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The Benefits of Self Watering Planters and Why They’re a Must Have

Everyone likes a touch of greenery in their living space. That’s where self-watering planters come in. Ease of care and attractive choices for every aesthetic make them the perfect addition to any living space.

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What Are Self Watering Pots And How Do They Work?

Self-watering planters are plant containers that nourish your plants by directly providing water to the roots via the provided reservoir.

These bottom watering planters work by simply adding your plant to a self-watering container topped with the appropriate soil, filling the water reservoir and attaching it to the base of your container.

Are There Any Cons To Self Watering Planters?

While the pros most definitely outweigh the cons, there are a few things to consider before purchasing self-watering pots.

Some plants that require more water than others may not thrive on a self-watering system as their soil needs more moisture but gets less with the bottom-up watering system.

Additionally, these planters aren’t for every plant. For plants that require a drier soil environment, self-watering pots aren’t a good option.

Which Plants Grow Best In Self Watering Planters?

Generally speaking, most herbs thrive in a self-watering environment. Some vegetables such as peppers, spinach and tomatoes also do well.

Other examples include but are not limited to:

  • Peace Lilies: tropical flowering plant
  • Coleus: subtropic shrub
  • Pitcher Plants: carnivorous rainforest plant
  • Snake Plants: tropical West African flowering plant
  • Ferns: tropical vascular plant
  • Pathos: French Polynesian vine
  • Meadowfoam: California flowering plant
  • Japanese Iris: Japanese flowering plant

Ideas for Self Watering Pots

Cubico Cottage Self-Watering Wicker Pot Planter

Cubico Cottage Self-Watering Wicker Pot PlanterView in gallery

With two different size options and three colors, this wicker-styled planter is a crowd-pleaser. It can be used both indoors and outdoor, but this particular self-watering planter has some major outdoor benefits including its weather-resistant material and rust-proof exterior.

Lechuza 15222 Cubico Cottage Wicker Self Watering Planter

Lechuza 15222 Cubico Cottage Wicker Self Watering PlanterView in gallery

A durable planter with several colors and sizes, this traditional design fits in well with any style. Monitor the water level through the easy-to-use indicator provided and watch your plants flourish.

Cole & Mason Self-Watering Potted Herb Keeper

Cole & Mason Self-Watering Potted Herb KeeperView in gallery

Utilizing hydro-pad technology, this carbon steel container will make a great addition to your home. Made specifically for herbs, you’ll be able to have the freshest ingredients on hand in your kitchen. Affordable and lightweight, this self-watering pot is a good option for the chef at heart.

WetPot Self-Watering Pot

WetPot Self-Watering PotView in gallery

For those looking for the traditional terracotta vibe, these self-watering planters are the ticket. Consisting of a terracotta planter inside a glass reservoir, this pot is able to please even the most unique of aesthetics. With three size options, these handmade pots are flawless.

Tileable Personalized Self Watering Planter

Tileable Personalized Self Watering PlanterView in gallery

With a unique self-watering design, these planters can be connected to one another to create a train of planters. Customize your self-watering pots even further with several two tone color choices. The small design also allows you to place them anywhere in your home.

Terracotta Self Watering Spikes

Terracotta Self Watering SpikesView in gallery

A different take on self-watering plants, these terracotta self-watering spikes fit in nearly any potted planter. They slowly release water into the soil when it’s needed, which means you can toss out your watering can. Even better, they come in a six-pack, so there’s plenty to go around the house.

Amazing Creation Window Herb Planter Box

Amazing Creation Window Herb Planter BoxView in gallery

A set of three with neutral colors to please, these self-watering pots can grow plants big and small. Their unique nesting design makes it simple to replenish water and observe when the reservoir is running low.

GardenBasix Elongated Self Watering Planter Pots

GardenBasix Elongated Self Watering Planter PotsView in gallery

A sleek design that effortlessly fits into any home, these high-quality pots will help your plants thrive. These planters also include 4 coir disks that offer plant fiber as well.

Glowpear Self-Watering Urban Garden Planter

Glowpear Self-Watering Urban Garden PlanterView in gallery

Whether you want it tabletop or wall-mounted, you have options with this planter. Several styles offer all the same benefits of a deep growing area made with food-safe materials.

