How To Spice Up Your Bathroom Décor With Framed Wall Art

If you had to hang some framed wall art somewhere in the house right now, where would you put it? Probably in the living room, maybe the bedroom or the dining room but it’s very unlikely that you’d choose the bathroom. People don’t usually hang art on their bathroom walls and there’s not a good reason for it.

Bathroom frames
The bathroom mirror’s frame can match the other frames for a cohesive display

Usually we don’t hang or display things on the bathroom walls because there’s not a lot of space to work with but, when you think about it, there’s always at least one wall that remains empty. So why not put something beautiful on it? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a painting.There are lots of interesting ways in which you can display framed wall art in the bathroom.

Black narrow bathroom wall frames
Alternate shapes, sizes and colors for an interesting combination
White painted bathroom
An interesting collection of framed mirrors to add dimension to the room
Black wall bathroom decorated with frames
Pick a theme and go with it. The frames don’t necessarily have to match
White bathroom decorated frames
The mirror makes the bathroom seem bigger and more spacious than it is
Wall art bathroom
Even if the images you display don’t all follow a theme, they should still all have something in common
Bathroom framed wall
Play with dimensions and alternate different-sized wall art
Framed black white pictures
Maintain a minimalist décor with simple matching frames and pictures

For example, pick a theme and display things that are related to it. It could be a collection of animal posters or flowers or anything else you like. Nature seems like a great theme but there are also plenty of other options. You could also display images from your trips or pictures you made yourself. Another option can be to display framed mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Just think of what you’d like to look at while you’re in the bathroom.

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