How To Choose Outdoor Lighting To Create Focal Points

The indoor light fixtures, besides being utilitarian, are also chosen for their aesthetic appeal. In the case of outdoor lighting, things are bit different. The light fixtures themselves are not usually meant to serve as focal points but rather to create them by highlighting certain features like the architecture of your house, certain elements in your garden, your pool, etc. Let’s see how to properly choose them to get the desired effect.

Mason jars lights outdoorView in gallery

When we say “choose” we don’t necessarily mean you should go shopping for outdoor light fixtures. We’re actually referring to the design and this also includes DIY fixtures. For example, you can make a mason jar chandelier to hang in a tree in your garden. Get some jars, drill holes in the lids and then use translucent glass paint to give them the tint you want. Add the cord fixtures and don’t forget to put your own spin on the project.{found on michelesapples}.

Lanterns lanternsView in gallery

Hang jar lanterns on your fence or gate. They’ll look super nice on Halloween if you give them a themed look. To make the lanterns you need some jars, wire, wire cutters, votives or small pillar candles and pliers. Remove the labels from the jars and cut a piece of wire a little longer than the circumference of the mouth of your jar. Bend it in a circle, cut another piece of wire to make the handle and then twist the ends together.{found on craftynest}.

String lights wrapp outdoor treesView in gallery

Want to make the trees on your property look like they’re covered in fireflies? Use string lights. You can light up your whole garden with these. Just wrap the lights around the trunks of the trees and they’ll look spectacular. You can adapt the idea for Christmas or Halloween.

Hanging lights outdoorView in gallery

String lights can also be used to highlight the entrance or the patio. You can attach them to a tree if you happen to have one in the right place or to the poles or columns of your patio or entrance.

Wall sconces outdoor lightingView in gallery

Put a spotlight on your favorite outdoor seat. You can attach sconces to the exterior wall, behind the bench or sofa so the light doesn’t become uncomfortable for your eyes. Also, you can try to find sconces that send the light upwards or downwards and diffuses it on the wall.

Outdoor rocks lightingView in gallery

Your lovely pathway through the garden won’t look so dreamy at night when darkness surrounds you so add a few subtle lights to change that. Sometimes all you need are light fixtures alongside the steps to completely change the ambiance.

Planter lightsView in gallery

Some some light fixtures inside your planters. The light will be reflected upwards, illuminating the plants or, in this case, the trees. The visual effect is really beautiful. A nice idea for the entryway, garden, etc.

Led light stairs designView in gallery

If your house has that sleek and minimalistic contemporary look then you’ll also want the outdoor light fixtures to match. Use LED lights under the stairs just to highlight them. In this case, the simpler the better.

Glass colorful panelsView in gallery

And if you really want to lighting your backyard or outdoor seating area, there’s the option to create a custom design. A screen of glass panels can shield your patio of yard from the not-so-beautiful views. At night, these screens change color.

Light up the wayView in gallery

Light up the walkway and the trees leading to your house and don’t forget to also illuminate the house itself. Surely, your guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and they’ll also notice the charming look.