prominent.

Bring creativity into your patio like a gallery running across the wall or hang unique chandeliers.

Brighten up your enclosed patio with lighting. Strings of led lights, sconces, and candles are a way to add your personal touch.

Lanai Patio Enhancements

Install a fountain on the parameter of the lanai enclosure to create white noise. A fountain helps mask out sounds from neighbors, and they will not be able to hear your conversations as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is a Florida room, and how is it different from a lanai porch?

A Florida room is enclosed and is toward the back of the house. The difference is that a Florida room is encased in glass, whereas a lanai porch uses screen enclosures or no enclosure at all.

How much value does a lanai patio add to a house?

According to Archadeck, a lanai patio brings an 84% return on investment. If you spend $20,000, expect to get $16,800 in resale value. Other sites state that you will get a 70% return on your investment.

How much does it cost to install a veranda patio?

The cost of veranda patios will vary on the size, material, and design that you choose. Most patios cost between $6 and $8 per square foot, with the average patio costing $2,500.

Do lanai patios count as the square footage of the house?

Although this may vary by state, the general rule is that outdoor patios do not count towards the square feet of your home.

How can I make my lanai patio more private?

You can add structural elements to your lanai, patio, or veranda for more privacy. Tall fences, hedges, bushes, trees, and partitions can seclude patios.

Lanai Porch Conclusion

Adding a lanai to your home provides an extra living space for you to enjoy. It offers outdoor seclusion while protecting you from harmful natural elements and insects. After you’ve added a lanai, you can enjoy decorating it with colors, patterns, and textures so it will fit with your home.