24 Ways A Brick Fire Pit Can Beautify Your Outdoor Space

A brick fire pit is a must-have backyard home decor item. Fire pits provide warmth for you and your outdoor guests. The pits are ideal for casual or intimate gatherings and provide a warm backyard environment.

Brick Fire Pit

Brick fire pits are inviting because of their rustic charm. The pits are also fun to build. If you’re thinking about installing your own fire pit, you’ll like the ideas we’ve assembled here.

Brick Fire Pit Ideas For Your Backyard Space

Here are 24 outdoor fireplace designs that will make your backyard setting more delightful long after the sun has gone down.

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

When they designed this house in Atlanta, Ellis Construction made sure to make it welcoming with all-natural materials. The large patio space accommodates an alfresco dining area and circular seating adjacent to it with an outdoor fireplace at its center. 

Decorative Fire Pit

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

This wonderful outdoor lounge space was designed by Resort Custom Homes. The designers used bricks to shape the pathway into a circular floor area around the outdoor heating source. Classic Adironback chairs complement the design.

In Ground Fire Pit

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

With an in ground fire pit, backyard harmony can be achieved. The seating area in the middle of a garden and surrounded by grass, shrubs, and trees offer an Edenic setting. K&D Landscape Management knows a thing or two about it and this is one of their creations.

Stone Bricks

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

Foreground Studio gave this space more than a round structure heat source. The stone bricks offer built-in bench seating, wrapping around the pit. There’s enough room for additional seating to form a full circle. Neutral-colored decor can be complemented with quirky accessories like pillows or planters.

Traditional Fire Bricks

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

One of the things you’ll notice is the visual link between the home and the adjacent outdoor deck. The earth-colored bricks were partially used in the design of the house’s facade. A curved bench wraps the pit.

Fire Pit Lounge

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

This fire pit project is from Richmond, Pillar & Peacock. The designers created a permanent focal point. It’s not only the fire pit but also a small circle around it that ensures optimum heat. The design is eclectic and balanced, featuring wood furniture, natural materials, and accent colors. 

Mini Amphitheater Fire Setting

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

This in ground fire pit layout resembles a traditional amphitheater performance space. The natural stone design is built to withstand high temperatures. Designed by Belgard, the stand-out is the tiered seating. Three curved benches encircle each other, creating a cinema-like experience.

Traditional Backyard Pit

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

Brick fire pits are suited for traditional home environments. You won’t find any strong contrasts here. Instead, we’re treated to smooth and fluid lines, and curves are preferred. It all adds up to an elegant and traditional look. This is from Platinum Homes.

Casual Backyard Setting

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

You can easily create a sophisticated setting with a circular fire pit. Take this lounge layout, for example. It shows the pure and natural beauty of the materials involved in its design. You don’t have to limit yourself to a budget.

Square Outdoor Fireplace

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

Exposed bricks make up the square facade. The transition from concrete flooring to brick design offers a defining border contrast. It almost looks as if the fire pit melts into the floor. This is another project from Platinum Homes.

Traditional Brick Outdoor Fire Pit 

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

From JALA  (Jeff Allen Landscape Architecture). The bright and vibrant colors create a contrast between the terracotta bricks. The white Adironback chairs brighten your outdoor space. If you’re looking for red brick fire pit ideas, try this one for your backyard. 

Courtyard Setting

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

The charming layout is from Craft Development. The brick fire pit surrounded by cushioned armchairs is a dream design. The pit and the curved bench make a perfect pair, being coordinated with the facade of the house.

The armchairs are an addition that completes the space in the most welcoming way possible. 

Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Fireplace

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

The best designs are the ones that embrace imperfections and use them to look as natural as possible and to connect with the landscape around them. This fire pit setting created by Copper Creek Landscape Design is a good example.

DIY Brick Fire Pit Ideas

If you’d rather make an outdoor fireplace by yourself, then you’ll enjoy the following examples. 

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

Here’s all the inspiration you need for an outdoor fireplace that can withstand high temperatures. There are different ways to do it and plenty of available materials. You could go with something simple like bricks or stones to create a natural-looking design.

This is what it looks like at the mid-way point. Building a fire pit with retaining wall blocks, like the small ones you see here, offers longer-lasting durability. The flush style makes it easier to mow your lawn.

Metal Fire Pit Ring

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

Another option is to use concrete tree rings. The ones used for this fire pit have an inside diameter of 14 inches, which is a good size that suits the charcoal grill in the middle.

The design is simple and doesn’t rely on small details. Check out the tutorial on instructables to find out how to make something like this from scratch.

Paver Stone Fireplace

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

Building a fire pit doesn’t have to be expensive. If you keep it simple you can get away with a budget friendly design without making compromises. Make an outdoor fireplace with paver stones.

