Outdoor Flooring Ideas That Will Rejuvenate Your Backyard Space

Outdoor flooring is a vital component of backyard decks and patios. An outdoor space requires support, and the right flooring can help. If your flooring is weather resistant and can withstand outdoor showers or direct sunlight, you may spend more time repairing it than enjoying its benefits.

Outdoor Flooring Ideas

For your convenience, we’ve gathered the best outdoor flooring examples available today. As we share each design, we’ll show you what makes them unique and how they can improve outdoor living.

Every decision you make for a DIY installation project has an impact on the result. An argument could be made that outdoor home decor is more important than interior decor.

We’re here to provide you with inspiration to choose the best flooring for your outdoor living space. You want the perfect surface for you and your family to enjoy, and we want to help bring that to fruition.

Outdoor Flooring Essentials

Let’s get a few important concerns out of the way first before we reveal the best flooring ideas for your outdoor space. Before you install outdoor flooring, figure out if you want an elegant pattern or something basic.

Regardless of what you choose, you want to take an eco-friendly approach. If you’re working on a new patio deck, consider the location. 

Also, you might have to deal with holes in the ground created by wildlife, or you may have to adjust a sloped terrain. And you’ll also need to consider the type of soil in your outdoor space.

Stone art Patio

Climate and weather are also factors to consider. That of course depends on your location. Outdoor flooring can be impacted by heavy rainfall, so you’ll need to consider which options are weather resistant. 

Outdoor Flooring Material

Outdoor Flooring Material

Let’s look at the different flooring categories and see why each one is unique.

Wood Flooring

Wood is versatile and a common go to flooring material for outdoor spaces. For example, oak or hickory is not ideal for an outdoor patio. However, redwood and cedar are better options. With wood flooring, it’s important to seal it and maintain it if you want it to last.


Stone flooring is regarded for its durability. Although it will last a long time, it’s not easy to replace. You can choose between travertine, granite, slate, and marble. Each type has unique characteristics and requires different maintenance.

Outdoor Tile Flooring

Modern outdoor floor tiles have the look and feel of other materials and are easy to install. Keep in mind that some tile is slippery and a hazard during winter or in heavy rainfall environments.


Brick flooring offers a classic look and is versatile. You can also arrange them in an elegant pattern, or keep things simple. Brick outdoor flooring is durable, looks great, requires little maintenance, and is slip-resistant. Bricks are however porous and retain water so you will need to seal your flooring.


Among cheap outdoor flooring solutions, it doesn’t get any better than concrete. Concrete flooring is the most durable and cheapest of all flooring materials. 

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a mixture of wood and plastic. The plants are easy to install and look like natural wood. The composite boards are versatile. They’re also fire-resistant which can’t also be said about natural wood and they’re also less expensive.

Rubber Flooring

Outdoor rubber flooring is available in tiles or comes in rolls. It offers high-quality traction and won’t hurt your feet should you walk on it without shoes. It’s also durable, slip-resistant, and ideal for pool environments. If you have children, rubber flooring would be your best option. 

Outdoor Carpet 

Yes, you read that right, carpet. Today, they manufacture carpet that is designed for outdoor usage. Outdoor carpet tiles are easy to clean, resistant to mold, mildew, and stains, and are made with eco friendly material.

Artificial Turf

Artificial grass looks like real grass, which is the whole point. This would be your best option if you don’t have a grass yard and want to add more green to your outdoor space. 

Best Outdoor Flooring Ideas For Outdoor Living Spaces

Here are some of the latest flooring designs available today. 

Pergola Painted Flooring

Painted outdoor pergola floor

This example may look like tile flooring, but it isn’t. Believe it or not, it’s concrete flooring and the tiles are painted on it. The optical illusion adds color and character to outdoor patios and terraces.  

The flooring is easy to install and replace. You can easily change the pattern or the color scheme any time you want. Check out oldbrandnew for more details.

Painted Concrete Flooring 

Painting concrete outdoor patio flooring

Painting the concrete is a cool idea if you want an outdoor courtyard that has character, color, and charm. Installation is simple and would make for a good backyard DIY project. 

The most important thing is to make sure you choose the right paint. Check out stylebyemilyhenderson to find out more details about the project.