T4U Self Watering Hanging Planter Pot

T4U Self Watering Hanging Planter PotView in gallery

Do you adore hanging plants but not the maintenance? These pots have you covered with their hanging design and water level window. With two sizes to choose from and packaged in a two-pack, you can grow your plants without sacrificing your style.

Grow System with 4 Foot Trellis Wheels

Grow System with 4 Foot Trellis WheelsView in gallery

Designed for the more experienced grower, this self-watering system offers plenty of room for all your projects. The reservoir system will keep your plants healthy and the trellis design gives them space to climb high.

Can’t seem to find one you like? Consider crafting one yourself. Check out this comprehensive guide on DIY self-watering planters. With 20 DIY ideas, you can easily make your vision come to life.

The Benefits Of Self-Watering Planters in Your Living Space

Water Conservation at its Finest

Water Conservation at its FinestView in gallery

No one wants to be wasteful, especially when it comes to water. That’s what makes the self water plant system a dream.

Unlike traditional watering through a can or spray bottle where much is lost through drainage holes, self-watering planters conserve every drop.

There are even self-watering planters that come with a wicking system which really takes conservation to the next level.

These wicking systems send water straight to your plant making for more direct water usage, no waste included.

Add a Touch of Green Anywhere in the Home

Add a Touch of Green Anywhere in the HomeView in gallery

The fact that self-watering pots are perfect for indoor use means there’s endless options for placement.

Keep your herb containers as a decorative piece on your kitchen counter, doubling as easy access when you’re cooking meals with fresh herbs.

Place self-watering indoor containers in a cluster of different sizes in the corner of your home as a focal point of fresh and unique accents.

Toss out the faux plants on your shelves and create a beautiful arrangement of self-watering planters to accompany the rest of your books and decor.

Containers That Fit Any Aesthetic

Containers That Fit Any AestheticView in gallery

Sometimes it can be hard to stay on trend when that specific trend doesn’t match your home’s aesthetic. Luckily, that’s not the case when it comes to a self watering planter.

These planters come in just about every color you can imagine. From classic neutrals to vibrant standouts, there’s no shortage of options here.

Likewise, planters come in a variety of materials. If you’re new to the self-watering game, a simple plastic container will do the trick,

For more seasoned users, try a wood base or even a glass one if you’re feeling adventurous, These often come in gorgeous textures and patterns that fit seamlessly into any environment.

Retain Nutrients and Eliminate Pollutants

Retain Nutrients and Eliminate PollutantsView in gallery

Self-watering planters allow your plant to retain nutrients in the soil, making for excellent plant health. There’s less of a need to fertilize because of this, which in the end keeps money in your pocket (who can argue with that).

Also, it has been said that healthy plants reduce the number of airborne pollutants in the home. With self-watering planters producing more nutrient-rich plants, you can easily have a natural air purifier on your hands at little extra cost and effort.

A Travel Lovers Dream

A Travel Lovers DreamView in gallery

So you’ve found plants that fit well with the feel of your space, you purchased your containers but now you’re going on vacation. What now?

Simply fill your reservoir and pack your bag because these low maintenance containers provide water and nutrients enough for your plants to flourish while you’re away.

Add that to the list of reasons to trade out your traditional planters for these upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Where can I buy self watering planters?

With their growth in popularity, self watering pots are easy to find. Check out your local home improvement stores, plant nurseries or even online retailers such as Amazon.

How often do I water these planters?

While this depends solely on the plant you’re watering, this question can easily be answered by checking your water reservoir on a regular basis.

Many self watering containers have a water window where you can monitor water levels without detaching the base, making it easy to see when you’re running low.

After transplant to a self watering container, keep an eye on how fast or slow your plant takes the water. This will give you a more accurate time frame of how often to water.

Can you overwater with this type of container?

It’s possible but easy to remedy. Just make sure you don’t overfill the reservoir. Overfilling can cause your plant to develop root rot and drenched soil. Check the fill line or water window for appropriate water levels.

Can they be used in plant hangers and stands?

Yes, which is good news for those of us with a decorative eye! You don’t have to leave these planters on the floor, they can be used in any hanger or stand where you can remove the planter in order to fill the base.


If you’ve wanted to add plants to your living space, it’s easier than ever to be a successful plant owner. Low maintenance, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and trendy.

With all of the benefits of self-watering planters, it’s clear they’re a worthy investment for any home.