If you’re using the same design as the one suggested on keepingitsimplecrafts you’ll need 36 pavers, which you can arrange on three levels. For the base, use smaller pavers, a few squares, and triangle-shaped pavers.

Refractory Cement Pit

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

If you prefer a different shape, try a square pit like the one featured on caroleknits. Refractory cement, concrete blocks, and rectangular pavers round out the top surface. The clean lines give it a modern look. 

Round Outdoor Brick Fire Pit

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

You can make a border around the pit to create a flat surface space. So, you have some room to move around and place furniture on. You might have to dig a hole in the backyard so the fllagstone is flush with your lawn.

Add cement at the bottom to set the stones and secure them. This is a nice and organic shape and the fire pit fits in the middle. For more details head over to hometalk to check out this project.

Small Fire Pit Project

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

Whether you want to have flooring surrounding your pit, you can build it in the ground. You’ll need to do some digging first. However, before you start, lay your bricks or pavers on the lawn to determine the shape and dimensions of your project. 

Mark the diameter, dig the hole, then place the bricks and fill the area with landscaping stones. Check out tuffguardhose for more details about this.

Complete Tire Ring Fire Pit

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

Another repurposed design, but this one features an old tractor wheel for a one-of-a-kind pit. You can use the wheel for the inside section of the pit and surround it with pavers, bricks, or stones to build the frame around it.

Play around with different ideas to see how your materials would look. Be creative with your design. Check out handimania for more cool ideas.

Concrete Blocks 

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

With do it yourself backyard ideas, an outdoor fireplace is an awesome project. If you prefer clean lines and geometric shapes, consider something like this example. The DIY fire pit featured on attachmentprone has a rectangular shape.

It’s nice and simple and made with cement pavers and cinder blocks. You can also make a bench using the same materials if you want to add some seating around your pit.

Backyard Fireplace Decor

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

Of course, a circular fire pit can also look modern, clean, and simple. It’s all in the details. This one is made using concrete landscaping stones held together by masonry adhesive.

The pit is made to withstand high temperatures and is built in the ground for an added layer of protection. Check out the full tutorial on abeautifulmess to find out more about this project.

Large Outdoor Fireplace

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

If you have the space, why not take advantage of it and build something massive? With this in mind, size is important. If you’re using a metal fire pit ring, you’ll need to design the pit around it. Also, if you decide to build one with a metal fire pit ring, make sure to include air holes a few inches from each other.  

A large square fire pit will require more materials, which you can easily find. You’ll need to make sure your concrete mix is just right, so don’t hesitate to enlist professional help if you don’t have a lot of DIY experience.

Small Outdoor Fireplace

Ground 0 fire pit DIY

A small pit is charming. If you have a tiny backyard, then build a natural outdoor heat source that’s super functional. This design nice is built into the ground and flush with the lawn. 

Check out imgur to see how it was built from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can Red Brick Be Used For A Fire Pit?

Fire pits can reach high temperatures, so regular bricks won’t work. Regular bricks will crack at high temperatures and can cause a real accident if used in fire pits. Instead, you are going to use firebricks, also called refractory bricks.

Do Brick Fire Pits Need Ventilation? 

Brick fire pits require bigger air holes at the base. Sometimes the air holes can be higher. However, you don’t want to go too high with a vent.

Do Brick Fire Pits Attract Snakes?

Snakes hate smoke. The reptiles have a strong sense of smell, making them extra sensitive to smoke. And just like animals, they avoid fire because they know it could harm them. strong sense of smell.

What Bricks Should Not Be Used For A Fire Pit?

Compressed concrete blocks should never be used to make an outdoor fireplace. The concrete mix as a higher chance of explosion. Limestone, sandstone, river rock, and pea gravel shouldn’t be used, and for the same reasons. 

What Temperature Can Red Bricks Withstand?

They are different from regular masonry bricks because of their ability to withstand high temperatures up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brick Fire Pit Conclusion

Do it yourself backyard landscaping ideas are fun projects that add value to your home. It’s nice how you can have your own fire pit in the woods right in your backyard. Today, fire pit design has made advances that make it convenient to own one. If you have enough room for outdoor parties, a backyard fire pit is a necessity.

With a fire pit, after you enjoy blue sky outdoor living during the day, you can enjoy a warm night sky long after the sun has gone down. A decorative fire serves as a great addition to your backyard while adding value to your home. Once you decide you want one, consider enlisting professional help. Outdoor fireplace installation is something you should do right the first time.

As a home renovation project, a DIY fire pit would be ideal for your backyard space. You could even use lava rocks for additional flair, or build something with an old washing machine drum. However, and more than anything, fire pits  not only offer outdoor warmth but also curb appeal to your home.