Affordable Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas For Modern Lifestyles

Bathroom wall decor can enhance your shower and toilet space. When you cover your bathroom walls with artwork, you create an added layer of style.

Bathroom wall decor

One shouldn’t neglect their bathroom space, and instead, use it as an opportunity to create a modern atmosphere.

If you’re thinking about redesigning your bathroom, we can help. Here, we’ll show different bathroom wall decor ideas that will provide you with enough inspiration to get started.

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas For 2022

Here are a few examples handpicked by our team of design experts that showcase the latest ideas in bathroom wall decor designs.

Empty Picture Frames

Framed black white pictures
A bathroom mirror frame can match other frames in your home for a cohesive feel. 

There isn’t a rule that says you have to include photos inside picture frames. Often, a frame by itself makes a bigger statement. Your bathroom space is the ideal area to pull something like this off.

Unlike your living room, bedroom, or dining room, the bathroom is entirely unique. Painted artwork usually isn’t hung on bathroom walls because the spaces are high-traffic areas and attract moisture.

Framed Wall Art Prints

Framed black white pictures
Alternate shapes, sizes and colors for an interesting combination.

If you’re the type who admires perfect wall decor, then this design is for you. You can tell that each item was carefully selected. Notice the wood toilet paper ring next to the toilet. When you use pieces that match, make sure each one is unique but also connected to everything else. 

Small Mirrors

Framed black white pictures
An interesting collection of framed mirrors to add dimension to the room

The multiple-mirror style is a modern approach to bathroom wall decor. The style concept is also an affordable way to turn your bathroom space into an interesting environment. If you wanted to make the effort to impress your friends, this example would do the trick. 

Small Gallery Wall

Framed black white pictures
Pick a theme and go with it. The frames don’t necessarily have to match

With bathroom wall decor, anything goes. You can choose a theme to follow, or you can crazy and hang whatever you want on your bathroom walls. It’s a bathroom, not a living room, so it’s doubtful anyone would complain. 

Postcard Theme Decor

Framed black white pictures
The mirror makes the bathroom seem bigger and more spacious than it is

Framed Silhouette Pictures

Framed black white pictures
Even if the images you display don’t all follow a theme, they should still all have something in common

Framed Posters

Framed black white pictures
Play with dimensions and alternate different-sized wall art

This bathroom features a framed poster of the French opera “Miss Dollar” from 1893. When you choose an old entertainment poster, it adds a level of style to your bathroom. The poster is protected with a glass frame that’s sealed which protects it from moisture. 

If you want to breathe some life into your boring bathroom space, find a poster of your favorite movie, frame it, and hang it in your bathroom. It will have an immediate impact on the space. 

Black And White Photography

Framed black white pictures
Maintain a minimalist décor with simple matching frames and pictures

Framed black and white photography is the most popular wall decor for bathroom walls. For example, pick a theme and display things that are related to it. It could be a collection of animal posters or flowers or anything else you like. Nature seems like a great theme but there are also plenty of other options.

You could also display images from your trips or pictures you made yourself. Another option can be to display framed mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Just think of what you’d like to look at while you’re in the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Kind Of Artwork Is Good For A Bathroom?

With bathroom wall art, you need to keep in mind that the space is a high-moisture environment. It wouldn’t be a good idea to hang paintings in a bathroom. Artwork like framed black and white photos and prints are better-suited for bathroom spaces. You’ll need to make sure your frames are sealed as they won’t warp. Pottery and vases are also good bathroom décor pieces.

How Do You Decorate A Bathroom Window?

Window dressings like curtains or blinds are commonly used for bathroom spaces. You can also frost the glass. If you decide later that you don’t like frosted glass then you can remove it with acetone or vinegar on a soft cloth. Bathroom window treatments are limited, but there many ways you can add privacy with stylish features.

Can You Hang Art Over A Wall Mounted Toilet?

For this space, when hanging art pieces, they should cover the width of your toilet tank. When you do this, you make the bathroom space feel balanced. Make sure you allow enough room between the back of the toilet and artwork for other accessories.  

Do Bathrooms Need A Backsplash?

If you have a pedestal sink that doesn’t require wall support, you should consider a backsplash. You need protection against rot, mildew, and mold, and backsplash offers that and more.

Bathroom Wall Decor Conclusion

A bathroom with stylish wall decor will make an impression. Not everything that you hang on your bathroom walls has to be art. For example, open shelving is not only a cool decor style but also functional.

Remember, there are many affordable ways to add decor to your bathroom walls. You could take a DIY approach and make an open shelving system with old wood pallets or milk crates.

Although you might think your bathroom space is limited, you need to free yourself of that mentality. A modern wouldn’t be complete without a few accents that also represented your personality.