2023 Fall Front Porch Spruce-Up Ideas

As the leaves begin to change into the earthy hues of autumn, our minds turn to how to transform our front entrance with the best fall front porch ideas for 2023. These tips will give you the delightful opportunity to boost your curb appeal with the spirit of the autumn season.

Fall Front Porch Ideas for 2023

Some of these ideas are more expensive than others. For a few of the ideas, the materials can be sourced from an obliging field, backyard, or craft supply closet. Your display doesn’t need to be measured by your budget.

If you have the time, energy, and creativity, you can create a gorgeous fall display using the products that Mother Nature supplies. From budget-friendly ideas to more elaborate options, there is something here for everyone.

Fall Front Porch Ideas 2023

Choose one or two fall front porch ideas for a simple nod to the season or layer multiple options for a more elaborate display. Whatever your final design it should be fun to create and make you happy all season long.

1. Pumpkin Topiary

Pumpkin Topiary
Garden Tech Horticultural Services

Create your own pumpkin topiary to adorn your front door by layering multi-sized pumpkins on top of one another. Choose the largest pumpkin for the bottom and vary the size and color from the bottom to the top. Add a dowel rod to create stability in your topiary. You can use real or faux pumpkins for your design.

2. Fall Leaf Garland

Fall Leaf Garland
Lauren Gutierrez

Create a fall leaf garland to give your front door color all season long. Use faux fall leaves or real ones that you have gathered and sew them or hot glue them onto a string. The real leaves will shrivel and dry so it is best to form your garland with real leaves close to an occasion that you want them to look their best. If you want to use faux leaves, look for options as realistic as possible for the most classic look.

3. Opt for Non-Traditional Fall Colors

Opt for Non-Traditional Fall Colors
Living Garden Landscape Design

Orange dominates the color scheme in most fall designs, but there is a wide variety of other colors that create beautiful color palettes for fall. Look for pumpkins and gourds that are pale yellow, deep green, dusky peach, white, and light blue. This color scheme creates a gorgeous foundation for fall flowers and decor.

4. Pumpkins and Gourds in Window Boxes

Pumpkins and Gourds in Window Boxes
Rikki Snyder

Use pumpkins and gourds to layer in existing window boxes rather than remove the plants that are there. Orange pumpkins are excellent in making a statement, but use other varieties if they work better with the existing flowers and plants.

5. Simple Fall Wreath

Simple Fall Wreath

Not everyone has the time or energy to go all out with their seasonal front porch decor. In that case, choose a classic but elegant fall wreath to adorn your front door. You will still get points for getting into the spirit of the season while maintaining your sanity at the same time.

6. Colorful Mums

Colorful Mums
Greenhaven Landscapes Inc

Chrysanthemums of brilliant colors are ubiquitous throughout the fall season. Use this to your advantage by buying several different colored options and mounding them in large urns to create a dramatic front porch arrangement. If you wish, you can give your containers height with ornamental grasses like blue oat grass, red fountain grass, or feather reed grass or create a spilling effect using ivy or creeping jenny. You can also just plant the mums by themselves. Either way, your pots will have a stunning visual impact on your front porch.

7. Give Your Porch Seating a Revamp

Give Your Porch Seating a Revamp
Grace Home Furnishing

Sitting on the porch through the long summer days is one of the joys of the season, but enjoying the change of seasons outside is also wonderful in the fall. Use the beginning of the fall season to reimagine your soft furnishings on your outdoor seating. Change out a few pillows for some fall color options. Add a few warm blankets for when the nights get chilly.

8. Pumpkins as Flower Containers

Pumpkins as Flower Containers
Slow Flowers

Fall flowers like chrysanthemums, zinnias, and asters are some of the glorious options for flower arrangements in the autumn season. Use medium to small pumpkins and gourds for colorful containers for flowers to heighten their seasonal appeal. Arrange them along your stairs for a dramatic display for an elegant fall get-together with your friends.

9. Non-Traditional Carved Pumpkins

Non-Traditional Carved Pumpkins
Garden Stories

We all love the grinning faces of carved jack-o’-lanterns, but for a more grown-up display, choose a non-traditional carved pumpkin design. Pumpkins make fabulous luminaries lit with either candles or LED lights. Choose a simple but all-encompassing carved design that will give you the most dramatic lighted display.

10. Simple Designs for Small Porches

Simple Designs for Small Porches
Oasis Architecture

Many front porches consist of just a simple stoop leading to a front door. For this front porch style, less can be more. Try a simple and symmetrical design using some containers with colorful mums. You may decide to accent the design with a few pumpkins or a door wreath but either way, the mums provide all the color that is needed.

11. Keep it Monochrome

Keep it Monochrome
M House Development

Orange is the traditional color for fall, and it works beautifully with this simple, white farmhouse porch. Layer your orange tones for the most nuanced look including dusky peach, deep russet, and vibrant orange. Mixing in a variety of textures will also give your design more depth.

12. Repaint Your Porch Seating

Repaint Your Porch Seating
Everything Home

Give your porch seating a face-lift by coating it in a striking fall color. Use a bright color to make a dramatic statement. Painting furniture is an easy weekend job, so you change it at the end of the season or let your piece brighten your porch with color through the dark winter months.

13. Create Your Own Pumpkin Patch

Create Your Own Pumpkin Patch
Rikki Snyder

Porches with a long walkway attached are ideal for layering with pumpkins of many shapes and sizes. This does not have to be a symmetrical design, but even a “natural” design takes some planning. Try not to group similar sizes together. Instead, layering the size and shape of the pumpkins along the walkway will create the random and varied look that is common in the natural world.

14. Use Ornamental Kale and Cabbages for Container Fillers

Use Ornamental Kale and Cabbages for Container Fillers
Smalls Landscaping

Another way to add seasonal color to your containers and fall arrangements is to use ornamental cabbages and kale with or in place of flowers. These gorgeous plants are cool season biennials, but they are most often grown as annuals. Find cabbages and kale in a variety of colors including green, white, pink, and purple. They will last in your fall garden or containers until the weather begins to turn cold.

15. Add Height With Corn Stalks

Add Height With Corn Stalks
Julie Ranee Photography

Corn stalks are an excellent way to frame your front door, line the railings, or wrap your columns for a dramatic fall display. Cut corn stalks are also attractive in containers to add height similar to ornamental grass displays.