Tile Stencil Flooring

Tile stencil

Tile stencil, of course. A concrete patio would be perfect for this because it’s flat and pretty smooth. If you like the idea, check out cuttingedgestencils for more tips and details.

Geometric Stencil

Geometric tape stencil

Reusing a stencil is a stylish flooring option. If you want to create a simple geometric pattern, use tape to mark the design, and after painting the floor. Using only one or two colors makes the process easier and faster. You can find out more about abeautifulmess.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood

Wood flooring makes outdoor spaces look warm and inviting  If you want to create a cozy outdoor sitting area, consider reclaimed wood flooring. This setup featured on thefreshexchange is a perfect example.

Stone Flooring

Painting progress for patio

Stone flooring is a durable option for high-traffic areas. Plus, a paver patio can look very beautiful and there are lots of ways to make it special. This includes details like the pavers you choose, the finish, color, and pattern. 

Check out this DIY tutorial from simplykierste which will put you on the right track.

Mosaic Stone

Painting progress for patio

If you like puzzles then perhaps you’ll also enjoy making a mosaic. You need a piece of plywood or something to fit the mosaic on, mosaic tile mesh, plastic wrap, glue, tile grout, a paintbrush, and either mosaic tiles or just a bunch of broken tiles.

You can check out stoneartblog to find out more details about this cool project.

Brick Flooring

Painting progress for patio

One thing about brick flooring is that it’s mildew resistant. Bricks offer a rustic look to the floor. Laying bricks is easy if you choose a simple pattern. 

Brick Design

Painting progress for patio

You can choose to arrange bricks in different patterns. You can select a classic pattern or create something custom designed to match your patio or backyard.  Check out this design on creativeendeavors4u.

Flagstone Pathway

Flagstone pathway

Flagstone slabs can hold moisture and are used to create outdoor pathways. The slabs offer an organic and natural look to the whole setting. If you want to create your own flagstone pathways from scratch, this is what you’re going to need: flagstone slabs, sand, and shovels.

Wood Pallet Flooring

Painting progress for patio

We mentioned before that reclaimed wood can be used to make outdoor flooring look and feel more inviting and cozy. The same goes for pallet wood. You can build a pallet wood deck and you can make it look great while saving a lot of money in the process.

If you’re interested in the idea, check out hoosierhomemade for more details.

Gravel Flooring

Painting progress for patio

If you want to make your outdoor patio easy to maintain, gravel flooring would be your best option. After you add furniture, you’ll forget what the flooring is. You can find more cool ideas as well as a tutorial on how to make the patio on ishouldbemoppingthefloor.

Stamped Concrete Flooring

Painting progress for patio

In case you didn’t know, concrete stain will make your concrete floor look shiny. You can use it to give your outdoor flooring a neutral look. Find out more on rachelteodoro.

Concrete Slabs

Painting progress for patio

Concrete slabs provide order and symmetry. The area is delineated by grey pebbles which adds a nice contrast. You can find out more about this design and the entire project on desertdomicile.

Outdoor Wood Decking

Painting progress for patio

Building a wooden deck from scratch is not easy but shouldn’t sound intimidating either. It’s definitely a project you can complete and it’s just a matter of planning everything right. There are several important steps to follow and it’s only at the very end that the deck starts to take shape.

Brick Poolside Patio

Painting progress for patio

This setup has a traditional vibe that suits this space. The planters and some of the other decorations add a Mediterranean vibe to the décor and brick flooring maintains a welcoming ambiance. This is a design by Terra Ferma Landscapes.

Outdoor Court Flooring

Painting progress for patio

Natural stone has charm and complements organic landscape designs. This little backyard fire pit area looks as if the spot was part of the landscape. This is part of a project by Ketron Custom Builders.

Modern Patio Tiles

Painting progress for patio

This example from studio Randy Angell Designs shows how an outdoor space can be organized. The floor tiles create a visual connection between all the different areas and contrast nicely with the greenery.

Outdoor Floor Tiles

Painting progress for patio

This right here is a simple design which creates a nice and clean transition between the tiles, lawn, and plant beds. It’s a style that can suit different backyards, both modern, traditional, or rustic.

Check out Rachel’s Landscape Design for more info.

Natural Stone

Painting progress for patio

The natural stone colors help to achieve this almost magical ambiance and they go really well with all the wood and the greenery. This backyard was designed in collaboration with Pool Environments.

Brick Pathways

Painting progress for patio

Brick pathways are slip-resistant, weather resistant, and add charm to an outdoor space. You’ll want to surround your brick paths with greenery or flower beds. This example is from Artistic Landscapes.

Modern Farmhouse Flooring

Painting progress for patio

Check out this salt finish concrete brick flooring. It draws its inspiration from the farmhouse aesthetic and was designed by Stone Acorn Builders. It has a beautiful gazebo-like space with a brick floor and a clean and modern-looking pathway. 

Rustic Patio Flooring

Painting progress for patio

Speaking of backyard gazebos, Remodelers of Houston also worked on a beautiful backyard project which has this lovely covered patio. It has a smooth concrete floor and a corner fireplace and the area around it looks fresh and green. 

Zen Garden Flooring

Painting progress for patio

This beautiful stone pathway is absolutely perfect for a zen garden. It’s flat and has a very soothing feel and we love how the tiles have all these different shapes and sizes that allow the pathway to change proportions and to adapt to the terrain and the space around it.

This whole backyard has a zen feel to it and although it’s not particularly large it’s very detailed and has lots of character. Check out LandCrafters for more similar projects.

How To Remove Marker Stain From Concrete Flooring Left Behind By Contractors?


This happens to almost everyone. You hire an electrician or contractor, and they mark your concrete flooring with a Sharpie and then forget to wipe off the ink markings before they leave. Don’t worry, there are a few DIY solutions.


The most popular permanent marker removal is nail polish, which contains acetone. Dampen a clean, dry cloth with nail polish remover and rub gently over the ink stain. 


Another option would be to use a dry erase marker. All you do is draw over the permanent marker stain and then clean up as normal. The dry erase marker breaks down the compounds in the permanent ink, making it easier to remove them from concrete surfaces. 


Denatured alcohol and lacquer thinner are proven DIY ink removal solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is The Cheapest Option For Outdoor Flooring?

The cheapest outdoor flooring is concrete patio flooring. Concrete enjoys a reputation as a cheap patio flooring option. Unlike other flooring materials, concrete slabs are budget-friendly.  After your concrete dries, you can cover it with a few coats of Benjamin Moore floor and patio paint. The brand has a proven track record among outdoor flooring surfaces. 

Should I Use Cement Or Concrete For Patio?

Concrete is the preferred material for outdoor patios. It’s also the cheapest patio flooring available today. Among cheap patio flooring options, you won’t find anything better. The only reason you would need cement would be if the outdoor job involved a small area that required grout sealant.

How Thick Should Concrete Be For A Patio Cover?

The industry standard for a concrete patio cover’s thickness is four inches. When covering a hot tub or gazebo, your concrete cover should be between six to eight inches. You’ll need to allow extra space when covering concrete steps with composite decking.

Is It Necessary To Seal A Concrete Patio Floor?

With outdoor concrete flooring, a sealer will improve appearance. Concrete sealer protects flooring from UV exposure and stains. Regardless of which style your concrete flooring is, you’ll need to reseal it every two or three years. 

How Can I Keep Concrete Flooring From Getting Hot?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can add to the concrete mix that would prevent it from becoming hot due to direct outdoor sun exposure. However, while you’re outside you can spray water on the concrete or dump ice cubes on it to lower the surface temperature.

Outdoor Flooring Conclusion


Cheap concrete patio flooring ideas aren’t difficult to find. As you’ve learned here, there are many flooring options, but the cheapest patio flooring is concrete. The material also happens to be durable and long-lasting. 


If you have a swimming pool and you’re ready to add or replace your outdoor flooring, search online for “pool deck resurfacing companies near me.” This would be the best place to start. Unless you have flooring experience, you’re going to need professional help. 


If you wanted to take a DIY approach, you could install a cinder block patio floor. Again, before you started, you would need to do some research. The last thing you want to do is install flooring in your backyard space that is flawed or damaged before using it. That wouldn’t be a fun summer project for any family.